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  1. This is like a full time job doing this. I have sent the blank list out and the guides, cork and reel seats will be next week, sorry going fishing and being retired/semi retired I can do that. Thanks Ian
  2. Hi there I sent the 2 blank lists to all the sent me a PM, if anybody who asked for the list didn't receive please email at [email protected], and if I missed you accept my apology.
  3. Hi I forgot it was family day long weekend and had to go visiting so will be delayed by 2 days getting list out Will start it tomorrow. Does anyone know the best way to send it to everyone or can I post it, it will be Excel
  4. I found some more boxes so will get the list together by mid next week, god I have a lot of stuff to clear out. A few float rod blanks and a lot of fly rod blanks. In the boxes I found there are reel seats of all kinds. Please be patient and everyone who wants the list will get it. I should have had the full list together before posting and I do apologise for that mistake.
  5. I have everything else but rollers sorry just me
  6. Cleaning out some stuff Located in Ontario, just so you know. I am cleaning out some rod building stuff and there will be all sorts of tackle coming soon. Moving and down sizing so no need for all the is stuff I have collected over the years. I saw stuff in a box I didn't even realise I had. I cant list it here it will take up so much room, I will crate a list and if you want one let me know. Thanks
  7. I thank all of you for taking the time to educate me and with your opinions and ideas.
  8. I looked at the videos and they are simpler than I thought to use. They are pricy so I looked at the plans to make your own and found them on this forum, so a winter project.
  9. Planer boards I am planning on starting to use planer boards for Walleye on lake Erie this summer, all being well. I have never used them so does anybody no of any good vidoes or posts here that explains hot to use them, seen them used and they look cumbersome but they are popular. Thanks Ian
  10. It looks like a lure that was liked in Canada called a Willow Leaf, used for rainbows on Georgian bay/Owen sound years ago, I have some stored in my loot someplace.
  11. top of the page next to the bell, envelope symbol
  12. The view from my deck. In the evening my wife and I will take a drink to the edge of the property and sit at our own barista table and watch the sun set across from us. When I have built a rod I can test it at my back door, cast the Spey rod once a week to see if there any passing fish such as Musky or Bass, had some Bass but the musky so far have ignored my streamer.
  13. Great area to fish. Live south of that area and fished up in the river, see if you can get to the Bad river mouth through the bay. The river is a tricky one to go up and I would not venture to far up as there are rapid's and rocks and if you don't know the area it could be unsafe. There are some great Walleye there, the rock face drop off is deep. Beware of the black flies and it you decide to get a little further into the wilderness take a mosquito net or your face may disappear with the black flies, they are the North's air force, this depend on the weather if they are around in June. One lure I always used there was a flatfish x4 black and the skunk trolled slowly Enjoy the trip.
  14. I agree I have to get into a positive mode, I am surrounded by positive and upbeat people so they help. Stared to work part time at 4 hours a week doing consulting again for an oil company who I worked for in Alberta. Selling the house and moving on but staying in Ontario.
  15. erieboy Hi Been out of circulation for a couple of years, not jail. Lost my son and just didn't bother with anything and just decided to quit work and retire. Trying to get back into the sport and getting my head into a positive mode. Spent some time cleaning up the hoards of fishing tackle and rod building stuff and will be thinning it out soon, sell the house and move on and start again Met some good people here in 2013/14 and hope to reconnect.
  16. Thanks for the welcome and from what I have seen the information on this site is great, lots of experience.
  17. I am looking at buying a hand held GPS, the reason for hand held I want to mark the spots I find in the lakes around where I live, I am new to this area so a GPS will take me to the location. Its also handy for the new trips I am planning. Dont want to spend a fortune but need something that is relatively accurate. Thanks for the help
  18. My collection has some pretty old reels from the UK. Some look like Walmart specials but were the reels of day back 50 years or more. I have a couple of Match Aerials, one is new condition the other is in used condition, I still use this reel. One of my favourites is the Stream Master, made around the 80's, it was mint until I dropped it and make a samll nick on the outside spool edege, I kicked myself for that. I was thinking of thinning out my collection but it will take some thought before I do, some cannot be replaced that easy.
  19. I am a collector of these reels, are there any other collectors out there
  20. Just thought I would ask the question, does anyone know of a good book or a CD/DVD on turning and painting wooden plugs. Thanks Erieboy
  21. Joined today. I have fished the great lakes for over 40 years. Lots of Down rigging on Lake Ontario in the great Slamon hunt from the first one started. Done a lot of float fishing around Ontario,BC, New York, Ohio & PA. Fished the Lake Erie Walleye, enjoyed that. Been out of the fishing circuit due to working overseas but I am now retired and intend to fish, fish and more fishing. Looking forward to reading the posts, good information. Have a great day Erieboy
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