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  1. Has anyone used this pop up shelter? Can anyone provide any feedback. The versatility of this sounds to good to be true.
  2. Is there such thing as a 10# torpedo?
  3. I feel the spoon may cut the line in this case. Depends on your line I guess
  4. Anyone? Is it worth it to buy split rings?
  5. Is it worth while to add split rings to spoons for jigging or trolling or just use a swivel ?
  6. So torn. I want a fish hawk but also want a new GPS/ff/chart combo too
  7. Very jealous. Have wanted to fish quinte but just haven't had the chance yet
  8. There seems to be an overwhelming amount of people who use SD's over flashers. Are they that much better?
  9. What's the difference in performance between the 8" and 11"
  10. Any paint suggestions to limit sent trail?
  11. I have 2 cannonballs. One had an orange cover that has cracked and fallen off the other may have had the same but not sure bought it used. Both are 8lb. Going to use for lake trout. Does colour make a difference? What colour works best? What kind of paint holds up the best?
  12. So you run 2 flashers then a fly/bait? How far apart are the flashers?
  13. Blue knight. Any suggestions on a couple hotspots for a beginner?
  14. I ask as I'm new to rigging and I have a couple sd's. and contemplating some flashers/dodgers
  15. What are some pros and cons of both. What makes one more efficient than the other.
  16. I have heard the lure cowbells. What are they.?
  17. I joined for the exact same reason. New to rigging on Lake Ontario. Have picked up some great info. I have noticed Canadians seem to be few and far between however still a lot of good info on gear. Good luck
  18. Sk8man. I'm new to lake o. What are some common distances between ball and attractor. And attractor to lure (fly/spoon/meat)
  19. I mounted my big Jon's with duel rod holders using Bert's track and 4 inch pedestals. Works and looks great.
  20. The more I read the more I realize there is an art to riggin. Thanks for the info. I tried to find that app. Is it available in Canada. I couldn't find it.
  21. What do you mean by dive curve?
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