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  1. Put it on Craig's list got rid of 80 gallons in 20 minutes they were using it in there mud trucks
  2. Baitrigger thank you it takes a certain skill n person to brave the conditions we deal with my best days are normally the worst weather conditions but we pound it out knowing the pay day these guys are activists that wont quit yipping till they get what they want they probably want a trophy jus for showing up to tournament because they tried id like to c them jig or fly fish in in n east swell with the currant ripping ull find there bout at the dock
  3. King Davey n dnr u guys don't getitlake Ontario without kings would put hundreds of businesses out of business ppl don't leave from states that have plenty of troutu or atlantics to drive there rig five hundred miles to catch the same fish as a lake ten miles away without kings its just a lake ive actually met people from Alaska that came here to c our fisherie n u talk about finding them n jus catching a bunch of fish thats the point no different then finding the pod of stripers ur talking in circles n yes I fly fish spin fish n o my even ice fish u gonna tell me watching tip ups for pike is to easy for u to
  4. Yea lock this topic it took me a minute to realize were dealing with Canadian advocates just get rid of this
  5. Sorry missed phrase no other place then Alaska that u can have this kind of fished
  6. I cant believe im getting in to this but dnr ur not a Lo fishermen ive done the gambet of fish from perch to blue fin from our house in Avalon nj to my now place in Hamlin ny theres no other pelagic closer to a tuna then a king n no other place than Lo to target them im so happy more people aren't like u cause we would all be patch pirate green carp fishermen not real men battling four ft Plus waves looking for the only true fish in freshwater that even holds a candle towards a blue fin
  7. From what I was told when I took the boater safety course to fish the ocean in Nj is that when u are trolling and have ur spread out u are no longer in complete control and you now have the right of way not the rag boat the only reason I asked him was I almost lost a finger trying to hand line in my otter board when it got run over by one of those wind assisted A-holes off the genny
  8. Yea I second that its on my buddy got half a bucket last nite
  9. If u live near Rochester id call Coleman's fly shop on ridge he fixed a noodle rod for me it was perfect couldn't tell where he fixed it at all but he can b a bit touchy wit people he doesn't know but he does nice work
  10. My buddy went Saturday nite caught none n saw none wait for after the ice boom release they should b running jus after that even the boys across the river were jus driving down then turning around n leaving
  11. It says at the top of the page u can sign up with cash on June 6 I figured u could sign up at the captain's meeting has that now been changed to the 2nd
  12. Yea gamble that was Kyle out there ice is still pretty thick he will fish those ponds until he falls in multiple times in a trip I was pretty much done after pike closed
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