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  1. I've had days like that this year on Keuka. I fished it 3 times before our FLTA tourny there. 2 of the three we caught fish, one was a skunk and there were plenty of hooks on the screen. There was an impressive weigh in there. Mike burt aka Iron Duke caught some nice 13 lb lake trout. Keep at it! Our best action last few trips out was at 3pm. Oddly enough the moon was rising around 130 pm. I'm guessing that has something to do with it. I generally watch the moon phases, and I believe there is some relationship with it. Moon table If your interested.... http://aa.usno.navy.mil/cgi-bin/aa_rstablew.pl
  2. Thank you all! I appreciate the interest and I will try to keep this post as informative as I can. Jason
  3. I have some Tormentor lures I could part with. I paid about $45 a piece for them, but they are doing me no good sitting in my shed. I would sell them cheap if you want them. I don't know what type of fishing your doing, but these are for fast trolling. They run at 12-15 mph, which if your not used to can take some getting used to. We caught tons of mahi, tuna and wahoo on them fishing the gulf stream out of Oregon Inlet (devil's hole). Jason
  4. As for the weeds, there were plenty of weeds last weekend. I fished both south and north ends. Long point area had tons of weeds, and some piles were half the size of the boat. Wind kicked up sunday and instead of piles they were just everywhere. so, i'm guessing they will be a problem this weekend as well. I don't mind when they pile up, easy to steer around. I always try to fish the weeds, seem to be where the fish are. Good luck this weekend! We will be fishing that tourny as well. Launching from Severne. Jason
  5. Wow, that sucks Nick. Sorry to hear your problem is in the engine. Congratulations on your big day! I hope everything else goes smoothly for you. If you need a hand with repairs, I am just 15 min from the canal and would be glad to help you out if you need an extra hand.
  6. We are doing flutter spoons as well, just at a different location. Our shop is in the basement of my parents house. Last time I fired up the 25 ton press to punch .060, my parents flipped about the noise. It shakes the whole house and rattles everything. Runs on hydraulic and Air works the trigger, so its very noisy, and shake the place like you can't believe, so I have to punch the heavy stuff at another location. Took us quite a while to set up at another location, but were running now! Flutter spoons are in the polish room now. I can put that up as soon as I get time to polish. I got about 500 OD, 200 N44, 200 35's, and about 1200-1500 misc other blanks to polish. Copper, Brass, and some silver plated West River copies. ( I hate to polish stainless steel the stuff get super hot on your hands) It's all painless, except the stainless! Glad to see there is some interest! I will do my best to show the entire process. Thank you, Jason
  7. Nice! Silvers seem to rule the south end right now. No lakers I take it?
  8. Since not everyone can get to see what goes into mass producing metal fishing lures, I thought this would be an interesting post for people to read. So I decided since this was the first run of lures we were about to make from start to finish that I would post the process under this post heading. We have an inventory of a few thousand blanks to work with that were in stock since we last made lures ( about 15 yrs ago ), but this will be the first lures actually produced in whole, now that we have gone back into business. As we move thru the process of manufacture, polish, paint, tape, assemble and package I will update this thread with pictures and note of the process. Obviously, I don't want certain "trade secrets" to be posted, but I will do my best to give you an idea of what goes into producing some of the finest quality, custom made fishing lures ever produced. We produce our products completely from start to finish. The shapes, sizes, weights, and the actual form of the lure are of our own designs. Designs that came about from constant field testing and constant changes being made till we were confident in the lures performance. Many companies purchase blanks in bulk and only paint and package their product, but we control ever aspect, from start to finish. We personally select the metal, we hand polish every lure that isn't going to paint, we oversee the process of blanking, piercing, logo, and form and of course, we tape, paint assemble and package all of our product. We have very strict quality control standards. Ensuring that the completed product is the finest, hand crafted metal lure you can purchase Today I dropped off the KW die, the Silver Soldier die, and the GL#4 die at the punch press shop. I ordered 6,000 lures stamped out of .060 430 grade stainless steel. 2,000 each. .060 thickness is the thickness of a casting weight lure. The GL#4 is the copper pulling spoon that we make, and the KW and Silver Soldier we use for trolling. The heavier weight lure has a special wobble all its own that is different than the usual .015 trolling weight lures. I only had enough metal left over to do about 1,000 GL#4's, so they will be the first to come back. I had to order the metal for the rest, but it shouldn't take long to get it and get the lures run. Below are some pics of the shop where they get blanked out. Once I get them back, I will post pics of the piercing, logo, and form process. I hope you enjoy the topic as it progresses. Questions or comments are welcome. Thank you, Jason
  9. Back in the 90's I used to fish against my Dad in the club. Maybe a couple years anyway's, before I moved to Philly.
  10. Fishy is familiar with the GLL ordering process as well. He knows the sizes, colors, and ordering codes we use. If you need 44's , 35's, kw's, Oakie Doakies, GL4's etc, he is a good "go to man" to get them quickly. Glad to see he's getting this kind of attention! He's a good man to deal with, and he has been in the FLTA tournament schedule for years, so he knows his stuff. +1 for Fishy for sure!
  11. You must have pulled in just about the time we did. Well, you know where i'm at if you wanna stop and talk fishing. Good to have a possible "back up man" close by. Jason
  12. Good to know. He's welcome to stop by any time. Were usually home most eve's, weekends obviously we try to go fishing, but if not we should be home. As far as losing big fish at the boat, he will fit right in! We've lost our share this year, and I hope that bad jue-jue is off our boat now! Next time, someone is eating a sawbellie! Seems to work on Deadliest Catch, and i'm running out of options. Theresa even suggested having the boat blessed by her priest, but that"s a little extreme if you ask me.
  13. I've caught bass with 5 leader rigs in 80-100 fow on Cauga as well. Some of the nicer ones put up a good fight. Nice report, and nice looking brown!
  14. Thank you for the compliments on the boat. We have been doing a lot of work to her this year, and have more planned as we can afford the repairs. She's about to get a full scrub down and wax as soon as I get time, and some equipment upgrades as well. So, she will be making the trip back to the shop in Elmira for a couple days, then back to Seneca Sun, possible Sat. for the Seneca Challenge. I am assuming you must live by me. I live where the boat has been parked the last couple days. (not going into too much detail) As you can see, we can't get her to the house to work on her, so she has to make the trip to Elmira when I need to work on her. If you are out and have some free time, stop and introduce yourself. Always good to know your neighbors, especially if they fish! Jason
  15. You can call or pm me and I can send you out info on our sizes and colors. I have a shop in Elmira, if you live close enough we could also meet there, up to you. Thank you, Jason 607-426-5094
  16. Here are some pics of the lures we have to offer. As you can see, we have a small variety of fixed hook lures, as well as the #4. They are offered as plain, a variety of colors, and custom colors as well.
  17. I got a big van if you need help with those bottles, sounds like you got a bunch!
  18. Interesting! We could work with that. How generous of him to offer!
  19. I bookmarked the page. If you are interested click the link at the top of my original post. Probably cheaper to put it on a thumb drive, than to print. I was talking to Les about the report you both had years ago. Sounds to me like this is the same info, and it has pretty interesting details. 145 pages was a lot to absorb, that's why I bookmarked it to refer back to. Just too much info.
  20. First, No need for me to add to what has already been said here, accept to say it is all excellent advise. In addition to lure selections, GLL makes a GL#4 which is a copy of the pflueger, with the 05 hook. In addition,We also make fixed hook spoons for copper, #35, #7, and the New Silver Soldier. I will try to post some pics, as soon as I find my cord for my phone/computer. Lost it among the luggage from this weekends fishing trip. The fella who made our GL #4 dies has the dies to make exact copies of the pflueger, harness and all. We've considered purchasing it, but would render our GL #4 useless. Never know though. If there was enough interest, we would probably buy the dies. Purchasing dies of the quality we get made is very expensive. Just to produce one lure requires 4 separate dies. Blank, pierce,logo, form, and can cost thousands to purchase. So investing in another lure, when were already making one that works, is a big decision to make. I must say, there is more interest in pulling copper now than I would have guessed, so that optimistic. Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated. Jason
  21. Nice job, and some good looking fish! Fishing wasn't at it's best this weekend, but still wasn't too bad. Always nice to get out and catch a few. Another guy who fishes with his girlfriend! Way to go, it don't get any better than that! In my experience, couples that fish together have excellent bonds. Makes for a great relationship.
  22. Nice Job! Very nice fish, and awesome you get out to fish with your family and girlfriend! Someone in that pic looks pretty darn happy! That's what it's all about.
  23. John, Thanks, I would be glad to show you what we have. Any time you get some free time let me know. I'm sure I will see you at some of the next few tournaments, and I will give you our business card, which has my cell # on it. As far as all white lures, I love them as well. They seem to be pretty hot, and hard not to put in the water for me. I wonder if it would sell as good as it seems to produce?
  24. No problem about Scout, I won't tell him . I put his name up because Theresa and I were a little concerned that we had our dog with us, and we didn't know how you would feel about him on the boat. He goes with us a lot because he is an indoor dog and we hate to put him on a leash if were gone for more than a day. He loves to fish, swim, ride on the boat, and he's really a good all around dog, so I was just saying thanks, on Scout's behalf.
  25. Yes Walt, I think he's getting his confidence back. He's had so many back surgeries, they can't do anymore, so he's been afraid to get on the boat and get hurt. Hopefully, he's past that, and you might see him on the water more often. I never met a fella with such passion for fishing like my dad, it was a shame to see him almost give it up. I don't give up on asking him to go, and it took me almost 2 yrs to get him back on the boat. I hope were past that and we can get back to the business of fishing together again soon. Jason
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