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  1. No, their not for sale yet. I just got an air brush and have been teaching myself to use one. This was my first go at trying it out. The mullet blue came out awesome! I got a bunch more drying and more variations as well. Still having base coat, top coat issues, but I think I got a solution to the problem. Looking for some field testers to run lures. I can keep you full of lures and paint anything you can come up with. Pm me for details. I know its late in the year, but i'm looking forward to next year.
  2. Oh yeah, the pearch! Hmmm.... give's me an idea.... Already on that! Some other patterns I wanted to try too!
  3. Again, I would expect you guy's would know, and its been getting better since a couple weeks ago. I don't want to be dodging others not involved in the tourny, especially boats anchored.
  4. I figured some would know, but I don't want to be dodging traffic the 26th, so, i'm not advertising it. Pretty skinny water, and not much of it to go around. See you next sun? If you know where they were, then you know where I will be. Unless it changes by then. Good luck, fishing is getting pretty good lately.
  5. Thank you! That was a good story,and I hope you didn't lose any cinder blocks today. That ruined my whole day! I've been telling that story for years. Funny now I know where it came from.
  6. Yes, it was Seneca, I'm not offering the location, since i'm fishing a tourny there next weekend. As far as lamprey's, I did not see one mark on them. Again, I didn't ask a bunch of questions. All I wanted to know was some basic info and where the nets were. That much I do know!
  7. Over the last 30 years Iv'e seen them gill net several times. The purpose is to get an idea of the health of the fishery. They often target northern pike in the spring. Iv'e seen some huge northern pike catch's. They had 2 different nets today. One was small diameter and the other was bigger. I'm guessing they were 25 ft long. possibly longer. As far as what they do with the fish, I called the Schuyler county building and got an employee to take some to workers there. The others were given to other township and village employees. One of the fella's that was on the DEC crew is a member here. If he see's the post, he may have more to offer regarding their purpose for netting. I arrived when they were busy and had been out in the rain all day. I was curious, but at the same time, didn't want to be a bother to them.
  8. Today I decided to go try some new lures and colors I had made up last week. Been itching to go, but too busy. So after it rained a while, I decided to hitch the boat and go solo. When I arrived at the launch the DEC was sorting their gill nets they had just pulled. The DEC marine navigation team also showed up as I was launching my boat. I had some pretty interesting conversation with both groups. Glad I decided to go today. Here are some pics of the fish they caught.
  9. Thanks Joe! I just checked the schedule and your right. It is the 26th. Sent from my C771 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. Fixed blades always. I prefer muzzy myself. Iv'e seen too many expandable's fail and as Sean said, it always seems to be on a mature deer that should have wound up on the wall. My sister shot them for a while, but after several failures, switched to Muzzy's. John, good to know you track deer. I had 2 guys track my 12 pt in Chemung. They came all the way from New Rochell, NY to track it. They were very organized. Contacted the DEC and the State Police, who secured permission for us to track on property I didn't have permission to hunt. I found them by Google searching the words Deer Search. If it happens again, I will call you.
  11. Happy Birthday Joe! Sounds like you guy's had a good day. See you Sunday at Seneca. Jason
  12. Do you have a catch pole? 3 ft metal construction prefered. Flip them on their side and pin the head down. Get the feet first, it does something to them that sub dues them. Fore arm the neck and chin, pinch the mouth shut and tape. Sent from my C771 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  13. I always dispatch them at the truck, so getting them out alive and carrying them wasn't much a problem. Taping their mouth shut is at times. Zip tie the legs first. Front to hind. Then they cant get up during transport. Aside from a few nasty ones, most are timid. Easy to handle for the most part. Bobcats, they are another story.... Sent from my C771 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  14. Breadman, You can purchase KW's from me. Pm me your email and I will send you order info. Jason. Sent from my C771 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  15. John, If your wife put up with that, she can bear a years worth of tourny's in the club. Thats about as bad as it gets, maybe more, but not by much. We watched you fish, you made the best out of a tough weather situation. But thats what we "get paid to do!" Good luck on Seneca! I will be living there for the next few days, or a week or so! Ha Ha Jason
  16. Iron Duke was second to Brian Ketchum, Ketchum fish charters from Keuka. Third was Joe Matwiejow. We were 4th. Yes blk/ppl is black and purple primary, other variations of that color as well. KW is about 2.5" and comes in a variety of weights and styles. PM was sent to your partner. Jason
  17. Short for Keuka Wobbler. A Great Lakes Lure co item. We make them in .015/ .060 and ratt-o-lure versions. Pm sent. Jason Sent from my C771 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  18. Nice report! As you Said, Pretty rough day on the water! Anyone who fished it yesterday had their hands full with the wind. I was gonna start a thread regarding our day there, but hope you don't mind adding to your post. We were on Canandaigua Sat, Sun, slept on the boat Sat night anchored off the South end. We fished the Finger Lakes Trollers Association tourny Sunday. There were a total of 11 boats fishing out of the south end. Most went north in the am, but we decided to fish the drop off for lakers in 70 ft of water, then go for silvers. Once we had 3 to weigh (caught 6 by 930), we headed to Menteth point looking for silvers to add to our box. (found a good school there Sat) We caught 1 undersized, and lost 2. Over all we finished 4th with 11.10lbs. There were some 4-5lb rainbows weighed in (one was lunker at 5.14)and a nice brown I want to say was around 4 lbs. Blk/ppl Kw's caught all our fish, but 1 and that was on a firetiger KW. Lost a nice fish on an Oakie Doakie. Compared to the other lakes Canandaigua's water was pretty "Green" in color.
  19. Never did it, but I can see how it could be quite an experience. Good luck selling your boat. It really is worth every bit what your asking for it. Jason
  20. Yeah, Theresa was relieved were not sleeping on the boat tonight. I'm expecting to get there tomorrow by noon and check a few places out before deciding where to fish. I'd be glad to give you a report, since there is no chance of me catching up to you in points, but I may plan on following you around, since your almost impossible to beat! Good luck Mike! See you there Sun. Keep up the good year! Jason
  21. Thanks for the continued posts from there. I was looking forward to the Seager Marine derby, but I will be up tomorrow about noon to pre fish it for Sun. Launching and staying on the boat at the south end. Monitoring 68 on the vhf, boat name is Marlene. Jason
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