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  1. Well decided to give it a shot in the little pontoon today seeing how tomorrow is rougher. Fought to get out of the channel but pushed out to 80' and set up. Good hooks and bait from 85-95 fow. Headed straight west (less bumpy) and got in front of the nose with no hits. Looked at my son and said do you want to keep going. So north it was . Got to 135 and screen lit up and soon after the 220 dipsy fired with a big king on. My son fought it for 20 min to boat side when fatigue and muscle gave up. (He's 9) too much slack and 10 feet from the boat we lost her. Marked that spot and circled right back in. 15 min later down rigger fires and I had him the rod. Gorgeous show the steelie put on before we netted him (11lbs). Followed it up with a smaller king and that's a wrap. He was getting green and a little nervous. Ride back was rough as I'm sure some of you out there witnessed. Until tomorrow. Hope this helps someone. Some reason I can't figure out the pic download on here. You can go to my face book to see pics (Jeremy Goodison).
  2. Back after the kings today and we got schooled right away by the fish. We setup everything the same as day before, color location speed but nothing around. Stuck it out for hr or so before heading north looking for bait. By 465 fow the screen got active but no takers........ so we changed from white SD and neon green flies to dark SD and green hammer fly. Instantly got hits in 530 flow. By now it was 9 am and only fishing till 11. But we felt confident at least, we headed east and stayed 540-520 fow and ended with 4 nice fish and lost 2 steelies on sliders. Kings were 26 22 and 18 lbs and a beautiful Atlantic about 10lbs. Learned a lot today and caught some nice fish. Can't beat that. Until next weekend.......
  3. We did opposite today. We set up in 350 headed north and within 20 min had triple of majors on. Me and my buddy fought two while the other ripped next to us. Landed a 23 and 22 lost the third. Stayed at 390 to 400 530 till noon re circling way point as we landed fish. Every pass another fish. Best day of our season. We landed 7 kings 20-25 lbs. 4 kings 12-14lbs. And couple stealies. We got so tired of resetting lines we decided to mix it up and look for some Lakers inside. Shot into 250fow and started marking on the bottom. Sent riggers down 200ft and headed south. Ended up two more mid teen kings. Go figure all season we had lakers on demand. Today we went after them and couldn't get a bite. Trying to load pics but having trouble. Today was east of the nose tomorrow heading west . Should be another good one. We ran 7 spin doctors and flies all day (no spoons) . Most fish came off wonder bread SD and Ultra white atomic or neon green color.
  4. We went east this morning straight to 120 fow and within five min a double. 10 lb king and lost the other. 1/2 hr later hooked up with a 23 lb king . We never made it past 135 fow. My son got sea sick and ended the morning short. Ended with 5 from 6:30 till 9:30. 2 nice kings, 3 skippers, and a laker. Best morning we've had this yr hard to end it. But the wife gets irritated when I bring home green kids.
  5. Just lost a mid teen king out of sand ( bad net job). Hit a glow frog 50 down over 270 flow. Marking some fish out here.45 degrees 80 foot down
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