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  1. Matt - I forgot that the first 2 seasons I had the boat I ran the Tracker OEM versatrack brackets, which work great, coupled with Folbe rod holders out of the pacific northwest. Never had any issues with them ever... even dragging mag dipseys off them with big paddles and 10' rods taking nasty King hits. They are made for it.


    I sold all of the Folbe Rod holders, but I still have all 5 of the versatrack mounts I will sell you for a great price. I'll let go all 5 of them for $100 + shipping. I would couple them with the Folbe rod holders - the only plastic style rod holder I would recommend on Lake Ontario.


    Heres some videos on the Folbe rod holders:








  2. Have the same boat. I drafted up custom mounts for the versatrack slots (not the ones they sell online) and had David at Cisco make them for me. I had him make 6 different ones. 2 for triple trees, 2 for dual cisco dipsey rod holders, and 2 for riggers.

    Boat will be in Henderson Harbor area all season if you ever wanna check out the rigging. I dont think I can add any more gear to this little boat.


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  3. For Walleye, I'm predicting another tougher year like last year by the looks of things... darn near record low ice coverage and higher than normal lake temps will make the targetted Walleye season very short. Don't blink, you'll miss it. By June they'll be well out in the Summer grounds, dispersed, and tougher to find. The Lake temps will likely climb quickly, making targetting Brown fishing short lived along the shoreline as they also disperse throughout the water column. Last Spring was disappointing for me and these repeat conditions don't have me optimistic. I hope I'm wrong.


    On the Flip side, Kings were awesome last year so I guess theres that...


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  4. Gene Bolton from Sunken Treasures will put you on the Spring eyes as good or better than anyone outta the Henderson area. Picking up Browns that time of year while Walleye fishing is pretty common and I'm sure he can deploy a few riggers with some spoons or some short leadcores with spoons to get you a good mixed bag.


    Better call him tomorrow... usually everyone is pretty well booked in advance for May Walleye trips.


    If Gene is booked up, look up Moby Dick Charters... another outfit with generations of fishing knowledge in the Henderson area.


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  5. Looks like a direct shark copy. If so, should work well and sounds like many here to vouch. Used a lot of different weights over the years and the sharks are all I would ever use or recommend. I have 8 15lbers. Appears to be same exact price as sharks give or take a few bucks. Cool paint jobs on these. I always bought my sharks during their winter sale when they bundled them with free shark holders and offerred a low rate ship.

    Have you checked to see if your weights fit in the shark holders?

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  6. Read up on this ST system when it first came out. Sounds cool, but found myself questioning its true benefits over what I already have on my boats (FishHawk X4D) and the real data I already know. If you fish enough you can dial in your divers using other means. I.e. trolling in sand flats until you tick bottom. Boom. That many feet out, on that diver setting, pulling that style of paddle and you know where you are. I know where I tick bottom in 60', 80', and 100'. Slight adjustments for current can be made as they are relaized on the fish hawk rigger probe.

    ST is a pretty cool idea and I applaud the folks for passionately designing the system... i just dont think its something I would buy. Great write up Yankee... it confirmed a lot of my suspicion about the perceived value it adds to your arsenal.

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  7. Hey Les, it's on the transom. In gonna look into a pad or something but boy if you set your hand on the motor it buzzes like a mad man. Goes right through your feet when trolling.

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    Gotta be attributed largely to the boat/structure.  That's the factor that is different from kicker install to kicker install.  Some people you hear complain about vibration, others are very happy, all using the same exact motor.  I fall in the latter with my particular installation.

  8. I have a 17.6 starcraft superfisherman with a 8 hp Yamaha. Pushes it nicely. 9.9 will move your boat fine. I don't have any issues with vibration and have it on the transom.


    I did add a fuel and water separator that has 2 outlets so both the kicker and main motor are hooked up. That way you do not have to switch back and forth which may be an issue in rough water.


    Aren't you purely relying on your primer bulbs on each fuel line at this point (main and kicker)?  If a ball valve fails on either line, you'll be siphoning fuel from the adjacent motor's fuel line and potentially sucking air through the carb.  That's why I went with a 3-way ball valve approach.

  9. Yes I know - and if you tie your kicker to the main I/O via an EZSteer, I was explaining the types of issues you would encounter.


    Like I said... the standalone options are not cheap, and they are not bulletproof.  Have heard a lot of problems with them particularly on bigger/heavier boats.  (i.e. the pumps burn up...)  I'm sure a lot has to do with initial set-up calibration so that the system isn't constantly over correcting unnecessarily.


    Have heard better user reviews on the Octopus drive systems than the Garmin.  Good luck in your winter project... boat work is fun, expensive, and frustrating :)

  10. Not too bad - certainly quiter overall than trolling with the main which I did for 3 seasons. There is a resonance at dead idle on my boat... luckily it needs rev'd up to bring me even to slow walleye speeds of 1.6 so it never rests there.

    I've been happy with it. But I'm sure every boat and the robustness of the installation could yield other results.

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  11. You'll fight the steering on your main while it's off to maneuver the boat while trolling... aren't there electric/hydraulic units you can install and your kicker can maintain enough alternator output to keep your battery bank in check while trolling? Sounds like a problem there has to be a good solution for. There's also the option of standalone kicker steering systems. Garmin TR1 Gold, Octopus Drive System, etc.. not cheap and also not bullet proof.

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  12. Go with a 9.9 for that boat. Here's some pics of mine I installed last winter. Worked awesome this year... wish I put it on 3 years ago when I got the boat new. A Troll master for digital throttle control is also a great addition so you can really dial in your speed easily in various conditions.

    I got a regular 9.9 Long shaft w/ electric start new for $2100 down at some big $ boat dealer in NJ and they gave me a 5yr extended warranty on it. I made a bracket for the 3-way fuel valve and was able to utilize a strait panther steering arm off the main. Works awesome.






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  13. I had the same worry you have with the "violent" stop when these riggers auto-stop.  I have 7 Mag 10STX's mounted to 3 different boats used over the last 3-4 seasons.  I've been using the Amish downrigger snubbers for the last 3 seasons and wouldn't run without them.  Others in my marina have had the same worries... they went with the Amish snubbers also.


    Note that I use 15lb Sharks on all 3 boats.  I change out all downrigger cable every other season for piece of mind.  I change out the end-terminations every season.  It's a cheap enough preventative maintenance expense vs. losing a weight or even worse, a FishHawk probe.


    The Amish Outfigger snubbers are $8.50 for the pair.



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