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  1. Just a thought...a friend gave me a brass tumbler he used to clean his brass for reloading but instead, I used it to clean the brass in my Penn Gti's. I wouldn't use it on anything painted but I bet it would make those unpainted lures look new. Here's what it did to the brass in my reels. I also used Wipe New (as seen on TV) on the graphite frame.





  2. I had a little coffee shop back in the day and I used to use a batter mix called Golden Dipt that you can buy in any stuffing aisle of any grocery store. I think they make a beer batter mix also. Everyone loved it.


    Note to self...read the WHOLE thread before posting. Sorry FLX TROLLER!

  3. Majority rules...wrong! Our form of government is a constitutional republic which guarantees the rights of the minority against the will of the majority. If the majority ruled and us men outnumbered women, we could vote rape legal. (That example is extreme but you get the drift.)

  4. I just bought a 100 yd spool of that new STS Seaguar flourocarbon for roughly $25. I was buying the 25 yard spools of the Blue Label for the same money. I don't know if this is why you guys are breaking off with flouro but Fish Doctor Charters has a vid explaining what he thinks is happening when the line is broken. 




    I found these rattles at Jannsnetcraft. At 7mm, they're smaller than the beads.



  5. I was wondering if anyone uses scent and if yes, how? If salmon can find their way back to their spawning grounds by their sense of smell, I'd think scent would be a big plus while trolling. We've got flashers to attract them, echips to trigger strikes, why not scent? Thanks for your input in advance.

  6. To all who contribute to this site. I admire all of you and think of you as my Lake Ontario mentors. It's because of you guys our boat caught a few this our first season. And as long as I keep listening to you guys and gals, I hope to catch many more


    Ralph Hayden

    Hudson Mass

  7. I usually make an 8 hour trip from Massachusetts to Chautauqua Lake every year in the fall, it's a great musky lake. Most guys speed troll leadcore with huge crankbaits like Legend Perchbaits, Baker Baits and Wiley's. Chautauqua also has those weed pods floating around on top so I see a lot of Down East Rod Holders that allow the rod tip to be tilted down in the water. If you should catch some weeds on the rod, simply pick up the rods and shake them off.

  8. If they're not trying to take our guns away then what was the motive of the New York Journal News last December when they published the names and addresses on their website of an interactive map of gun owners in two counties in the suburbs of NYC? Thousands of law abiding citizens had their privacy abused when this news outlet published their names and addy's. Stalking victims, corrections officers, policemen and homes were all targeted by this release. Yes there is an agenda and it's called incrementalism, take a little bit here, a little bit there and before we know it our right to own and carry a firearm is gone.

  9. Pro-gun advocates cite Gary Kleck, a Florida State University professor of criminology whose 1994 national survey estimated that victims used guns 2.5 million times a year in the U.S. to protect themselves. Kleck compared this favorably to the 400,000 times he said criminals used guns against victims.

    "In sum," Kleck wrote, "measures that effectively reduce gun availability among the non-criminal majority also would reduce [defensive gun uses] that otherwise would have saved lives, prevented injuries, thwarted rape attempts, driven off burglars, and helped victims retain their property."




    And here's just a few documented cases.



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