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  1. Drowning? Close to a road? Maybe hit by car and ran Into pond and died.
  2. Steelhead will follow the salmon as they enter the rivers and streams to gobble up salmon eggs. Some steelhead will be in the river in mid October, they will start to enter the river now with the salmon and continue entering until march -April time when they will spawn and return to the lake.
  3. My son plays summer ball against those boys. We did not play head to head this summer but I did get to see them play in a game before ours. These boys are the real deal!!!!! CONGRATS TO MAINE-ENDWELL LITTLE LEAGUE BASEBALL, YOU ARE WORLD CHAMPS!!!!!!!!! AND I KNOW OUR AREA IS PROUD, IF NOT THE ENTIRE NORTHEAST!!!!!!
  4. Blue moon, true blue, blue blood, blue print, blue plate special, blue light special, Bluetooth, blues clues
  5. Blue angel, blue balls, gonzo fly, big blue
  6. Still .308 bullet diameter, plenty big for what you want to do. It is derived from the 404 Jeffrey case. Looks like 150-200 gr bullet weights, 3,400-3,500 ft-lbf of energy depending on grain weight. Haven't heard much of this caliber in about 10+ years.
  7. Not real familiar with it, but it's a .30 caliber magnum round, shortened to be utilized in a short action rifle ( shorter bolt throw). I would research ammo availability uless you plan to reload.
  8. Welcome to the site. tons and tons of good info on the site!!!!!!
  9. Work well on a rigger, flat line, or planer boards.
  10. Always did well at Taughannock Falks state park on Cayuga around June time when the sawbellies are running. Winter time is not bad either, buck tail jigs produced well.
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