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  1. Excellent advice! And should you decide to rinse them off before you store them, tighten the drags down tight so dirt or salt doesn't penetrate them. Use gentle pressure from a hose or faucet to prevent the same. Never submerse in water or the bearings will rust quickly. I just replaced a $ 22.00 bearing in one of my levelwinds. And definately heed Sk8man's advice to dry thoroughly and back off the drags before storing.

  2. I would make sure that whoever services your reels uses Cals Drag Grease on the carbon fiber washers. Cals Makes a cold and warm weather drag grease. I've used Alan Tani's tutorials to break down my Penn's and replace and grease the drags. I also replaced the and dogs and springs in all of them. It's not that hard and makes a great winter time hobby. He's a great guy and would be more than happy to help you out with any questions you might have.



  3. My 225 I/O ran great...until I forgot to put the plug in the boat! After she stalled, I pulled the cover off the engine compartment and when I tried to turn her over, one of the belts was kicking salt water straight up in the air. My wife, to this day claims I handed her the plug and said, "here" I don't remember that part though.

  4. Alan Tani is THE BEST! Using his tutorials I broke down 8 Penns, relubed the bearings, and replaced the drags and dogs. On one of them, there was a small space between the spool and left side plate and with the eccentric lever in free spool, the spool would turn when I cranked the handle. I couldn't figure out what the problem was and it was driving me nuts. So after two days of interchanging parts from another reel, trying to figure it out, I sent Alan a PM and he answered back within 2 minutes with the solution. Then he sent me a dozen shims and didn't charge me a dime. He's a class act!

  5. That happened to me also with the same unit but noticed that we had the bottom set for a max of 60 feet and when went over 60 feet, the graph would show the difference between the max depth we had set and the actual depth. In other words when we were in 65 feet of water the graph would register 5 feet, 68 feet of water, the graph would register 8 feet. I think it's a setting you can adjust.

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