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  1. Tracker has nice big reverse chines like Lund does on their boats... I have never experienced a running instability issue with mine despite off-level loads or ppl moving around.  All sounds annoying sorry you're dealing with it all.  Sounds like a hull design problem.  Which is crazy this day and age with all the computer modeling and fluid dynamic capability.  No reason a hull shouldn't be designed well.




    Trophy was a bad Crankshaft Position Sensor. $60 for a new sensor... didn't bother with warranty - needed it fast and it was cheap and easy enough. put it in and all good.  The sensor went bad it ohmed out way out of tolerance.  Internal failure.


    Tearing out the cuddy now and replacing all new bilges forward and aft and the good reinforced rubber hoses, new diaghram pump plumbed into both fish boxes and pumped overboard (no more fishboxes into the hull)... removed the head, all plumbing, sink and counter, gray water tank, black water tank, macerator and all plumbing/electrical, and all hoses to the thru hull fittings in the cabin.  There's so much room down there now and probably got rid of 200lbs of junk in the way. Also replaced all 4 Scupper drain hoses and clamps.  New Navigation Light on Bow.  3 new Batteries.  And removed all thru hull transducers forward and aft (leaked) and am in the process of glassing them all in.  She'll be in great shape next season.

  2. Stick with it Shawn. I've had and still have days that just don't go right. It makes the good days even better and more memorable.

    Agree with Low Baller... it's not easy and there are endless small details in this style of fishing. I still learn something new every trip I take and when days don't go right I remember that there were things I learned that day and I'll be smarter on the next trip.


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  3. The fish were hot this morning. Little Crappie and I took out a fellow LOU member for some action in the trench, left the dock at 5:40AM. Set up at 6:15 and shortly after our probe rigger fires. Hooked up with our first king of the day and Wassup8687 fights it to the net perfectly. 1 in the box.


    Little while later our starboard dipsey gets nailed and I reeled in a nice female. 2 in the box before 7am.


    Trolled a while and had a miss on a rigger then got our 3rd hit on the same probe rigger. Little Crappie landed a Fiesty male. 3 in the box by 8am.


    Missed another one on the rigger a while after then around 9:30am the same dipsey from earlier starts screaming. Wassup8687 jumps on the rod and brought a nice hen to the net for our 4th fish in the box.


    Trolled till 11am with no more rods firing and headed in as the winds started to pick up at the front of this storm.

    Great time today and lots of action. 4 for 6.






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  4. I think A-TOM-MIK uses ST41 Owner trebels. I use the same trebels for the rigs I tie and have never had a problem. They're quality hooks.

    This particular fly was brand new just removed from the packaging last night and tied on. I'd blame the hook typically but since this was the nastiest explosion of a hit I've ever seen, I think the fish had a lot to do with it.

    Things like this keep you up at night... man I wish I coulda seen that fish.

  5. Beautiful out there today... Little Crappie and I set up at first light on his boat and could barely keep rods in the water from 630-7. All FF today. If only we could have capitalized on all of our takes. We started off doubling up on riggers, the first one that fired got off while the second one chewed thru the 50lb leader. Fly gone.

    With both rigger rods still not put back down, a dipsey starts ripping and gets off after a short lived battle. 0 for 3. Not a good start, but lots of early action.

    A little while later the same dipsey starts screaming and we finally land one. 1 for 4. We went on to miss 3 more hits this morning going 1 for 7 including the hardest smash to a dipsey I have ever witnessed. I thought the rod snapped. This fish was so pissed off it hit and screamed so fast and hard after just 15 seconds it came unglued. Felt like a break off. Sure enough, reeled up to see the trebel on a brand new Atomik Fly completely break off. I have never had this happen before. Can't believe it... what a fish that must have been.

    All fish in 80-90'.




  6. I have had the same experiences with Henchen's as many others who have posted... and I've given them a number of chances over the last several years.  Never again.  If you aren't one of the dozens of charter boats that come through the store, you aren't anybody.  You won't get the attention, kind advice, or service you deserve and expect.  They exist to support the charters... 


    I shop at Fat's and All Season's on the way up.  Better selection anyway.

  7. Fellow Salmon Fisherman on the East End:

    Don't forget to sign up for this weekend's 2 day Salmon Showdown. Registration is open until midnight tonight. Only $30 per boat to enter!

    Largest 2 fish King Salmon box between both days of fishing. Total combined weight, winner take all!

    Weigh in is at Bedford Creek Marina at 3pm on Saturday (pizza and wings provided) and 2pm on Sunday.

    Look forward to meeting all those who sign up and show up at the weigh in!


  8. I've found that 1 gopro is nice, but to get all the different angles of the action for a sweet video you need 3 or 4 of them.  I have 4 and usually have 3 fixed mounted in different locations around the boat and 1 mobile that is usually head mounted.  They're all wirelessly controlled with a single remote at the helm.  Can turn em all on, off, record, stop, etc... all from one spot.  Makes it super easy.


    The other thing you need is some powerful video editing software.  I use Power Director 14.  Takes some time to learn all that you can do and i'm just scratching the surface.  You get pretty fast at it... all that footage was captured yesterday and I finished the video last night so you can pump em out if you dedicate time to it.


    Oh and it's a lot of work....  charging gopros every night and bringing them on and off the boat each day.  Not to mention downloading all the files each day and sifting through the GBs of video for the "right" scenes and tying them together.  It's cool though... I do it to better collect the memories.  I have over 1TB of go pro video from this season and will likely be putting together some more comprehensive videos over the winter when I have some more time.


    Tight Lines guys... and good luck to all that are in the Salmon Showdown this weekend!!

  9. It just was not our day today.

    Took out the GO EASY and set up as it was getting light. Took a nasty rip on port mag dipsey 1.5 setting out 205 with 8" Protroll "Meat Market" paddle and Pro-Am Fly... screaming and then a few minute fight and gone. Dahhhh!!! Hook pulled.

    10min later, the starboard mag dipsey 1.5 setting out 175 with 8" UV Gator Spinny and Hammer Live Fly... screamed a few hundred feet and never stopped and then just as fast as it all happened it stopped. Hook pulled again. Come on!!!

    An hour later the same port dipsey with same settings as above ripped for 15-20 sec and gone.

    0 for 3 on dipseys. And they didn't move the rest of the day.

    Next the port rigger fired, 11" Mt Dew crush paddle with Glow Mag MC Rocket. Came tight and then started spooling line and gone about 5 sec in. Gotta be kidding me.

    Trolled 2 more hours and had 2 more rigger releases with no one home.

    0 for 3 on riggers.

    0 for 6 on the day.

    Back in by noon. Gotta regroup after a day like that... unreal.

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