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  1. 2013 Straitline Anglers Perch Tournament GoPro Video http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=EgyOgimnpOs
  2. Prefishing for the fall KOTL off the niagara bar Can't wait for spring! http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=AFxqsFpHkyg
  3. KJ special and lime bubble glow in 4 and 6 inch sizes were key to our fall king of the lake win! Tight lines everyone Justin
  4. Hey everyone jus wondering what you all think is the best reel to buy for some big copper setups 600 and 700 ft? Penn senetor? Penn 345gt2? Okuma soltara? Thx JB
  5. Thx everyone Steve and I had a lot fun editing the video! Can't wait for next year Justin borowetz
  6. I've been fishing salmon for 3 years now ( I know not a very long time ) and meat has almost always been in my spread, usually it consistently catches my biggest fish every trip my preferred rigs are simple as Yankee stated 11 " hotspot with 5-7' leader mostly green flashers and also 8 or 10" spinny s with 5' meat rigs white green dot spinny with a glow green Rhys Davis head has been a stud for me since I started trolling lake o
  7. Nope I personally talked to the manufacturer he had a strong south accent definitely an American lol
  8. You could always track style pedestal mounts and mount them to the back platform instead of ur gunnels you jus need at least a 6" pedestal to clear ur gunnels
  9. I have a connection on ordering glass rattles in bulk 0.20" OD x 5/8" long same specs as rattles sold in popular trolling flys. I'm looking to see how many ppl would be interested in buying. If enough ppl are interested I will order very soon I will sell rattles for 0.25 cents a piece Pm me or email at [email protected]
  10. That boats a beauty saw her in Canada at a tourney unbelievable amount of room for fishing and super clean I wish I had the coin to buy it!
  11. What gauge wiring are you using from the battery to the rigger? If the gauge is too small the wiring can heat up and blow fuses
  12. Thx Rick we had a fun year fishing in the Trojan, again congrats to you, Craig and the rest of your team on an amazing tournament season besides the overall king of the lake I think you won everything else possible!!!!
  13. Well the weekend started on Thursday fishing in my aluminum off the bar. Started setting lines and before we could get them all in the water the braid diver takes a good rip with a glow pro troll and lime bubble glow ITO fly decent king to start the day Finally got all 5 lines in the water 2 riggers pulling meat rigs 2 divers with pro troll flashers and ITO flys and our hail marry rig on the copper a 6 inch KJ special ITO fly Next rod to fire was the wire diver back 100 over 65 fow on the ledge, very scrappy kings this morning! Managed to land him he fell victim to dew smart fish flasher and a key lime punisher ITO fly Next we got our rigger bite goin back to back fish on our 11 inch glow pro troll flasher and meat rig down 55 over 85 fow Picked away at kings all the way from the border to 4 mile creek and pulled lines in at 1 close to the border was the best, ended up 7 for 11 on the day Big fish Friday: We knew there was fish at the bar so that was gonna be our plan B, we wanted to find fish closer to home so we set up in 30 fow right in front of the canal Steve had a decent bite there the last few days, set 2 divers and 2 riggers and before we knew it we were doubled up on riggers both screamers, dropped the first one half way to the boat but after a long fight Lucas landed his fish it was a slob and it ended up being his first tyee! Landed a few more big matures then we pulled lines and left lol didn't want to beat on those fish and didn't want everyone to see us fishing there:p Off to Jordan we went we had a good staging bite off the greenhouses last year so we decided to set up in skinny water and troll back towards Dalhousie. And it was slow decent screen but gin clear water and bites were few and far between. At 1 pm we met the guys from shark cannon balls out in front of Dalhousie they had an underwater diver and wanted us to troll past for some footage of the cannonballs and our rigs, team rock and troll also participated, made a few good passes and headed in we had to wait and see what our big guy weighed on the tourney scale because Lucas's beard was on the line he had been growing it out all summer waiting for a tyee to shave it! Ended up being 31.3! Good dnough for 2nd place big fish friday, The beardwas comin off!!! Congrats to Reel therapy and royal flush for there 1st and 3rd place fish Before the tyee After the tyee He decided to keep the please no stash lmao Saturday: So we had our game plan and at the shotgun we headed to the canal and set lines in 35 fow again, same as Friday within minutes riggers were popping landed 4 decent matures but within the hour the bite died to we started to poke out a bit deeper because we saw some good teams fishing 45-65 fow, and on our way out we figured out our key program for the rest of the weekend double divers on each side pulling pro troll flashers and ITO flys! 2 high braid divers and deep wire divers they took 4 more big matures for us between 8 and 10 am. Our best rigs were a dew pro troll with a KJ special ITO fly and chrome 2 face echip with a lime bubble glow ITO fly thanks to rob ripka of team striker for bringing me that flasher:p our last bite of the day was a screamer on the copper with a 6 inch KJ special ITO fly he peeled a ton of line and sunk out line board then snap broke off at the backing - copper swivel, kind of a funny story but we ended up gettin our rig back from another fisherman that snagged our copper Ended up with a solid box now jus wait and see what everyone else had we ended up with 110 lbs good enough for second place with 4 or 5 good teams behind us over 100 lbs and silver junkies with 117 lbs we knew we had our work cut out for us on day 2. Sunday: headed right back to the canal and to our surprise only a handful of boats followed us as soon as we set lines we saw silver junkies triple up and saw Steve jablonski (fish dance) double up but we couldn't move a rod! It was disgusting lol we were pullin our hair out! We ended up catching 4 small fish under 15 lbs After an hour we decided we couldn't move the fish that they were catching so we moved out to our 45-55 fow way points and went back to our 4 diver 2 riggers spread, we hadn't taken a rigger shot since the previous morning we worked hard to try and find what they wanted on the riggers our dew coloured flashers were working so I found 10 inch dew spinny with crushed ice tape and a dew meat head as I was sending it down we doubled up on divers Steve and Luke grabbed those rods so I was gonna be net man Luke got his fish close to the boat and the dew spinny rigger pops I hook up with him now were tripled we landed all 3 fish and they were all upgrades to our box all 3 around 18-22 lbs,set back up and worked hard for the next few hours we had a decent box but we needed at least one more big upgrade Steve made up a new combo for the other rigger and 20 minutes after slamming it down it goes off and that was the upgrade we needed 28 lbs! On our last pass towards Dalhousie off the west corner of the canal in 40 fow a 180 copper that we made up Saturday night was up the shoot and it takes a hard whack with the 6 inch fly on it got it 50 ft behind the boat and saw it was another 25+ and it straightened a brand new owner 2x hook we figured we needed that fish to stay ahead of silver junkies and the other guys behind us but we still had another big box so we were happy with our day, our 2 rigger upgrades were what we needed but our divers pulling pro troll flashers and ITO flys were the key to success this weekend! Headed to weigh in and heard mixed reports from guys so it was an agonizing wait to weigh in last we knew screamer had a huge box those boys tracked back n forth across the skinny water in front if the canal all day! And they hammere the kings lol we weren't sure about the silver junkies but we knew that they were great fisherman and it was gonna be tight we ended up with another 109 lb box and we edged out screamer and silver junkies! Couldn't have won it with a better group of guys captain Steve hardcastle, Lucas dracz, and branden Kriter. Thx to Steve's finance Tanya for keeping us inline:p and cheering section of boaters on D dock! Congrats to silver junkies on winning the overall king of the lake title they put in solid performances all year! Congrats to team screamer putting 2 solid days together to take 2nd place this weekend. Had an awesome year fishing the new Trojan and making some new friends! Yankee troller and striker can't wait to get Trojan row going again next year!
  14. Me and my buddy Lucas decided to give weller a try on Thursday morning we had lines in by 6 am only lakers in the first 2 hours then finnally a king hits 65 ft down over 110fow blue spin doctor and a aqua ITO fly. Not sure on the weight but a solid 20+ About a half hour later a king takes a good rip on the wire diver 170 back on a 2 setting black pro troll and a KJ special ITO fly 20 mins later the same setup on the wire takes another hard rip and screams out to 400+ ft land another nice king but this one was a nice silver fish. Slowed down so we started working closer to wards the border in 120-150 good screen the whole way down the ledge, around 11 I saw my meat rigger pop and I grabbed it righted up the slack and he screamed straight down I knew this was a big fish! After a long fight and almost loosing him in the net we landed a pig no scale on the boat so we decided to pack it in and head to peters to weigh it ended up being 30.06 my second tyee this year Friday morning I decided to take my girlfriend hailey out fishing and see if I could get her, her first salmon. Lines in by 630 not salmon action till 9 but I kept her busy with a few lakers pretty much catching them at will dropping a pro troll and chartreuse ITO fly on top of deep marks She landed one nice one The first king hit was on a braid diver with meat back 155 on a 2 setting over 130 fow she fought it well and I netted a nice teen for her first king About 15 mins later the rigger goes off and I grab it haileys arms were a bit sore so she told me to fight it:p right after she says the the wire starts to scream, so she didn't get a break her fish ran to 500 ft back so I had lots of time to fight mine but mine ran into the rigger cable ay the boat and I lost it hailey battled her fish and I netted it another mid teen king closer to 20 lbs for her 2 for 2 so far her first time salmon fishing! Had to leave around 1130 because she had to work in the afternoon as I started pulling lines the meat rigger goes off with a screamer I tighten the slack and hand the rod over again she fought it well untill 100 ft from the boat the fish turns and swims right at the boat so quick she couldn't keep up and it spit the hook. All in all good morning the gf enjoyed her first time out and wished she didn't have to work so we could stay out longer
  15. Levanthe8man what's depths you fishing we were out yesterday off she'll pier and bronte 60-200 fow lost two kings on the wire dipsy and one now that was it
  16. Well we planned on leaving Dalhousie very early Thursday morning but when the alarms went off we awoke to alot of rain so we slept in till 8 then headed to the niagara bar to check out some home waters. Lines in by 830 3 riggers pulling meat rigs and ITO flys with pro troll flashers, wire divers with spin doctors and ITO flys and our shoot copper rod pulling a 11 inch pro troll with a meat rig. First rod to go off was a pro troll meat rig on rigger in 130 fow off 4 mile creek landed a nice 25 lb king, worked a little closer to the bar and the 450 copper starts screaming down the shoot also a 25 lb king both released using the new bogs grip method. Trolled around a bit longer and landed a few more nice matures. Best depths were 130-150 fow 35-55 down the temp break was high in the column. At around 11 we pulled lines and headed towards Toronto. We set up in front of the spit in 180 fow around 1230 with the same spread and we picked away some decent kings all the way to the bluffs headed in the marina around 5 went 9 for 12 one the day all kings. Thursday evening we met up with some American friends from Yankee troller and team striker and we decided to have a side bet for big fish on Friday. So we left the dock at 530 am on Friday with canadien pride on the line we were ready to put the hurt on some kings. Set up on the same waypoints from Thursday and we started off well boating some nice kings within the first couple hours but not the big boy we were looking for then around 9 o clock the wire diver I was standing next to took a hard rip and by the time a grabbed the rod it was screaming 500 ft in no time got close to the backing on the wire and put the breaks on by the time the stressful fight was over we landed a tyeeeee! 30.2 lbs so we figured we had a good one for our side bet with the yanks. So around 1030 we decided to towards Pickering and check out some other water because we knew we already had a good bite going at the spit, set up in 130 fow jus west Of Pickering and we landed 3 or 4 nice 22-25 lbs kings and dropped some good fish as well. Headed in around 2. went 11for 15 on the day. Side bet weigh in: Yankee troller came in with a 29 lb king We weighed in a 30.2 lb tyee Casey Prisco and team striker weighed a 31.5 Good fun had by all on Trojan row lol! So we had our plan set for tournament morning we were go to start towards Pickering because the size average was better there despite the tyee at the spit. Tournament morning we had a bit of an alarm malfunction and woke up late at 550 and we were supposed to leave the dock at that time so I raced to the travel lift and found our observer had been assigned to a different boat because they thought we were not coming so we had to sacrifice a team member as an observer I drew the short tooth pick and I had to observe on the striker boat for the day. But my team managed do well considering they had 3 guys running an 11 meter Trojan, they got there bites and landed 5 kings and lost a few kings they worked hard right until the end of the tourny trying for number 6 but it wasn't in the cards for us this time. We ended up with 109 lbs for 5 fish. Great weekend great weather and great fishing! Lots of fun and laughs with our american friends on Trojan row! Our success on the weekend was simple PRO TROLL flashers pulling meat rigs and ITO flys. Our best combos were 11 inch green glow pro troll flasher with meat rigs on our riggers, a black glow 8 inch flasher with a ITO KJ special fly on one wire diver and 8 inch blue halo pro troll flasher with an ITO aqua fly on the other wire diver, another solid combo was the UV green strip pro troll flasher with a ITO KJ special fly. Congrats to team screamer for there victory Tightlines Cheers JB
  17. Thx for the info good luck for the remainder of the derby
  18. Great report glad u got into some good action, lesson learned on the fish that spoiled you I guess lol, how depth of water were you fishing and what were your down temps like?
  19. I want to lower my voltage leakage so the my downriggers can work effectively and not leak .9 volts which will scare fish away.....
  20. Does anyone have any experience with fixing or minimizing voltage leakage on a boat ? My buddy's 23 ft thundercraft has a voltage reading on the rigger cables of .930 Which I knOw is way to high it's supposed to be around .6-.75 any tips or help would be greatly appreciated Justin
  21. Not sure if it's the same or not but I have an elite 5 and where I bought it told me to keep the chart settings on the "lowrance" option all the time and my chart works pretty good
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