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  1. I have the elite 5 gold package it came with the chip, and I love it I used it the last two years on my 16 footer in lake o and lake Erie it works flawlessly and the gps shows ur speed, if it's isn't showing ur speed you must change your display settings, also to mark cannon balls better without cranking up the sensitivity, tilt ur transducer up a few notchs so it kinda points back more instead of straight down Cheers JB
  2. WTB echip flashers pm me if looking to sell any, open to buying other salmon fishing tackle as well. Pm me
  3. Buddy of mine jus bought an 11 meter Trojan going to be rigging it up soon just wondering about thru hull transducers for fish hawks? Do they make them and if not what is the best location to mount them to avoid interference from the prop wash
  4. The mono is for your planer board clips I'm guessing?
  5. Thx Rick. Do u use heat shrink over top of the haywire twist ?
  6. 2 spin doctors 1 coyote 1 Ok'i 2 king fisher 60$ obo + shipping http://i1146.photobucket.com/albums/o533/jb420angler/18D8ED31-EEBB-454F-8DF9-4EDA5524F034-522-0000002DCC74A8C2_zpse7c64ac0.jpg[/img]
  7. Thx for the info guys can't wait for April to come!!!
  8. Thx guys any idea why the Albright knot is breaking on me?
  9. Do both of you use the haywire twist for the copper with the shrink tubing
  10. Hey everyone I'm thinkin about getting some short coppers for spring kings 50-200 ft and later in the season spool up some longer coppers 300-600 ft I jus had a few questions cause copper is new to me. 1. Leader length for the short coppers and the long ones what is everyone's preference? 30 ft is the standard correct? 2. Connection? Backing to copper Albright or swivel? And copper to leader Albright or swivel? 3. Albright knot breaking problems when I tried on wire ? I did my knot just how all the videos and other ppl have showed me but almost every time it breAks about a half inch away from the knot on the flouro? I wet my knot but still breaks. Is the line getting weak when I pull it tight?
  11. Rick is right we do run a lot of meat I can be expensive but if tuned right deadly for big kings, I have never used the "fish on" but the erie derie works well I know some ppl that brine it after they buy it to make it even more durable This past year I ran one meat rig or more every time I fished and the 10 biggest kings I got this year were all on meat I can be messy expensive and tricky to run right but when you figure it out it works well Cheers JB
  12. New to the board from Ontario canada I fish mostly out of st Catharine's and bronte, just started fishing the KOTL tournaments with 3 of my good friends the last two years, glad to be member on this board and I can't wait for spring kings to start!!!
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