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  1. 1986 Sylvan Offshore 22 w/3L I/O Mercruiser. Galvanized Tandem axle Cox Trlr w/ surge brakes, & good tires. Evinrude 15 HP longshaft kicker. Boat's interior was completely gutted and redone in 2017 - new floor and bulkhead; new cockpit panels and motor box; new cabin berths and ceiling. much new wiring. New exhaust manifold in 2016. Bimini style top. The canvas side panels and cockpit cover are five years old. Boat has two Big Jon elec downriggers, multiple rod holders, removable aluminum " Rocket Launcher" w/ flood light, Lowrance VHF radio , Lowrance HDS-7 Fishfinder, Moors Sub Troll w/new probe, Richie compass, Aluminum Outboard motor bracket, two planer boards and masts,dual batteries w/ selector switch and Ganz 12 watt solar panel. Boat handles , tows, and runs well. Great boat for fishing Lake "O" or Lake Champlain. - $ 7,000
  2. Hi, Can't tell from photos - Do these snap on to the main line or do they have to be threaded on the main line ? Also , are they designed to work with mono or braid or both ? Thanks, Jack
  3. I am considering replacing the rack and pinion steering in my 1999 Starcraft 196 with hydraulic steering. I originally planned to use the Baystar ( 4200) system with Raymarine's EV 100 auto pilot. The outboard is a Mercury 90 hp 2stroke and is connected to a 15 hp kicker via a rigid rod off of the back of both motors. Seastar says that Baystar can only be used with one motor and I would need to use their regular Seastar 6400 system which is larger. While the price differnce isn't that great on the two systems, Raymarine's ev100 AP cannot be used with the larger Seastar pump. Does anyone run the Baystar steering on an outboard with an attached Kicker motor ? If so , have you had any problems with either the Hydraulic steering or the AP ? . Also, what AP system do you use? Thanks in advance Jack
  4. SOLD 1997 Polaris Indy Transport - Long Track ( 144 in) - 440 Fan . Good condition . Have owned since new. 1,000 miles -Used only for ice fishing and hunting. Very little use last five years - SOLD
  5. see SYLVAN OFFSHORE 22 on page five of this forum. Slightly more money, but Fully rigged and ready to fish.
  6. The floor is 1/2 inch Marine Plywood which I sealed with penetrating epoxy and covered with Nautolex vynil. Jack
  7. How old and any binding issues with the drive ? Thanks, Jack
  8. How old is the unit ? Any issues with it binding ?
  10. I would also recommend staying with 1/2 inch panels . If you use 3/4 inch make sure you check all the other interior panels for fit before you do the finish covering. I used marine grade plywood and coated it with penetrating epoxy. A little more expensive but a better job, and let's face it, a new floor is a lot of work and time.Also, all of these older Cuddy cabins retained a lot of moisture, especially if covered with vynil. While you have the floor out, consider improving the drainage in the hull. The poured in foam leaves no space for bilge water to drain to the rear. One solution i have seen is to create a two inch channel down the center of the hull and inset some of the plastic wool used by roofers when installing a "cap" on a roof. You can then refill the channel with foam. Any water you get below the floor will then drain easily to the back bilge pump. Best of luck.
  11. Already own a 23 footer ? If not , would you consider a trade ?
  12. Vetting, I have also been having problems with my sportpilot steering as the unit becomes tight and almost binds when in manual mode. Where would the spacers be placed ? There seems to be adequate clearance between the wheel and the drive unit. I have also re torqued everything. The standard steering is very easy when the sportpilot is removed. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks , Jack
  14. Steve, Sorry for the delay in responding. Floor is new vinyl ( Nautolex) Stringers are all aluminum Transom is solid Riggers,kicker motor, and all electronics are included in the price. Jack
  15. Four years ago I had the carborater and fuel lines replaced. No major work needed since I've owned it. Previous owner had motor rebuilt about ten years ago. The out drive has had the water pump and hoses replaced three years ago. The motor is a Merc 140 which is actually a four cylinder Chevrolet four cylinder chevrolet engine- very simple maintanance - plugs, points & condenser.The out drive has much the same needs an an outboard with respect to lubrication. It is also important to visually check for cracks in the hoses on a periodic basis. What I like best about this size I/O is that it will run smoothly at 550-600 RPM which allows me to troll anywhere from 1.75 to 2.5 mph without the hassel of drift bags and stiil do 30-35 mph when you want. Hope this helps. Jack
  16. No objections. Just need to make an appointment. The boat is located in my garage at my home in Western Mass.
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