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  1. Gas tank

    Put a T in the gas line just flip for use
  2. mexico bay area

    Went out for a little bit tonight got into a couple big boys and found good temps down 100' over 200!!
  3. mexico bay area

    They r around!!! Been getting a few most times out.
  4. Mexico Bay

    Headed east a few miles and found browns way inside, after getting a few we headed deeper got to 90' and set for salmon when we hit 115 we found fish ended up with one nice king on dipsey w/ sd and beautiful steelie on Nk 28 slider on rigger! Fun morning 3 species!!!
  5. Reports out of Sodus

    Any budy been out last couple days? Thinking of starting shallow to the west then bumping deep looking for steelies salmon and lakers! Any thoughts?
  6. Sodus 4/27/13

    We headed out deep early on Sunday aswell after not moving a rod in the first hour and a half, and boy we were glad we did! Went 11 for 11 on Lakers and one sweet 20# king! Most action on flasher and fly some on uv mag spoons. Thanks for the great report from the prior day it really helped out!
  7. Seneca Seneca 3-30-13

    Fished same spot on Saturday, went 7 for 8 with six salmon and one laker! Moat of owr actoin came right at sunrise