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  1. +1. AND I don't need fishing shows to get jacked about headin' out to the water.
  2. Cudos to you Nautitroller. I know most on this board would do the same but it's nice to know that other boaters out there have your back. And as always all, pay it forward!
  3. Killians don't doubt yourself. Your idea ain't half bad. You can already see the Tractor guys are interested. You ain't never goin to please everyone on this board as long as you keep posting, so throw it up against the wall and see what sticks. This may not, but what the h%ll.
  4. Hooks are cheap. Cutters almost always!
  5. Thanks guys for the info. I'll have to start giving it a try on occasion to break up my day.
  6. Hi all, I just have become somewhat familiar, in the last 2 years, with jigging and trolling Cayuga and have been wondering if anyone regularly fishes the shorelines with a fly rod. Wondering if there are any significant insect hatches that entice the rainbows , browns, or even LL's to rise to dry flies in the evenings. I imagine there are times of the year when streamer fishing can be effective. I'm interested because I find myself often needing to take a break from one kind of fishing during the day. Since I travel a couple of hours to the lake, I like to spend ALL day out on the boat. Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  7. Dude, I gotta lot of problems with the pres. but this issue was there way before he came to office. This is an issue from congress particularly those GOPers from the corn belt.
  8. I'm looking to find a mechanic in the SouthCentral NY area to put a tune on an old 1995 120 hp Force (Mercury) Engine. Any recommendations out there. I usually use a place close to home in PA but don't want to drag the boat down there. Thanks!
  9. Same here, usually have pretty good luck with amazon. They have always made good with fast free delivery for lost or damaged items. I'd love to have a good local shop but nothing but Dick's close by and it is not very well stocked. I really hate the way the big box stores have just ruined the local guys. We had a great shop in town here years ago. They carried what the customers generally wanted. The Dicks here does not cater to the customer. They carry what will make them the most profit. Sign o the times.
  10. Hi all, I'm jonesin' to get to my boat up in this area and was wondering how much snow is still around. Anyone? I went up to my place 2 weeks ago and needed snow shoes to get up my 3/4 mile drive. With 3 foot drifts in places my ATV plow was no match. Had to leave. Any significant melting since then? Thanks
  11. Yes, that one seems to have a wider base than the other stainless ones I've seen. I really am leaning toward the garelick 71090. It may be overkill for my 9.9 2 stroke and a little more expensive but it looks really rugged. I can't seem to see if it has transom angle adjustment and the literature I found doesn't mention it. With wedges it could be made to work. Got to get up to my boat to see if I have a significant angle on the mounting surface. Thanks to all who posted!
  12. Sk8man, This one looks like a slightly lighter duty version of the 7109X series (I think they are aluminum alloy and seem to have a beefier handle). But it does appear to have adjusting hole to adapt for proper vertical positioning on almost any transom angle. Am I correct? Do any of you guys that use the 7109X series know if this is also the case or will I need to use a wedge between the mount and transom. ( My boat is not here and I can't remember how much of an angle the mounting surface has to the water) I do plan on using a PE board between the transom and mount, just curious as to whether it'll need to be machined to a wedge.
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