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  1. I live in Beaver Dams, recently moved here. I trap coyotes, and since moving, have no places to trap. (I see your in Addison) I run about 100 sets a yr, all season and can put a hurting on coyote populations. I sell the coyotes alive, to a dealer in Endicott, he comes and pics them up once a day.(only did this one season so far, got $100 each) I would be interested trapping them, and possibly teaching you how to, if your interested. It's a lot of fun! Almost like Christmas every morning. Never know what your gonna find on the trap line! Bobcats, fishers, reds, greys, and of course Coyotes. I have also hunted them at night, but it can be a long night with little or no results most of the time, then there are the nights they seem to jump right in your lap. I find that mouth calls can be used with more success than electronic calls. I use a loud siren to get them to howl back and locate them. Saves a lot of time than trying to howl and get a response. Another tip, Fresh mowed hay will bring in coyotes and fox. The hay is littered with rodents and snakes. They even run the rows in broad day light while the tractor is still mowing. I always carried a 243 with a scope when mowing hay. Its kinda like a shooting gallery some days.
  2. Interesting! I was just discussing this issue the other day. Seems we have had some problems catching the number of fish we are used to in years past. The only thing changed is the boat. Since switching to a new boat, we have noticed a dramatic drop in catch rates. We have looked at speed issues, changed lines, cables on riggers, reduced the cable noise of the riggers, and still haven't found the problem. So the other day we were discussing if we have some wiring issues that could be to blame. I haven't had time to go thru the wiring yet, but it's on my "to do" list. Before our last tourny, I removed our riggers and un wired them. We fished (4) 5 leader rigs. We finished 3rd. I am beginning to think there is something electrical causing our problems as well. I would be interested in hearing if you get the problem corrected, and what you found to be the problem. Sure sounds like the same problem I am having.
  3. Motor out, fixed, and back in and running in just 2 days! That didn't take you long. Nice job Nick!
  4. Great Lakes Lure co. makes 44's and other sizes that Sutton made. They sell for $4.00 each. made from Stainless Steel. Pm me if interested in looking at what we have to offer. Just a little history here, Kausch Trolling Spoons (now owned by GLLC) was the first lure company to make the 44, and other sizes Sutton made. Kausch dates back to the late 1800's and was quite popular by early 1900's. One patent in particular dates back to 1906, for the "Silver Soldier". This lure fetches as much as $400- $500 as a collectible in the original box. Without the box, usually sells for around $100. Original Keuka Wobblers sell for as much as $40- $60 as well. Kausch was originally from Bath NY.
  5. I don't think you will find any charter boats sending illegal fish home with customers. Or keeping them on the boat for that matter. In over 30 yrs of fishing, I have had the opportunity to fish on chartered trips on all the Great Lakes (selling tackle). These guys are "Professionals" and have a lot at risk for keeping an illegal fish on the boat. In my experience, unless the client wants to take home fish, they all go back to the water. If they do decide to keep fish, they aren't keeping "dinks". In addition to that, there are a lot of "tournament" fisherman on here, not all are charter captians, but fish almost every single weekend. (myself included) I'm sure I can speak for others here when I tell you almost all of our fish get tossed back, especially when "practicing". I keep only enough fish to keep my freezer stocked and the rest get put back to the "fishery" to live to fight another day. Also, If you read some of the "pen rearing" posts on here, you will find that many of the charter captains volunteer their time to feed, care for, and release the fish raised for stocking. (I would check those posts out) They volunteer their time, boats and crew to do this. I think the majority of captains go the extra mile to see to it that our fishery is being "preserved". After all, it is a living to them.
  6. My inverter has (2) 30 amp external blade fuses. As previously stated, check 12v power to inverter,If 12v is ok, then put the test leads into a 120v socket (after switching to d/c from a/c on your test meter) If you have no power, check to see if you have a GFCI outlet (mine does). if its tripped, re set it and test it for power again. If your outlet isn't tripped and you have good 12v supply but still no power, check for fuses (there should be fuses in it somewhere) if the fuses are ok, and everything else checks out, then your inverter is probably shot. Also, my inverter is in "stand by" when turned on. I have a remote switch that has to be turned on in order for the inverter to produce a/c power. We have had many times when trying to perk coffee that someone switched the inverter on, but never pushed the "on" switch at the dash. Nothing like thinking a cup of coffee is being brewed, and going to get one and it was never turned on.
  7. Thank you! I have some Oakie Doakies available now (the double lure). limited colors, but more are in the paint and buff shop now. Just need to find the time to get them finished, but I can take orders that can be filled quickly. Heavy troll lures are on their way soon, as the metal was just ordered today. If your interested, pm me your email and I will send you color's, sizes, and prices. Jason
  8. Update: Metal is ordered and on its way! We should be blanking lures soon! We purchased a small amount of .060 stainless, enough to run a few thousand lures. This is different metal and from a new supplier, so we are only gonna run a small run of lures this time and see how we like the product. We have approx. 540 of these lures spoken for, so we needed to get this process moving, and this was the quickest way to get some product out and buy some time to iron out the rest of the details. We should have GL4's ready by the time fall copper pulling season is good. As soon as the metal is here and were blanking lures, I will post some pics of this process. Hopefully it will be soon. Next step is pierce, logo and form all these blanks and send them to paint, or buff shop. Thank you, Jason
  9. I generally run my sensitivity at 60-65%, to avoid clutter, rigger ball "echo" and other un-wanted marks. If i'm looking for thermocline, I will sometimes need to raise the sensitivity into the 70's, but I always go back to mid 60's as a rule. I don't use any noise reduction at this setting either. I find mine is always correcting sens with reduction on. Proper greyline will separate bait and bottom, when bait piles on the bottom. The picture Sk8man posted was about as good as you could expect to get. It can be frustrating to dial one in if you don't have fish to mark. I would start with less sens and increase till you get a good picture with as little sens as needed.
  10. Nice looking fish. The Brown has some nice color to it. How does the wire dipsy's handle the fleas? I quit running cores and dipsy's because of the fleas, but my stranded wire for my rig rods cuts right thru at the roller. Solid wire won't, but stranded wire handles it pretty good.
  11. Wow, thats incredible! completely missed Watkins area. Like apb said, what a year for storms.
  12. Very nice! The first pic almost made me spit my coffee out from laughing! She looks pretty excited. You got a fishing partner there!
  13. Sounds like "more coffee" was a good call!
  14. Nice job Mike! Your off to a good year, and putting up a good run for club champion. Good luck, and see you on Owasco in Sept. Jason
  15. I'm with you both on the "shop around" idea. I figured we would have some issues to solve, but not at every level. When we left the first day, it seemed as though we were on the same page with things, and we should be moving some metal around soon, but not the case. It seems as though they use a certain metal for a lot of products they make on a regular basis, and didn't want to get involved with other metal. I think that we will go back to purchasing the metal, and just pay the piece rate for the blanks. Seems to be less complication that way.
  16. Beautiful fish! As stated before, would be nice to here the story on how he caught it.
  17. I believe its a 14' deep vee. I use a 6hp evinrude. Down river is no problem. Up stream you get out and pull it thru. Chemung river is hot, but half the size of the Susquehanna. I will more than likely fish either Monday. Just not sure which yet. Sent from my C771 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  18. Got to go to the Chemung river for the first time this year. Launched about 6pm. Fished from the lowman launch. Trolling for eye's. On the first pass we got a 20" eye, second pass, 24" eye, went 4 for 7 in less then an hr. Pulled up to the launch for a cook out with family, back at it by 8. Could not get another bite after dinner and we fished till 10. Had a great time on the Chemung today. Bright yellow with red stripes was a hot lure, muddy water, heavy algae bloom. Probably gonna hit it again Monday. Possibly Susquehanna, out of owego. Sent from my C771 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  19. Always good conversation at barney's as well! Sent from my C771 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  20. That would be the Oakie Doakie. That lure was designed by a " hydro dynamics" program at Dick's shop. "Bennett Tool and Die". It took us several years to get the right combination of nose and tail to produce its action. All of our dies were made by Dick's shop. Far as im concerned, Dick Bennett was the best! Always excited about making lures, and always provided the best quality dies you could make. He helped us out enormously, and I couldn't say enough about him. Wish he was still with us! Sent from my C771 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  21. Thanks guys! Were in it for the long haul now. There has been a lot of talk between my dad and I now for the last 5 yrs about starting back up again. I hope things go a little smoother, but overcoming obstacles is always part of the game. I have a feeling the paint process changes will be the worst of it. Jason Sent from my C771 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  22. Update on the blanking process. So, Part of the reason I wanted to start this subject was so others could see what goes into manufacturing fishing lures, but also to give you an idea how difficult it can be to get this process started back up and to deal with "wrenches" that get thrown into the process. Today's post will be one of the "wrenches" in this process. I dropped off 3 dies early in July and ordered 6,000 blanks. 2,000 each, with a rush on the #4's. I even dropped off enough metal to get 1,000 of them right away. After some negotiation of terms and prices we agreed to proceed, and we shook hands in agreement. All I was waiting on was prices of metal, if I decided to buy it from them, and when I could expect to receive the blanks. 2 weeks go by and no word, so I call there and leave a message. Next day, no word, so now I email him and wait. 2 more days go by and he calls to tell me he is having difficulties with the metal we want and has some other issues he would like to discuss. I ask him to brief me the details in an email, and I would get back to him with answers. Keep in mind 2 of the 3 dies he got were brand new, and the 4 die has only punched 300 blanks before it was shelved. Here is the laundry list of obstacles that were brought up to be solved. First is the dies themselves. It was suggested that we have them sharpen our dies, change the strippers on 2 to a different kind (these are the new ones), and switch from 1 1/16 stock width to 1 1/4. The only problem with that is we have 15 other blanking dies that are all ready 1 1/16. Another issue is the waste. We purchase this metal by pound, and we need to limit the waste, since this metal is expensive. In the end, we decide to have them sharpen the dies, and change the 2 strippers to a different style. Same as the 3rd die. Keep the 1 1/16 width. Total cost to get this done, $600. I run a check down right away to get this process started. Second problem is the metal itself. We have always used 440 grade stainless steel. This is knife quality steel, highest in rust resistance and the best choice for what we are using it for. They offer 303 and 302, and only a 2B finish. (very dull). Not exactly what we wanted to here. Another issue is they want to buy it in sheets and cut it to length. (now I know why they want to change the width) We have always purchased it in rolls and have equipment to handle it, and feed it to the press.This presents another issue, the quality of the finish. It already will require heavy polishing to get the desired shine if we use their metal, but cutting sheets into strips will put a lot of scratches into the metal. and we have a saying when it comes to polishing, "it's all painless, except the stainless". 440 stainless is very hard, and doesn't polish very easily. Minimize the polishing saves a lot of money and time. There were also issues about price. Buying their metal was some how 3x's what was expected, (and lesser quality) so we have an obstacle to get over to proceed. We have always purchased "ultra high finish" steel. It comes with a vinyl coating on both sides and the finish is almost mirror like. The vinyl protects the finish during all the phases of stamping, and once removed, requires very little effort to polish it to the desired finish. Also, we were going to be charged $300 per die, to set it for a run. That adds another .15 per lure to the cost. We negotiated that fee away, and exchanged it for a new minimum order per die run. So now were back to negotiating. If we can't get what it is we want from them, (Waiting to here if they can) we will go back to purchasing metal from Ulbrich, and have to order larger quantities to justify the trucking, as well as make arrangements with the shop to receive it, so we don't have to handle it twice. This is where we left off, till we get more info, and can come to terms on what metal and where to purchase it from, we are back to waiting, however the 4's will get run right away with metal we dropped off. Since there are already about 12 dozen (a gross) spoken for, I would like to get them back as soon as possible. We will see how it goes from here. Till next time, Jason
  23. I was just about to say the same thing. A few years ago, same thing happened to me, but one item was a gun. I called the sheriff's and filled a report, then started checking pawn shops. On my 3rd stop I found my stuff. Never did get the gun back. Sent from my C771 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  24. No website as of yet. Were in the process of getting one started. I have posted some pics here. if you like, I can pm you details. Probably have to be tomorrow. Thank you, Jason Sent from my C771 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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