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  1. Now that you mention it, I remember a seminar where a Captain talked about switching from mono and glass rods to spectra and graphite. He said he was amazed at the sensitivity and wondered how many haddock he had not even noticed with mono and glass. He spoke about how haddock kind of nibble as opposed to cod which hit hard. He also spoke about that stretch with mono that rolmops mentioned and said when you lift your rod as in a jigging motion, the rod tip moves feet but because of that stretch, a 16 oz jig may only move inches. Some good advice there rolmops.

  2. As a kid, I used to go cod fishing here and there and always seemed to catch a few but I noticed that some were catching a lot of fish. It wasn't until a Captain told me that people think because we're anchored, we stay over the same ground and when they hit bottom they think their jig or bait stays on the bottom. He said there's 600' of rode out and the boat not only swings around the anchor but drags it also. He said it's only a matter of minutes before your jig which you thought was on the bottom, is 15 or 20' off of it. He told me to jig 5 times, then go back to the bottom and repeat. I started catching fish like the other guys who knew this already. You'll probably catch some haddock too using bait but they have a very soft bite unlike cod. Good luck.

  3. I just spooled up a couple of 1 and 2 color 27# test leadcores between 20# test Big Game and 8# test STS Seaguar leaders using the Willis Knot on both ends. Not sure if I'm doing this correctly but had a heck of a time with the 8# test. It kept slipping out of the leadcore after I tied the knot so I doubled up the overhand knot and that solved the problem. Am I correct in thinking that swivels aren't needed with stickbaits since they don't spin like spoons?

  4. I bought 4 of the Tracker Versa Track Mounts to mount my riggers in the track but I didn't have very good luck with them. I just couldn't get them to seat right in the track. Cisco told me the 2012 Tracker is the only year that the gunnel has a lip on the inside corner that prevents the mount from seating right. If I didn't have rod lockers in the gunnels, I'd mount a track for them but that's out of the question. I need to mount a board across the back to mount the riggers on. And I'll use those mounts for the down east rod holders I use.  I still think Cisco makes a great product. I should add that those scratches aren't from the Cisco mount, they're from homemade mounts I made for the rod holders.


  5. 8'3" down rigger Ugly Stiks...bought 3 rods 20 years ago for stripers and had good luck with them so I bought 5 more last year for salmon. Did have one of the new ones split while trying to free it from the release but with proof of purchase and a picture, I had a new rod within weeks. I love them!

  6. I charged it every night after using it for a couple of hours so I don't know how long a charge will last. I think you'll be happy with the battery but you may want to consider a cheap smart charger with an indicator light to let you know when the battery is charged. It's tiny too, beats lugging a heavy 12 volt around.

  7. Here's a study by the University of Queensland, Australia. If it's to be believed, about half the (tropical) fish studied can see UV and half can't. I found this interesting though. 


    "UV sensitivity has also been shown for a variety of fish species. It was demonstrated with behavioural experiments in the goldfish (Neumeyer, 1985; Hawryshyn & Beauchamp, 1985), the rainbow trout (Hawryshyn, Arnold, Chaisson, & Martin, 1989; Browman, Novales Flamarique, & Hawryshyn, 1994), and the roach (Douglas, 1986). Measurements of the cone photopigments revealed the existence of UV sensitive photoreceptors in the dace, the carp and a series of other freshwater fishes

    (Avery, Bowmaker, Djamgoz, & Downing, 1982; Harosi & Hashimoto 1983; Hawryshyn & Harosi, 1991)"
    It's way over my head, I was an offensive lineman if you get my drift, but perhaps someone may get something out of it.


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