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  1. Nice job 315. Oneida has definitely picked up. I managed limits and more the last 3 days pretty quickly also. Odd how a lot of the fish seem to be thin this year, but at the same time more longer fish then usual.
  2. Would love to see an over all pic of the fish if there is one...
  3. pro-fish-n-c


    We had some minor success on Friday nite. The fish are definitely in, but it's not prime time yet, plus the weeds to deal with. Still worth going though, buts it's not 3 fish in 30 minutes and done for a couple weeks I think.
  4. Goose can be amazingly good if prepared properly. I grill goose breasts from juvenile birds in the early season.. That's one of the keys, nice and tender. I use a recipe I found on this site or ducks.org called "flying prime rib" . A simple overnite marinade and grill to rare. For ducks , I just tried a recipe off this forum called "OMG duck kabobs". Amazing flavor. Waterfowl can be as good as a venison backstrap out of a fawn, when prepared correctly with a good recipe. http://www.ducks.org/hunting/recipes/flying-prime-rib http://www.ducks.org/hunting/recipes/duck-kabobs
  5. It's not unheard of to catch Atlantics through the ice accidentally on Oneida, as well as an occassional brown. Doubt there is a high enough population to target them, but who knows.
  6. After reading this thread last night , I whipped up a homemade bk rig using an xrap and a NK trolling spoon. Tried it this morning, along side the normal setups I have been using for pike successfully. Turned out to be a slow day for pike, but the bk rig took multiple small mouth bass up 4 pounds and at least 10 jack perch, I ran it off a rigger 10 to 30 ft down. Ran it slow enough that it only wobbled, and fast enough that the spoon was circling. Confident on a good pike fishing day it will be a deadly set up, thanks.
  7. Caughdenoy can be hot when the flow is right.
  8. Walleye can be caught from shore in Fulton and Phoenix in the spring and fall casting shallow floaters, and bouncing jigs/twisters. When the fall shore fishing gets good on Oneida, that's the time to try in the evenings. Numbers in this system are not Oneida lake levels. But they are definitely catchable. In general, walleyes can be caught at the face of every dam in the Seneca, Oneida, and some on the Oswego river in the month of October at night.
  9. I appreciate all the advice. I believe I have my drags set way to tight. Obviously this has been effective at this point on my regular trolling rigs as I have done well on smaller fish in the past this way, but to maximize my chances I will try nice and loose with the bigger stuff. When doing a hookset on a big fish that is peeliing drag, is it more of a big slow sweep, or you do rip pretty hard and quick. Once again I'm used to smaller pike and walleyes essentialy hooking themselves and just reeling in after pulling the rod out of the rodholder.
  10. Recently began pulling 13" grandmas for tiger muskies, 1.8 to 3.0 GPS speed. 9' ugly sticks new style, 40lb braid. Daiwa lc47's. We have taken two big hits and after short struggle lost both. Both felt to be approx. 15lb class , possibly bigger. Both hit like a screamer salmon and then let off. Lures show teeth marks from up and down instead of lengthwise, like they grabbed from underneath and ran with it. My question is on drag settings, I normally run pretty tight, let the pole take the hit for a good hookset, when fishing for average northerns, 32 to 35" ers. Should I be loosening way up or tightening for bigger fish, worried about breaking off on a trophy level fish. Should I run 80 or 100lb braid instead and tighten it right up.
  11. I've jigged up fish in the EXACT same spot. Nice job.
  12. pro-fish-n-c


    I never made the drive out last year, maybe I will this year if I can find someone to go. Same deal , xraps shallow orange and black?
  13. Due to the orientation of the lake , 3 to 5 out of the south is pretty calm, in Oneida terms. I don't pull harnesses much, lots of people shoot for .9 to 1.1mph, maybe if its too slow try running your electric to make up the difference. I'll be out there myself for the first time since May on Saturday morning also.
  14. I was shocked how loose her belly skin was still from spawning, she definitely had a lot of eggs in her.
  15. Spent lots of time last year and this trying to get into decent fish, but always have trouble getting into fish over 35". Picked this up yesterday, 40.25", just shy of 13lbs. Figured would be a 15lber in the fall? Hit a bomber long A saltwater magnum in wonderbread. Sick of leaning over side of boat to unhook fish, even with my new beckman finsaver, laying out plans now for a specialized pike/tiger livewell, for unhooking and safe reviving if need be. Will post pics when finished.
  16. Here is one that measured 32" exact on the bump board, hit a firetiger deep husky jerk. They also seem to really love crayfish.
  17. Bite started an hour after legal sunset and never stopped where we were. We lost 2 fish at the net and lost maybe 5 hooked fish after they hit. Missed many hits as well, they were lightly tapping for us. We left at midnite because we were tired and cold, and they were still coming in. I'm no pro, but the long stickbaits don't work for us. Think fatter, wider, and taller top to bottom for your lure. Ask Justin, he could give better advice.
  18. Nice job Justin and crew. We were out last nite also and I would say the bite was pretty great as well. We kept 5 fish between the two of us, one small the rest between 5 and 8 pounds. We caught all of ours in 2 feet of water on floaters.
  19. Nice report and great fish, thanks. Love reading about places I don't fish.
  20. We went Monday nite the 12th and did well. Keep the lights and lanterns off and you will do better then with them on. Too much light and stirring up the shallows by walking around pushes the column out deeper eventually beyond reach on slow nights in my opinion.
  21. They are in there, but pickerel are way more common. Trolling a small floater in any bay will get you a limit of pickerel fast in the early season.
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