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  1. Minnownite, This happened to my neighbor a few years ago. He needed help since he couldn't get or afford another block at the time. While pulling the motor, we also found that the soft plug was pushed out by the flywheel. My fix was, reset soft plug, used big socket to hammer back in. As for the crack, I drilled 1/32 hole in the ends (Not all the way through) thinking it would stop any further cracking. Then I used a die grinder to produce a good V Groove. Cleaned with acetone well and applied JB weld in 3 different coats with 24 hour cure time. In between each coat I scuffed up with 80 grit to get a good bond. The motor was put back in and had zero leaking, ran awesome that whole summer. To my knowledge he is still fishing the Big O with it.
  2. Nick - all you have to do to fix that arm, is press out broken piece and remount the downrigger arm and then pin it (drill). Good to Go, back fishing. Good Luck
  3. Do You still HAve the Unit? Also does this unit have GPS and Chart Plotter Capabilites? Let me know.
  4. Nice Job and Nice Buck, That is the best when you can share the adventure with Family. Way to Go. Darwin
  5. Daker, Do you still have the system. let me know, I am interested in the purchase. Bigmoose
  6. Thanks Mike for the informative post. Good luck in the LOC. SunDowner
  7. The waves where too big for my 21 ft open bow. At 7am I had to make the tuff choice and say it over our limit. Very disapointed daughter, but some doughnuts fixed the frown. Hope the waves can hold off for the weekend off fishing. Still have not cuaght a fish on SD w/fly. My set up is SD(fast setup) 21"leader to fly, DR speed 2.0 to 2.4. I have used them on Dipsey and rigger. Still no luck, spoons have been my ticket, running 2.5 on DR. I am the one that jus typically veiws the post, so I want to thank everyone for their help this summer. Boat Free-Style
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