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  1. The Preamble to the Declaration states, "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." Our founders believed that the rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights come from God or mother nature if you prefer and the Constitution guarantees those rights. So I ask, how can something given to us by God be taken away by executive order? Those rights limit the power of government and guarantees it to us as individuals.

  2. I did a bear hunt with bow over bait years ago in New Brunswick and our guide baited our stands with anise oil, molasses, barbecue sauce and bacon grease mixed in a coffee can. With apples and doughnuts on the ground, he used a propane torch to "boil molasses" as he put it, getting the smoke all over the tree branches the bait was on. Then he took 2 pkgs of raspberry jello and sprinkled them all over a log at the base of the tree. I'll never forget those 3 cubs licking up all that jello powder with purple tongues. I watched those 4 bear for 2 hours and couldn't shoot because of the cubs and when I told the guide later that night that I thought the sow was going to come up the tree I was in when she was sniffing around the base, he said, "you should have brought a can of pepper mace"

  3. Penn manuals recommend you don't leave the clicker on when reeling in. In free spool I engage the clicker to lower the downrigger ball to prevent backlash and when deploying dipsy's, it makes sense to loosen the drag and just let the line creep out with the clicker on. I must admit though, I don't always remember to turn it off when I have a fish on. Perhaps the more experienced guys will chime in here but when setting your drags, I think lighter than tighter is the way to go.


    http://www.scottsbt.com/catalog/store/images/pennparts/manuals/310_320_320gt2_330_340_345_321.pdf (page 4)

  4. And when you're motoring toward the lake the creek bends to the left and then opens up into a little bay sort of. After the bend head straight for the boats in front of you and then turn right towards the lake. I'm told there's a good sized rock in the middle of that shallow bay. Ask Wally or Cheryl before you head out.


  5. Although the camp is only a couple of hundred yards up the creek, there is one cabin with a view of the lake...which is nice to check the wind and waves on those iffy days. There's also a walkway at the very end you can walk a little ways down to see the lake, binoculars help.

  6. I've stayed at Catfish 3 times this season and am heading back for the first week in Sept. Cheryl and Wally are great people and the house trailers comfortable. If I were bringing my wife I'd rent one of the new cabins however. Launch your boat when you get there, walk 50 yards, get in it and motor a couple of hundred yards to the lake...super convenient. And you can leave your grill home, each unit has a gas grill.

  7. I do love the Penn 320 GTi's. I own 8 of them and with Alan Tani's awesome reel repair website, I broke them down completely and installed new greased drags, dogs, dog springs and a few clickers. I also removed the bearing seals, cleaned them out with brake cleaner fluid and re-lubed them with Corrosion X. Then I put the seals back on and they're as good as new. I think they're great rigger rods. Here's a thread from his website that touches on gear ratio's and reel handle size also.



  8. I almost put wire on a couple of 309's now I'm glad I didn't. I think you get about 22-23 inches per crank with that 4.2:1 gear ratio. I guess I was comparing it to some of the Daiwa's that get 36-42" per handle crank



  9. The Blood Run website states their 30 lb wire has a .015" diameter.




    This Mel's Place website states 15 lb test Berkeley Big Game has the same diameter as the wire.




    And the Penn Parts (Scott's Bait and Tackle) website states the 320 GTi has a 325 yard capacity with 15 lb test.




    So that's 975' of wire on a 320 Gti (if these websites are correct) without backing and they have pretty good drags so you should be able to use them. I would make sure you keep the line carriage guide in sync with the line as it comes off the spool. The gear ratio is horrible at 4.2:1 and that's a lot of reeling to retrieve your line. Also the 320 GTi doesn't have a built in line counter so you'll have to deal with a clamp on. I really wish I had bought two reels with line counters and better gear ratio's. The Berkely clamp on line counter worked but the lever that holds the line in the counter had to be held in the closed position or it would open and free the line from the counter. As far as fishing with them, I'm still learning myself.


  10. My son and I fished out of Catfish Creek Friday and had a couple of short strikes but just couldn't get them to stick. The weather report was calling for a chance of thunder storms passing through that afternoon so I kept an eye on the sky and we could see the storm to the west but it looked like it was passing behind the power plant. When I noticed that I couldn't see the five stacks anymore I decided to head in. As we were heading in, I noticed the rain was moving towards the creek and when we were about 1000 yards from the entrance, a streak of lightening lit up the shy with an immediate boom. My son quickly lowered the antenna, net and rods in our little tin boat and as we were approaching the creek about 500 yards out, the storm hit us (Or we hit it) The wind picked up and hail the size of large marbles started pelting us. One hit my lip and I sported a fat lip for a couple of hours and here's a picture of the approaching storm and the welts it left on my sons chest from the hail. (Please, no Anthony Weiner jokes, I'm only posting this pic to show the size of the welts from the hail)


    Sat & Sun were a wash and it blew real hard preventing us from fishing. I think the strong winds turned the lake over because I was hearing reports of 70 degree water 90' down. About 11:30 on Monday, my youngest caught a small King (8 lbs) down 120' after five short strikes within a half hour. Tuesday afternoon, we finally landed a 24 lb'er and lost two others out in front of the plant between the middle and westerly stacks, down 130' in 215' of water. It's been slow for us but we're learning and they're out there, it should only get better from here on out.




  11. The long-lost Atlas shipwreck has been discovered at the bottom of Lake Ontario about two miles north of Oswego. The vessel went down in a fierce storm on the Great Lakes in 1839.

    The double-masted, 52-foot schooner was discovered by three shipwreck enthusiasts and is being hailed as the oldest commercial wreck discovered in the Great Lakes.



  12. It was slow out there last week for us but we did get a couple of smaller (teens) on riggers down 115-130' over 200 fow with a white crush glow Spin Dr and Lime Mirage A-Tom-Mik fly. Lost a couple too including one at the boat on the wire dipsy out 275 with a SD/Fly and had several short strikes on the riggers as well. Saw lots of bait down 40-60' but couldn't raise a fish. Talked to one skipper who said he was getting them 100' down over 105 fow. Same skipper was heading out for Browns that evening with small spoons on riggers and stickbaits on the boards in 12-15 fow. Heard one report on the VHF (channel 72) that said he caught 3-26 lb'ers on the bottom with a small brown spoon that he thought resembled a goby. Didn't say where our how deep he was fishing. I think the Kings are down deep. All of our hits came between 7-9 AM.

  13. I tried 7 strand wire for the first time last week and what a mess. I'm definitely doing something wrong because three 1000' spools went in the trash bucket this past week. The wire kept forming loops in it that would get caught under the wraps on the spool and kink up on me. I spooled the wire with my wife's help and thought I put it on right, but I did something wrong I guess to cause the wire to kink up like that. Everyone I talked to told me to have the reels spooled at the bait shops by a machine and I'm going that route now...ain't giving up! Here's what I think i did wrong. I threaded the wire through the guide closest to the reel and then on to the reel. I think because the wire is braided, the rod guide caused it to twist as I was winding it on to the reel causing the kinks or loops to form, but that's just a guess. This wouldn't happen with a machine. In any case, the first time we put the dipsy out, it wasn't out 10 mins when it fired. My son brought a smaller 15 lb king (guessing) to the boat where I caught the spin doctor in the net and costing my son his first salmon. Boy, was he mad at me!

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