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  1. the public launch in charlotte at the genny is long,i launch my 31 1/2 footer there for a pre test last year
  2. i already boated a 25 lb king 6 days before the derby started in 70 FOW off braddocks,wish i had caught that this week,talk about bad timing!!!
  3. i think they are all in the middle laughing at us, ,i really think its the weather,ive seen some crazy currents out there and with the wind changing direction every week and the hot and cold temps dont help ,they have to be moving around
  4. all the larger fish are out in 250-400 FOW,from 50-200 feet down,saturday evening we got 4 kings 12-18 pounds and a few lost ones,when we got out to 375 we had our best screen,was full and stacked up all the way down to 300,we even picked a nice one on 5 color lead core,wonder bread spin doctor with matching fly,and green yellow spoon took most hits
  5. also keep in mind over the next few weeks they will move farther out as the water warms up
  6. fish the lake just off the genny in about 20-40 fow,using spoons and sticks,troll the edges of the muddy water not in it,right now ive found the big kings are in 100 fow about 35 feet down,but did pickup a 20 king last nite in 15 fow,between the genny and rusells station,werent marking alot so we trolled in a little shallow and picked that up and a nice brown the lake has been hit and miss,staurday was slow but sunday the hit anything u dropped in the water,just keep at it,good luck
  7. i fished front of the genny in 66 FOW and landed a real screamer, 30# king thing went balistic even under the boat!!caught that one on silver orange spoon and 25# on silver green spoon on riggers down 50 feet
  8. they should ne easy to catch since they are glow in the dark
  9. I did the same thing today off I-bay,i tried from 60 fow up to 130 fow and nothing,was dead slow,had two riggers pop and miss,should have run out deeper,better luck next time!!
  10. i typically run 20 lb mono in spring and fall,i use 25 lb in fall,there teeth and jaws harden up in fall,on my reels with all mono i just use 25 lbs,so i dont have to change and waste alot of mono,but my lead core and copper i switch,50 lb and up you will loose action on your lures,makes a big difference,salmon arent as line conciuos as trout are,trout can even see the 25 lb mono,if you use 50 lb mono get the cajin color,for some reason they dont see the red line as easy
  11. you have to get it almost in their faces for them to bite,in 50-70 fow just drag copper on the bottom with 15 foot mono leaders which will float and bounce off the bottom,that works i've been hitting them with green and white fly's and meat rigs
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