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  1. Gotta chance to take the boat out for the first time out of braddocks. Didn’t have much optimism as my friends have been pretty slow. I set up in 70’ on a north troll and marked some sporadic bait but nothing of significance. We trolled from 100-120 for a couple hrs marking randomly with no luck. We swung around into 70’ where we saw bait early and took one shot on a 300 copper . After another hr we switched to cleaning gear, tying leaders and anything we could think of as we washed the lures lol… Beautiful morning out there and excited we’re finally rigged up and running smooth for the season
  2. Headed out for an afternoon troll and was greeted with warm water. Stopped in 180fow and down 90 was 73 degrees. Packed up shot to 250 and 350fow with same results. One more quick trip to 450fow and down temp was still warm but we set up on a North troll. Sloooow go with a random bait pod that we would mark on the way. We went as deep as 550 picking off a couple steelhead per pod of bait we marked, but no mature kings. Ended the night 8-12 with steelhead as big as 10lbs . Geezer on the 400 copper and watermelon on the riggers we’re working early in the sun, as sunset approached Carbon 14, gold 42nd, and gold Martel all took fish. Riggers at 80-100cheaters , and divers out 210-275.
  3. I’m out now. Don’t stop too early . I’m having a slow trip here in 450-500 out front of braddocks. Couple small steelhead on cheater , 100rigger. Small king on dipsy out 250…. Marking small bait pods but nothing to right home about if it was me I’d be solid offshore 550 and play there
  4. I fished the shoot out with my daughter and friend. I Had friends who did well inside Friday and with the south winds the thought was stay inside and look for our four fish. We set up in 100 fow off the Nose and sloooow was the start. Our screen was bleak which I don’t always mind but the seaweed plugging up the lures was a pain. Every 10 min I popped lines and they were always full of crap. About 1 1/2 hrs in we had one brown which we released as it wouldn’t have done any good. The wind and current were so strong unfortunately the only way to maintain speed and presentation was a south troll (small boat problems) . We decided to head offshore for south troll back in hopes on stumbling on on a random matures and looking to see if we could knab a big money steelhead. We reset in 570fow and pretty quickly the steelhead were nipping . Most 4-5lbs we released in the water and we held one 8lb just in case. As we broke 500fow some small kings appeared and we kept a 10lb but still mostly juvenile fish is all we could muster. Waypoints from last weekend in 475 finally produced a big king around 21lbs and we missed another major on the 400 copper. Those were the only two mature fish we ran into all day. We ended with a full box to weigh in but I knew the box was small and the steelie was also small for a big steelehead prize. 8 hrs of straight fishing with my daughter and friend was everything I hoped for in the day and made it all worth it. As we went to weigh ins it reminds me of why I love this community. So many of the mentors that invested time in helping me were all smiles ,and they make my daughter feel so proud of herself. The amount of time donated by the organizers( so that we can create memories with our family/friends) is truly appreciated. I was really excited for many of my friends taking up the money slots as they consistently prove their abilities.
  5. Took my daughters out tonight from Bald Eagle. All my buddy’s fished inside and had a great morning with Kings and the Browns not far off. Once we get mid July and the reports start intertwining Browns with Kings + switching to NE wind I’m headed offshore. Thought was setup in our 550 waypoints and troll South until we found fish. When we broke 500 fow my daughters thought we were deep enough lol. We targeted 45-70 down and it didn’t take long before we were on fish. We landed 20+ fish with a great mix of matures and steelhead. 485-450 was the ticket and we literally circled the area waypoint to waypoint and the rods never stopped firing. Although a little tough to start for them the lake calmed down as the day went on and arms exhausted they called it quits about hr before dark😬…. Everyday my girls ask to hang with me is a treasure catching or not
  6. I don’t let any rod soak EXCEPT maybe a real cold water deep rod. Whatever rods firing the others are getting moved around that zone. If I simply feel the bite has shutoff I maybe a little more patient, but if I can’t get bit I methodically keep mixing it up. As for my coppers I usually add snap weights to change em up
  7. I love the offshore bite. If I’m not catching or marking heavy I’ve got in the habit of packing up and running. It’s definitely frustrating grinding a day away. Sometimes my greatest days ( especially mid day high sun) is packing up and motoring . We’ll jump 250 to 350 and fish/check temp and screen. Don’t like it pack up and hit 450 and so on. I always check my waypoints for dates and see where the fish were based on last yr timeframe…… 3/4 of the success is the hunt for them
  8. I didn’t have any meat, but some of my fiends got nice mature in tight pulling meat rigs near the bottom. Enjoy the holiday
  9. Quick trip with my daughters this afternoon. We dropped in at 215fow off the nose and hooked up immediately. Slow pickins but every thirty min we got bit with some kings 14-17lbs and a couple nice steelhead 8-9lbs. We fished as deep as 250 but 215 was the best. Riggers 75-90 with spoons and divers 225-300 with flasher/fly . Hr before dark we slid into 150 fow looking for a bruiser . We took a great on a high diver out 180 but it came unbuttoned All in all a great trip. Check your lines, we had 4 skippers plugging the riggers.
  10. Able to squeeze out of Bald Eagle for a quick run to see how the boat ran. Set up in 200fow off the nose with a pretty dismal screen and probe not working. Friend of mine who charters U-Betcha quickly got us on target in 80-100 fow and it didn’t take long. Managed a couple nice kings , 2 steelhead , and a small laker….. boat ran great, my daughter was perfect on the rods, and a list of all the forgotten gear was made. Hopefully will be able to get out a little more consistently as the season heats up.
  11. Have one Digitroll 10TS for sale. works as should. $1000 Please text 585-415-0715 for questions
  12. 2015 Pro Kicker 9.9 25” shaft power trim/tilt alternator electric start serviced at end of the season at local marina text 585-415-0715
  13. The last couple Reelin for a cure we fished my poor ladies battled some good ol fashion sea sickness with rough water. . Today I was able to take out two women that have never experienced fishing and the weather was absolutely beautiful for them. Congrats on your great finish[emoji123]. Their already telling me we’re making a long weekend out of the trip next yr Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  14. Today I took my woman’s team fishing for the Reelin For A Cure tournament out of Olcott. With not being on the water much this season , and reports that the lake had flipped/cold water moved in I definitely felt like we were flying blind. Being late in the season and a 6 fish box it was an easy decision for a strategy. Goal was to go offshore to find our box as quick as possible, and if need be go back in side looking for a staging fish. We started fishing at the 28 line on a north troll and within about 20 min we had our first fish in the box. We spent from 630 till 10am in the 29-30 line where we ended 4 for 7. The strategy was almost working but the big steelhead were just a little to slick for the ladies. We had a couple of nice big mature steelies that really put on a show. As the bite died for us we decided to pack up and go for the hail mary inside. I knew at this point the box was way to small and big matures were the only hope. We settled in 200 fow with 1 1/2 hrs to fish. 45 min in the diver got absolutely annihilated and I knew we had a nice one. My daughter fought him from 400 foot out to 300 before needing help, in came the second teammate and the king stripped all the way back out. Tag the 3rd teammate and the king finally settled down landing us an absolute stud. That definitely boosted the moral of the team but before we knew it the motor bogged down, not good. We called it immediately and hopes the big fish was a possible money fish. The big male was shy of 26 and another lb or two was needed. Overall we had an amazing time, beautiful weather, raised money for the greatest cause on earth (women’s cancer), and just good fellowship. I’v always thought the fishing community was the most gracious community and today just solidifies it. If you’ve never experienced a tournament your truly missing out. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  15. If I’m fishing an afternoon and think the offshore bite might be there then I always run to points immediately. I’ll peak/work the area, if it doesn’t pan out then I’ll rocket in for the last couple hrs inside. If I’m on a morning run I’ll usually start inside . If the morning bite dies/or is not there I pack up and motor out. I prefer the offshore bite . Past couple weekends I would head out and it simply wasn’t ready. Yankee Troller had a post of a great offshore bite last week, a couple of my captains friends also had same experience, so I was hopeful it was game on. That’s why it’s nice to have people share info. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  16. When I got around the 31/32 line I had about 5 boats around me (between Sandy/Braddocks). Most of the guys I fish around were expecting the offshore bite today. Personally once we break into August I rarely fish the inside. I’ll stay offshore now pretty much till Hunting season starts. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  17. Had a great day solo out of braddocks , other than my probe decided to not work. At first light I set up in 100 fow North troll ,with a good screen . I caught 2 kings 100-140fow both on riggers 70-80 down (gold Martel and carbon 14). Hearing the bite was offshore I decided to just hold course and see how we panned out. The 200’s I had a week screen and not until 350 fow did I take my next couple fish. Diver out 210/250 with flasher/fly. Next was 300 copper started grabbing steelhead when I broke 500fow, and 550-575 was solid . Ended roughly 10 for 12. One mature fish breaking 20lbs, kings 12/15lbs, and steelhead 5-8lbs. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  18. 550-575 was great . All classes to be caught Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  19. Took my nephew out for a quick afternoon run. The advice from Rigged was head west , so we settled down in 130fow in front of the light house. We had a slooooow but steady pick . Unfortunately we never could get dialed in, but we managed a couple mature fish as well as some low teens . Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  20. Had a friend that asked to take him and his son out. We fished 240 fow with a nice steady pic of quality steelhead and kings . Riggers 55-80 Divers 180-220 and 300/400 copper all taking fish. Biggest was 27lbs Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  21. Headed out of braddocks now, what depth did you fish Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  22. Was finally able to squeeze an afternoon trip in with my daughter. With the light north winds we figured we’d make a run offshore . A friend had good luck in 350fow in the morning , so that was plan B . We set up in 550fow and basically enjoyed each other’s company with no fish in the first hr. We packed up and slid into 300 on a north troll. 400-425 we found great screens and had a nice pick of steelhead 8-10lbs and kings 15-18lbs. 300 copper, and riggers 45-60 took all our fish with zero diver shots. Ended 5 for 7 with calm water and an absolutely spectacular sunset. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  23. Sounds good. I fish solo or with my daughter 99% of the time. Hopefully between a handful of guys you can get a couple trips in. As summer keeps heating up i do most of my fishing in the shipping lanes and such. Good luck in the tournament 5854150715 Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
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