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  1. I find its easier and faster to run rigs this way. Personally I have seen and had trouble winding bead chain thru a roller tip. I can put a 5 leader rig in the water and fishing in less than 5 mins. I'm very curious who owns the rig you have... For several reasons,but of course the fact it was al GLL spoons. So I will offer an incentive. If you find who it belongs to, I will give that person $100 dollars of credit for our lures. Redeemable at 4 locations between Seneca and Cayuga. Those are Catherine Valley Outfitters, Brewers Sporting goods, Fishy Business, and Hook Line and Sinker. Who ever lost that rig.. Big thank you for your support!
  2. I appreciate all the compliments. Thank you all! The derby means as much to me as it does to all of you. We all deserve some credit here. I simply raised a topic, but the volume of comments, support and concerns generated an enormous amount of internet traffic. Their Facebook page went from 70 likes to over 370. LOU views reached 5900 or more. The support of all the charter captains, bait and tackle shops, and manufacturer's, and the corporate sponsors,all the folks who attended last nights meeting ( frogger was one of them) who all stepped up for this challenge all deserve a round of applause! None of this would be possible if not for all of your support. You definitely got their attention! I simply was the messenger. So please, keep up the support and pat yourselves on the back! Not only did you persuade them to continue, but all the gentlemen who were going to retire after this year have decided to stick around and " pass the torch". Thank you all and especially the LOU community! Job well done! Thank you all! Jason
  3. Nick, here are some pics of my rigs and leads. I generally keep 8 on hand, all are exactly the same as you see here. Round weights on the planerboard rigs, long weights for the boat rigs. I have the only molds for these weights, as they are custom made. Note the 3 ways I use. I haven't found anyone else who uses them,and most I know remove and store leaders separate.
  4. I love the idea of a lost and found section of discussion.... As far as GL#4's, I have 2000 more ready for paint, polish and assemble, so there should be plenty available soon!
  5. The answer to everyone's question... Yes, the derby will continue! It was decided last night that the derby will continue. There will be some changes to the board of directors and eventual changes in officers, adding some "new blood" to the organization. The people at Sports O Rama were very excited by the number of concerned individuals, some of which were in attendance at last nights meeting. For future reference, Lake Trout Derby meetings are closed to the public, however a special consideration was given to allow the public to attend the general discussion of last nights meeting. Next meeting is in July, to here from possible new board members, voting and adding those members will happen in August, and in September the derby will begin planning the next years event! Any and all new members will receive an invite to July's meeting to present their qualifications for consideration as new members. The official registrant count was... 1213! Considerably up from last year! A very good sign. Only 248 fish were weighed, considerably down. 144 lakers, 12 browns, 51 landlocks, and 41 rainbows. Average weight of a fish brought to scale, 7.17 lbs. Thank you to all who expressed concern for the derby and your participation! Together we have gauranteed the future of the National Lake Trout Derby! Congratulations all! Jason
  6. Contact Catherine Valley Outfitters, Brewers Sporting Goods, or Fishy business... That would be the best way. They stay on top of things, and have the buying power to have the latest we have to offer. If you don't find what you are looking for, I will make sure that you do.
  7. Thank you... Shawn was one of my riders today. He had a blast... I'm sure he gave you an ear full. I don't think he ever saw fishing like today...
  8. I fish a lot of rigs... 4 is the most I would fish at any one time, but there is a limit! 3 rods per person is the limit. 5 points per rod... I can and do fish 4 rigs and put 10 more rods out with leadcore and copper..having 5 people on board.trollers club rules restrict lures to 20.. To get to your point Nick, I will upload pics of my lead and 3 ways... This would be a determinating factor.. I only fish 5 leaders, and single leader thumped rigs. As far as lure and color, I fished a lot of stuff, no idea.... Magic # has me curious...5 leader is preferred.
  9. One of our field testers lost a couple rigs as well his lead would certainly be noticeable. Almost 70 oz. All Great lakes Lures.... I believe he snaps his leaders on, mine are tied and fixed to 3 ways. Pat Polovick is his name. I don't believe he's on this forum, but if it sounds like a match I can have him call you.
  10. Is it one of mine! Heavy lead, over 50 oz. All tied rig with 3way ( not the usual 3 way swivels ) . All Great Lakes Lures.... Of course. I did lose 2 rigs dragging bottom.
  11. X2. Fleas were horrible on the dipsies today.
  12. Weve been fishing anywhere from 2.7-3.3 at times. Faster seemed better. Today we did between 35- 40, several doubles and one triple, very fast action which is why we couldn't keep a good count. Watermelon rattling lures were hot, just about any color was good. Got a nice 5.11 rainbow on a blk/blue taped rattling 35. Leadcore from 1 color to 10 colors did most of the action, but a slider on one downrigger kept coming back hooked up on a blue mullet #44. Deans cove first, then east side troll down to Sheldrake area. Had 2 members from LOU with me. Both their first time out on my Marlene. All fish are of course on Great Lakes Lures!
  13. Your welcome! Anytime. Leadcore and dipsies are always a good bet. Good luck Rusty!
  14. Great lakes lure company makes #44 and #35 lures. They are made from .015 stainless steel and will not rust, tarnish or snap.
  15. Hahaha, why is it that when the net gets left home you always seem to need it? Nice report and sounds like you had a good day, even if you did forget the net.
  16. Way to go les! Congratulations to you and your son on the win and a beautiful brown! Couldn't have happened to a better guy! Jason
  17. We had a tournament on Owasco June 5th. The fishing was better towards the northern end. 40-60 ft down was the best area to fish. Frog, watermelon, and blue colors were hot colors. Good luck and tight lines!
  18. For future reference, I would purchase certain Kausch lures. I have collections from different time periods I'd like to complete. Jason
  19. Our weekend was great! Dropping 6-7 lb browns, 5-6 lb rainbows and 9 lb Lakers every day is a sign of a good fishery! Just take a look st the leader board and tell me the fishery on Seneca isn't solid! If I saw one issue to be dealt with it was lamprey control. They are out of hand...
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