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  1. Hey everyone lookin for a used sub troll probe I already have the rest of the equipment but I would consider buying another whole unit for back up
  2. Yes JOE is right I had the same thing happen to me last year now I have a new problem with my trim this year 1990 40 hp mercury tiller First my trim started a acting up and jus Beening slow going up and down. So last year I changed the fluid and it worked fine, but this year it started being slow again and when I looked at the fluid and it must be leaking because there's water mixed in, now the trim isn't working at all so I'm not sure if I have two problems 1 electrical 1 leak Or if the leak has caused all the problems and now it's not working because of lack of pressure any tips would be appreciated
  3. Looking to buy a new scale that is durable and works well on the water ( not jumpy), gonna be using for tournaments want somthing that is good quality. Thx for any info guys JB
  4. Port dalhousie : April - may almost all spoons June mix of spoons and flasher flys July-sept all flasher fly and meat rigs
  5. I use 20 lb seagar invisx for rigger reels its expensive but well worth it last long sun doesn't affect it as much as other lines. I fill my reels full from bottom to top no knots or leaders As far as pline every experience iv had with it has been a bad one, break offs, knots popping. Personally I would never use it again I'm sure other ppl have different opinions but this is mine, hope it helps u Cheers JB
  6. Got an 1158 c xd love the unit but I can't find how to get the temp to display? Iv figured out how to change all of the other overlay data, but can't find the temp anywhere. Thx for any help or advice u guys have Cheers JB
  7. How much braid backing for 400 copper on 800 tekota
  8. Nice! Cant wait for the weekend first tourny of the year! work is gonna drag this week lol
  9. Holy lol my question has turned into a battle royal thx for the tips guys
  10. Thx for the help guys! Im curious if I use the numbers from the reel fill calculator how accurate it will be I'm thinking that the reel won't be as full as most of use would fill it Thx for the info guys
  11. http://www.glangler.com/ Half way down on the right side there's a link for a spread sheet, U start with typing in ur reel capacity exg. 800 tekota 25# 530 yards Then u fill in the sizes of line ur using its pretty simple, u jus have to remember its all in yards so u have to use ur calculated to transfers feet into yards. Check I out and let me know what u guys think JB
  12. Hey guys I was jus writing down some numbers for backing and copper using the "reel fill calculator" for an 800 tekota it says there's no way I can fit a 500 copper on this reel the copper alone takes up 118 percent of the reel lol? The reason I'm confused is u noticed attomik sells 800 tekotas with 500 copper and 150 yards of 50# pp backing, when I put the into the calculator is says 135 percent full??? Is that reel full calculator not accurate? Or do those reels hold more than the calculator says? Thx for any help in advance guys Cheers JB
  13. I have 16,000 ft of 0.037" copper fishing line for sale, same as what you buy in tackle shops all around the lake. I will sell min of 1500 ft for 0.06 cents a foot=90$ Orders over 1500 ft will 0.05 cents a foot Located in canada, Buyer pays shipping or pick up in dunnville or Hamilton area I will be at the spring KOTL for any tournament guys interested Pm me here or text/call me 9057418355 Thx for looking Justin
  14. What size shrink tubing for overtop the haywire twist
  15. I have found walkers to be a cheaper product, the plastic in particular iv had the plastic clip parts break and the plastic around the screw on the weights get weak and break, but new out of the package they do the trick However fish hawk has now bought deeper divers from walker do it will be interesting to see of they change anything. As far as dipsy divers that's all I run now not jus for salmon but small ones for walleye I love the versatility of the rings and Mag rings and I jus find dipsys to be a more quality products
  16. How long of a lead were you runnin behind flasher? I found any less than 6 ft from the flasher wasn't very good for kings, I think it was more about the flash of the flasher than the roll of the spoon at 6 ft back the spoon only had a slight extra roll similar to a meat rig
  17. Fair enough Tim I hear where your coming from, I was kinda going along the lines of what sk8mam said that when I had my flasher spoon running in a big pack of boats that was probly running mostly clean spoons I stood out so maybe I got more bites a lot of times that's my favorite time to experiment is on a lot of boat traffic, because I wanna run somthing different than the 15 other boats around me JB
  18. Some of my best days in the spring last year (April) wad with a flasher 6ft lead and a glow spoon and the rest of the spread was either all clean spoons or a mix of flasher flys I never thought flasher and spoons would be productive but I had 15+ fish days for a week doing it and boats around me wernt hooking up nearly as much as I was. Everything works in lake o of u apply it properly and run it long enough I like to try somthing new or tweak somthing that has worked every time I go out Cheers guys JB
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