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  1. Great group of kids and dedicated supportive parents. These guys are a few miles up the road where I work and a few guys I work with have sons on the team. Great story. The kids will never forget the experience.

  2. Go get em this weekend boys!  Best of luck to everyone in the Salmon Showdown tournament!  I am in a wedding tomorrow so will not be participating in this event.  However, My best friend and fishing partner (my dad) has entered the Go Easy with a couple other buddies on board.


    I want to see a few crack 30lbs out of our area... bring em in!!


    I'll be setting up the weigh-in on Sunday so i'll see everyone for final results and prizes!


    I'll be at camp fishing through Labor day so i'll keep reports current daily.

  3. Don't forget to register your boat for this weekend's 2-day Charity Event for the Jefferson County 4H Club!

    $30 per boat to enter both the Salmon and Lake Trout Division!


    We have 6 boats registered so far, and have Cash and Prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in both the Salmon and Lake Trout Divisions!

    Weigh in is from 5-6PM on Saturday and from 2-3PM on Sunday at Bedford Creek Marina.

    Any questions, please PM Little Crappie or myself. Hope to see you out there!

  4. Do you have the diagnostic SW and harness?  Plug in and look for recent fault history.


    I'm replacing a Crankshaft Position Sensor this weekend on 1 of my 2 ETEC 200 H.O.'s... it idles fine but soon as you gas on it, it stalls and sputters like it's not even close to being timed.  SW showed a CPS synch fault.  $50 part.

  5. Can't wait to get on the ice either and jig up some big eyes in chaumont and fill buckets full of perch. Gonna forego the tournament scene this year and just enjoy the stress-free trips with Dad. Ended 2nd overall in NYS tournament last year but fished a lot of places that we would rather not visit again. Chaumont is where we will be all winter. Can't beat it.

  6. Naww you would have been fine out there, bobby.  Lots of small 17-18' aluminum boats fished all morning and into the afternoon.


    This weekend's event is ready for sign-up and we already have 3 boats on the list!  Although it's a 2-day tournament, you don't have to fish both days.  Some folks may only fish 1 of the 2 days - we just thought it would give more flexibility to those in your exact situation.


    Sign-up for this weekend's Fundraiser event for the Jefferson County 4H Club (50%).  Payout and Prizes are detailed on the Results section on the website



  7. Thanks Organized Chaos and way to go on the Brown!  It was tough fishing in some not so great conditions on Saturday... Kind of regretted taking the little boat but we stuck it out.  Some solid 4+ footers around the lighthouse made it challenging.  We had 5 good releases on top of the 1 King we did land that undoubtedly were Kings slapping at it.  4 of the 6 takes came off a 10" Spin Doctor Mt Dew/Crush Glow with a short lead on a Glow MC Rocket.  They loved the Rocket... would pull it up on the strikes that missed and the Rocket strip would be all mangled and bent.  I need to stick one of my GoPro's down there and get some of this footage.


    The fish were pasted on bottom trying to escape the warm temps with no hope.  Bottom 10-15' the Kings were stacked and the screen was lit up for miles.  You could put your balls in the mud over 135 in the Trench and only achieve 55deg.  The good temps were washed out with the big blow we had earlier in the week and although fishing temp goes out the window this time of year, these conditions didn't help promote more active fish.  It's also interesting to note that I started off with longer leads off the Flashers and switched up after 1 pass through the bunch with nodda to show for it.  Went with much shorter leads and being attached to a larger Spinny, I think the more aggressive action triggered the strikes.  The fish were pretty turned off and I believe only the males were biting.  Had to stick it right in their face and even then there was no guarantee.


    Things will only get better in the weeks to come and I look forward to working with Lil Crappie (Matt) to host more of these "weekend warrior" tournaments for our area.  Aside from the fishing which I always enjoy, getting to know some of you all at the weigh in is just as fun!  I can't tell you how many ppl are saved in my phone as their LOU handle name and that i've been texting for months or even years and still haven't met f2f... It's fun talking shop and hearing about tactics and thoughts about the fishing from everyone that day.


    Here's another "sketch shot" of the winning fish with my Family:



  8. Out by galloo or shipping lanes are the fleas bad, looking to be out there this weekend and was wonding what to tie up for trolling. thanks


    The big blow from yesterday and today usually alleviates the flea issues for a while and days later.  They have not been very bad the last week or two as we've gotten a decent storm each week.  this time of year it's always best to have some 30lb big game or the anti-flea specialty lines like Blood Run's SeaFlea.  I run the SeaFlea 30lb - it works great.  Fishon - consider entering the local tournament this weekend at: lcsalmonshowdown.com



    Nice Job, team Organized Chaos will be entering as well.


    See you this weekend for the tourney Organized Chaos!

  9. I just bought a certified tournament scale for this event series... a Tournament Scale Model 357:




    This weekend (Sat/Sun) is the first 2-day event with weigh in occurring from 5-6PM on Saturday and 4-5PM on Sunday. Come join us, weekend warriors of Henderson and the surrounding area!! Let us know if you have any questions or feedback!


    Hurry and be sure to pay entry fees via paypal on the website by Friday night for this weekends Pilot event: http://www.lcsalmonshowdown.com/


     There is a $20 ticket price for the Salmon division and  $10 ticket price for the Lake Trout division. Fees are per boat, not per person! Besides special fundraisers (Few and far between), entry fee's will be entered into a winner takes all pot for each division. 


    I will also be providing Pizza and Wings during the weigh in on Saturday between 5-6PM!

  10. Temp is a bit messed up its colder further in the trench toward six town than it is at the lighthouse and further off the finger. Gets warmer as you go out in the lake. Lakers the only thing biting today active and suspended up high messing with the King spread. Didn't mark much at all and for the first time in as many trips as I can remember we didn't pick up any skippys. Lost something silver I'm guessing a steely. Took a FF on mag dipsey out 185 on a 2 setting - came to surface lost him about 50' behind boat.

    It was pretty narly this morning but got better by the hour. Better days ahead... and hopefully better conditions. Prime time soon gents.

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