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  3. Does the price include shipping ? if not, what is cost to ship to Western Massachusetts? Thanks, Jack
  4. wHAT IS THE MODEL # ? wHAT IS THE UP AND DOWN TRAVEL - 10" OR 15" ? Thanks , Jack
  5. Not enough use to justify the expense of the slip at the marina and the 500 mile round trip, often solo. I also own a 1999 Starcraft Superfisherman 196 which I use to fish Lake Champlain occasionally and Quabbin Resevoir on a regular basis. I enjoy fishing lake "O" and will probably make an occasional trip with the Starcraft.
  6. Thanks , rolmops You list several that i wasn't aware of. I'll get busy. Jack
  7. Thanks, rolmops I've contacted several that I found on the internet without success. Will continue to look. Jack
  8. Thanks thork9, I've spent a lot of time on the internet with much the same result. The side vent windows are the principal problem - Port side broke and gaskets for both sides are shot. if I can't find the parts , I may simply follow your advice and simply install them as non-opening. Thanks again, Jack
  9. Looking for windshield glass and/or windshield parts for 1986 Sylvan 22 Offshore . This is for the windshield which sets above the Cuddy Cabin. Will consider a complete windshield. PM me or call 413-519-3509 Thanks , Jack
  10. Somehow lost the port side vent window while trailering to Mexico bay. I've spent some time looking on the web and also contacting local Auto Glass Companies. NO LUCK ! Does anybody know of a company the deals in used boat windshield parts or someone that will do the glasswork. Thanks, Jack
  11. Fished from Little Salmon to Power Plant on Wednesday and Thursday in 100 to 150 fow. Temps were all over the place. Fair amount of marks on graph - very few bait balls. Washed a lot of spoons and a few flies. Never moved a rod !!
  12. Asking price on Rochester CL is $ 1,000 less. Which is correct ??
  13. The kicker is intended for backup, but I've never had to use it as such. I used it for tolling only a couple of times when we were targeting lakers. Normally I use the main motor for trolling as the motor will run forever at 650 - 700 RPm. Speed depends on the wind and waves of course, but I have never had a problem keeping it in the 2.0 to 2.5 MPH range that I use. Have never used a drift bag.
  14. The Beam is 90 inches. There are two 15 gallon gas tanks , one on each side.
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