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  1. So now your telling me that zebra mussel's have not cleared the water of Seneca lake, but in fact its become more "greener"? We all know during summer the lakes " turn" and become greener. But it has never been clearer than it is now.
  2. Most of us who have and do spend their life around the lakes of NY, especially Seneca are well aware of the studies from Hobart. It wasn't your topic that got me going, but how fast we went from a conversation about salt, to organic grapes... I understand the salinity may be gaining, but I would bet salting the roads is a better reason than salt mines. Then they drag in the grape industry... You are right, if I'm to believe what I also have heard and read, but these other fellas tried to hijack it.. And turn it into something other than the truth!
  3. I quit reading when the " study " you refered to classified sugar, sulfiets, oak chips and flavoring as " chemicals" "Flash words " don't do it for me. Didn't take me long to see where they were going and facts were not involved. Unless stretching the truth suits you? And by the way... Referencing studies done prior to the banned use of certain products today is also not sitting well here! I knew somehow " save Seneca lake " had a hand in this post...
  4. Could you please explain to me how the salt plants leech into the lake? And also, what background do you have to justify what your claiming!Here's what I'm seeing. 3 people who have no profile pictures and a hand full of posts, all blaming this or that for " destroying" Seneca. I haven't bothered to check your other posts, but I can and might. Beyond all that if you say, as the first fella did and I quote, " I spoke to Hobart ( lower case letters) and" you know the rest... Well, who was it you spoke to? Come on now, we see nonsense for what it is here... As for what frogger said, I wasn't aware of that till he posted it. I'd be curious what that's all about, but at the same time, sink holes are not uncommon and is there salt being mined in that area? That I don't know.
  5. Do you know specifically what chemicals they "spray" on grapes or farms? And what did that have to do with lake salinity, which is actually being studied?
  6. I would have to wonder how much salting the roads during winter has an effect on the lake, before I'd think the salt mines are to blame. There is an awefull lot of salt used on all the roads around seneca as well as other lakes. Trouble with that theory is they don't study the other lakes like they do Seneca.I would bet they are all getting higher levels of salinity.
  7. Going back tomorrow, but gotta work the weigh in at Watkins by 1:00. Hoping to get more of those 7lb rainbows but a big brown is what we will be after. Lakers just don't seem to be there...
  8. We finished 11 for 13, maybe more cause I know some got missed. 7.14 laker 7.11 brown and 7.4 rainbow were our biggest. Mostly 5-7 lb silvers. Lost a real nice fish, really nice...
  9. I am hoping to meet with them both and Chris kanyon at some point during the derby. Jim Fluker and Collin are both aware were trying to make this work out. I've already met them from Sports o Rama and was hoping to get some media support this year.Frogger, after reading your post again, you are right! If you have the time and motivation to go to Geneva, please look for chris Kanyon to have your voice heard in their publication. As far as Collin and Jim, let them know how you feel! By all means, if you have the time or you are in Geneva, tell them about how much support was generated here! Tell them how proud we all are to keep this event as is, but only better! I missed your point at first read, but after a second read, you made a very good point!!
  10. Yes, I know its last minute. And I hope we can get some time out this year together. Looking forward to that! I have lots I'd like to run past you for your opinion as well. Good luck Les! Talk with you soon!
  11. I have a "first round" group of individuals for them to consider. Until the 15th of June, I can't invite anyone, because I was invited... The meetings are private, like the FLTA. But I will be sure to give you updates once the time comes.
  12. I won't know till Saturday morning. Probably by 6 I would expect, you can be sure once I know, I will post it,.
  13. Thank you! I am not on the board, however I am one of a handfull of guys who are looking to be on the board and hope to provide some positive input, bring new blood in the form of sponsorship and find adequate staffing for weigh in locations that can keep updates current time. I really appreciate all the input and good advise from the LOU community! I knew I would find what I was looking for from all the folks who are here for a common goal, and that is to improve fisheries everywhere we that we are a part of! So I thank you all and look forward to hearing more from you in the coming months. I will have an update after the June 15th meeting. The best thing we all can do right now is be positive and help in any way...
  14. Yes, you did. More than once I believe! I'm geared for anything now, but you know I'm partial to rigs... I'm hoping they will shine. I lost 5 regulars this year. I gained 1 but if you want to fish a trip with us, your welcome.
  15. Thanks les and john! I will be sure and pass the compliments on to her! Les, you are right about her driving! She recently started using nav charts and "trails" on the chartplotter and now her "skinny water" driving is top knotch! Also, any woman that can handline a 5leader rig and put it back in on her own, is a keeper in my book!
  16. I've spent a lot of time at Sheldrake point on Cayuga. We had our own locker at Driftwood inn for our fishing gear. The same with the old Fred's place on hemlock rd on Seneca. Since the 70's it seems when one lake is hot, the other isn't. its been that way ever since I can remember.As far as the Derby, it should stay at Seneca. Think of all the people who rent campsites, rv sites, motels and dock space. Now think about how much chaos you would cause by announcing the derby is going to move to Cayuga...thousands of people, most of them having a tradition of using the same location and logistics for years would now have to find other accommodations? No, that would be a bad move for the derby and all the businesses that depend on it. Regarding "passing the torch". I believe there has been some excellent ideas put out here. I have had tons of people reach out to me to be sponsors, donars, and volunteers. I look forward to all the positive talk and advise from the vast knowledge of members of the LOU community. I'm not going to put names out there.. But some good people with fishing, particularly tournament fishing backgrounds have come forward to be considered new board and commity members for Sports-o-rama. I believe the input and knowledge they will offer to the group will be very positive. In the coming years, I believe you will see some very positive changes for the future of the National Lake Trout Derby!
  17. Trash talking has begun.. I'm putting my money on Theresa...
  18. Chime in on the derby site on FB. Show your support folks... And follow it for current derby results..
  19. Good to hear, thank you Les! 120 -160 bottom. Good luck Les!
  20. Sk8tman, an 8" e chip and your flies was good to today...
  21. Adding Sean, with Reel Hooked Up Charter. Thank you Sean. Many Thanks to all who have stepped up to support the future of the National Lake Trout Derby! Let's keep them coming, and remind everyone, online registration ends soon so if your planning to do it online, do it this weekend. For current standing's during the derby, like and follow " National Lake Trout Derby On Seneca Lake" on Facebook.
  22. Ok, so if I have this correct, in addition to Catherine Valley Outfitters and Iron Duke Flies we also have Reel Stories Charter, and Reel Dilemma Charter on board as potential replacements for the boat raffle and door prizes? Looking good so far. Lets keep them coming. Thanks everyone.
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