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  1. mrclean


    Is this the hole you're referring too? Although we did go thru that area a couple of times, I was worried about getting too close to that rock marked on the chart. And I wish we had checked our stickbaits because when we reeled them in they were loaded with weeds. Maybe we would have caught another brown or two if we had checked them? In any case we had a great first time and thanks to the very helpful posters out here, caught a few fish. You're the BEST mrclean...thanks!


  2. I wish I did but we didn't fare very well with the Kings. We did mark some fish 110' down over 325' out in front of the Power Plant

    and had one release on the rigger, but no luck. A small brown and steelie saved us from being skunked all weekend in closer in 40-60'. The brown on a stickbait with a 2-color leadcore on the planer and the steelie 20' down with a spoon on a rigger. Saw lots of bait and fish in that 40-60' depth in front of Catfish Creek. Good luck!


    Please bear in mind that we're rookies at this

  3. There are some things you can do to but it takes a bit of effort to accomplish. First you can remove most of your N-S, E-W compass error and then make a deviation table to compensate for your boats magnetic influence on your compass. Add an RPM chart and you could navigate safely using only time, speed and distance calculations. It's called dead reckoning.

  4. Try wrapping some course sandpaper around the filter and then try the wrench again, Or...try this youtube method. Of course with this method you run the risk of ripping the casing apart but if all else fails....


  5. I checked EBay after you made your post and found these but there were only 4 or 5 minuted left on the bidding process so I didn't post the link. There were no bids on these rod holders so I figured the seller would repost them and he just did. I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for but here's the EBay post.



  6. Kuba


    Thank you...I wish I had seen that before my son bought the EZ Steer. I've bookmarked that thread and if this unit doesn't work out, I'll return it and take your advice. My two sons and I went partners on a new Targa and after I paid the down payment, registration, insurance, bought four Mag 10's, MasterTroll, Beckman net, Cisco downrigger mounts and rod holders, 12 rods and reels and a few other smaller things, I finally asked my sons to kick in a little so one bought the EZ Steer and the other gave me three hundred towards the riggers. Now I'm not complaining mind you, I love them both, I'm glad I could do it and I'm looking forward to fishing Lake O with them for the rest of my life. If I tell them I could have done it for $20.00, they'll never let me live it down!

  7. I had the Lower Range on my unit set to 60 feet so when I went deeper than 60' the bottom disappeared and the graph registered the difference only in depth. In other words , when I was in 61' feet of water, the graph showed I was in 1' of water with the Lower Range set to 60'. If your units Lower Range is set at 100', maybe you were in 100.6' of water when it only showed 0.6? Not sue if that's what's going on with your unit but it might be worth checking out.

  8. My first King was on a charter out of Sodus with Capt. Mike Wilchenski. Four of us were taking turns and I was up last. Well I had a few too many beers in me and when my turn came, the rod popped out of the rigger and not realizing the release sets the hook, I grabbed it and gave it a great big jerk . The tip of the fenwick, one of a ten rod set, snapped off and went sliding down the line. I did manage to land both the rod tip and fish but Mike wasn't too happy about it. I felt a little better when he told me the rod was insured. Years later I was telling someone that story and he said...YOU'RE the guy who broke Wilchenski's rod? I think I was a legend for a few years around Sodus.

  9. I just bought 4 Mag 10's and was going to let the dealer install them on my new boat but have decided to do it myself. The manual says, "It is stronly recommended that a fuse or manual reset circuit breaker be installed at the battery on the positive lead of the power cable or that you connect the downrigger to a battery selector switch." I bought 2 Blue Sea Dual MRFB Terminal Fuse Blocks (30-300 amp) which attach to the positive battery terminals. I also have 2 deep cycles wired in series as a 24 volt system but I'm going to wire 2 downriggers to each individual battery effectively giving me 2 separate 12 volt  batteries for the downriggers yet maintaining the 24 volt system. Instructions are clear not to wire to 24 volts since the riggers are 12 volt riggers. I think the hardest part will be running the wires. I hope I'm doing this right and any advice is greatly appreciated.











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