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  1. Reelin Good

    Olcott 8/24,25

    I would agree on the temps but caught them high, medium and low in the water column. Some had full stomachs some were empty.
  2. Olcott 8/24,25 Had a great couple of days limiting out both days. Caught all in 105-130 FOW mostly on FF. Mainly fished 45-90 down and just fished in mornings and evenings. Came back with 16 fish. Other than two smaller fish all others were 15-23 lbs. Great couple of days on the lake for sure!
  3. I fished last week from Wed-Friday. I personally did not have a good trip but there were some others I was networking with who did a little better. Most fish caught by anyone I talked to including myself were from 350-450 FOW down 50-90 ft. I did catch a few smaller fish in 90-110 fow. Consistently marked a ton of fish in this area but could not get them to fire. I would fish the deeper 350+fow depth if I went back up this week.
  4. I will also be fishing from Wilson to Olcott from Wed-Sat. Let me know if you interested in networking.
  5. Awesome thank you. I'm using the thinner 7 strand 30lb wire and 40lb braid on mag and #1 dipseys so this is just wat I needed.
  6. Does anyone know of a mag dipsey chart using 30 lb copper wire? I went onto the bloodrun site and they have charts for various things but I have not able to find a wire chart specific for the mag dipsey or #1 dipsey. If there is no chart how much extra depth should added to the normal dive charts if you use 30 stranded copper wire?
  7. Reelin Good

    Wilson 7/27

    great report. I will be fishing this area next week thank you for the report. What colors worked best on flashers, flys and spoons?
  8. Reelin Good

    Wilson to Ollcot

    Thank you for the report. I will be fishing the same area Aug 3-6. If anyone would like to network during that time let me know.
  9. Reelin Good

    Wilson 8/30

    This report is a bit late but weekend of 8/22 we caught 2 25lb kings and 1 27.4 lbs plus a few smaller over 3 days. Caught all in 80-130FOW down 45-80. All caught on mag dipsey with spin doctor/flasher fly set up. Tied out deep got one.Marks and bait were fairly descent our target area. Launched from the State Park. Very nice and no lines. Camped next door at Daisey campground which was very nice.