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  1. Bought a 196 Fisherman this year and it came with a transom saver on it.
  2. Do you still have this? Terry 216-310-5975 text. Could pick it up by the weekend.
  3. have a new two piece mast with pulleys don't need. Akron Ohio Make me an offer.
  4. Ok, cash isn't a problem. Do you know where Erie Outfitters is? Could meet there or wherever you'd like. My cell is 216-310-5975.
  5. If you could do that it would be great. Is 550 that least you'll take? Let me know your thoughts. Payment would be Paypal.
  6. Am interested in them. How would you like payment and pick up if bought? Or what would shipping run? [email protected]
  7. Fished with John O a few years back and he explained why he runs a Moor when fishing. Said the wind and under current and really vary from what your GPS reads. Said without one you really don't know what your lure or spoon is doing. With a strong current your GPS speed says 2.2 and your spoon could be doing 1 or less and not having the action to draw fish. After the trip out with him bought a Sub-Troll for mine.
  8. Fished with John O. and he and my partner had a talk about using a Sub Troll on the big water. John O. swears by his as even if you think you know the temp where you're fishing what about the currents? You could be runing at 2.5 and your spoon or bait rig at .8.Just some food for thought.
  9. I bought a 88 Crestliner with a 4.3 in it and went through the same thing. As SAE is no longer a rating they use. Plus new engines have different cam shafts and lifters and use different oils. I ended up with 15W40 Rotella oil in mine. As Mine said 10w for cold weather 20w for reg temps amd 30 for hot weather. Been very pleased with how it's worked.
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