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  1. Selling the boat this spring as Ive moved too far away from the lake to use it enough. It was bought new in 2004, only has about 220 hours on it. Wont find a nicer one, not a dent on it. Fully loaded, including 2 Walker electric riggers, Lowrance Elite 7 with chip, full canvas/bimini top, Beckman net, boxes of flashers/flies/meat rigs/dipsies. asking 12,500 for everything. I will have it prepped at LOMM in Henderson before sale. Thanks. Text only please at (315) 767-2493
  2. 2001 Starcraft Islander in excellent condition with less than 250 original hours. Wont find a nicer one out there. Comes with Bimini top as well as full canvas. Stored indoors and taken care of very well. Mercruiser 3L I/O runs perfectly and great on gas. Boat was bought new in 2003 and original owner only had 98 hrs on it when I purchased last year. Asking 14000 for boat/trailer or 16000 fully equipped with Walker electric riggers, Lowrance Elite 7, 8 rods including 2 wire set ups, and a couple boxes of meat rigs,F/F, spoons. TEXT ONLY at (315) 767-2493 for pics or questions. Thanks.
  3. I have a 19ft Islander and run 2 riggers off the back corners. I lock them at 45 degrees off the corners and they dont interfere with my dipsies at all.
  4. Your flies have cost me a ton of money!! Bought a brand new 16 ft Lund tiller a few years ago and made the mistake of picking up a couple of your flies and some dipseys and went out of Oswego on a calm day to try salmon for the first time. Four kings over 20lbs and I knew I needed a bigger boat!! Totally hooked. Nothing "easy" about kings most of the time but your flies sure make it seem that way on many days. Thanks for the new favorite sport!
  5. Im sure this topics been answered a hundred times but I would like to know what you guys with more experience use to attatch wire to swivels on your dipsey rods. Just had mine respooled and need to get them rigged up. Found some answers on the internet but nothing from local guys. Thanks!
  6. Finally got the boat out for the first trip of the year. Set up at 6 and fished till 11 and went 8 for 12 on steelhead and small kings. Anything in orange took steelies of the boards and riggers parked at 15 to 25 ft. Kings were taking black/purple NK 28s set at 45 and 35 ft. Everything was in the 4 to 9 pound range. Didnt mark much for bait but the fish we kept were stuffed with small alewife. Hit fish in 140,150,175, and 205 ft all in top 45 ft of water. All in all a pretty good first time out
  7. I dont have nearly the experience of most guys on here but had good success last year on whole brined herring run behind a Big Weenie rig and Kingfisher flasher. I also add a 2 inch strip of meat to my Atomik flies. The added scent/profile really seemed to make a difference, especially when the bite was tough. Just be sure to keep the meat strip small enough so it doesnt effect the action of the fly.
  8. Nice looking rig! Cant go wrong with the Islander. Bought my 2001 last April and absolutely love it. Big enough to take the lake most days but light enough to muscle around at the launch by myself.
  9. I had a pretty solid year out of Oswego. The winds were all over the place this year making the down temps change constantly but we found our fish most of the time. Did really well the last week of August, including a personal best 33 pounder. Nothing like last year though when the fishing was outstanding all summer. I say give it another try for sure, just check the extended forecast and try to plan your trip on a favorable wind period if possible.
  10. Great info guys. I dont go past the bridge in Dexter as its to shallow for my Islander. Just launch it and motor out 100 yards and drop anchor. Just a lazy and relaxing way to spend the day with my boy. Watching fish come out of the water all around the boat keeps him pretty pumped up!
  11. Wondering if anyone could clear up a question for me. When the salmon start running the rivers heavy Ive had a blast anchoring the boat by the bridge in Dexter and dropping the riggers down in the current to bottom with F.latfish and J-Plugs. Night fishing is permitted from the bridge out to the lake and its a fun way to get some late season kings into the boat. My question is whether or not I need to change out the trebles to single hooks. I have read the regulation book but call me dumb as Im not sure if the single hook rule applies from the bridge to the lake. Lots of guys are trolling around by the launch and they look to be using trebles on their plugs. Thanks for clearing things up, just trying to go by the book!
  12. Had a blast with my father and 10 year old out of Oswego the past couple days. Took the boy out Thursday night for a couple hours and boated 3 matures including a personal best 32 pounder. Brought my dad along today for his first salmon trip and he got his first 4 kings in no time. Fished from 9am to 2pm and had constant action throughout midday. Lots of marks and hook ups in 90-95 ft down 80 and 95 on the riggers and out 280 and 310 with mono dipseys. All flasher/fly program was the ticket for us. Hope they stick around awhile longer!
  13. I use wire on my dipsey rods and although its easy to shake them off they still stick when they are heavy. The last time I was out it was necessary to pull lines every 30 to 60 minutes to prevent a big build up. Its not a big deal, was just wondering if I should plan on the same routine or if I could keep the lines down a little longer now.
  14. Start vacation tomorrow and plan on Hitting Oswego hard for the next week or two. Havent been out for a couple of weeks and was wondering how the flea situation was out there. Sucked having to reel in 300 ft dipseys every forty five minutes last time I went. Last year it seemed they had lightened up around this time. Thanks guys!
  15. Im gonna give it a go out there this weekend. Remember there is the Atomik derby going on Saturday, thinking I might wait and fish on Sunday to avoid the crowd. Been a tough bite for me out of Oz lately. Did some small kings and steelies over 320 to 380 ft of water last week. Took a week off August 19 to the 26, hoping things set up and they are staging at that time. good luck!
  16. Heading to Oswego Monday morning and wondered if the winds had screwed things up over the weekend. Gonna give it a go regardless, just wondered if there was any action out there at all. Thanks
  17. Fishe Oswego Saturday with the intent of running meat for the first time. Brined up whole herring and ran strips as well. Both took hits and ended up going 3 for 7 with the biggest fish going 26lbs. Its pretty cool to try something new and have some success on it. I was alone and if I had some more rods in the water Im sure ther would have been more fish in the boat. Thanks to everyone on here for posting tips on using meat in response to my questions on the topic earlier this summer. Still love my E-Chips and Atomiks but meat rigs will always be on my boat from now on as well!
  18. Thanks for your $.02 jj7leaf but you mistook what I said. What I meant was that the fish peeled line off the reel and headed straight up and across the transom. Never been screamed at by another fisherman, believe me.
  19. No doubt my inexperience with copper played a role in losing a couple fish. I was paying complete attention however, and the fact is that the fish ripped a rigger across the copper before I could bring it in. No biggie, its like everything else out there. Some people love it and some hate it.
  20. Fished out of Oswego Saturday evening after the storm rolled through. Set up at 3 pm running all F/F on riggers down 65 and wire dipseys back 220 on a 3 setting. Trolled from 150 to 275 feet marking very little bait but did end up with 7 hook ups. Unfortunately we only boated 1 king as we eitther pulled hooks or cut mono off before we got the copper cleared. First and last trial with copper for me, ran it down chute and lost two big kings because of it. Selling my set up in the classifieds on here if anyone wants a 500 copper set up. Fish are a bit spread put but if we get good winds this week things are looking great for next weekend.
  21. Have a brand new copper set up for sale. Bought new at Fat Nancys a couple weeks ago, only used once. Penn 345 GT2 loaded with 500 atomik copper and 50lb Power Pro backing. I have marked every 100ft with black marker for depth control. Paid around 275 with tax, will sell for 200 even. TEXT only at 315-767-2493 or reply here on LOU and I will promptly ger back to you. Thanks
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