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  1. We fished Keuka yesterday. Boated 9. Mostly Lakers and 2 small lls. 50-70 down out in the middle. Frog colored Keuka Wobblers took most fish, red backed KW's ran a close second. Sent from my VK410 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Good to know...Sent from my VK410 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. Will do Les... Thank you! What happened to your motor? Sent from my VK410 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. Where did you get the tea lights from? I see a bunch of places online, but id rather stick with what has worked for you. Sent from my VK410 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. Beautiful pictures and always good to get out with a good friend. Just can't beat that! Headed for canandaigua soon! I will be checking in with you for a report! I'm sure she is low... Sent from my VK410 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. Awesome report! Wish we had another club tourney over there, cayuga has been hot. Thanks for the info Sean! Hope to get over there again soon. Sent from my VK410 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  7. First, thank you all for the compliments! Much appreciated and I will pass them along to Kevin,Theresa and Pat and his crew.Paul, am referring to back in the 90s when I used to fish tournaments with my Dad. My Dad was very particular about speed, boat control and his rigs. For almost 20 years fishing with my Dad he insisted on only using 2 colors. Orange and yellow and green and yellow lures. Those who know my Dad can tell you that is true. He did it for 20 years! We were not allowed to run any other color lure. It took me years to get him to let me put a red back lure or a copper lure on the top leader for silvers. And black and purple, forget it. If my Dad found a black and purple lure, he through it away! The bottom 2 lures on the rig had to be Oakie Doakies. And the boat better be holding 2.2 mph. The colors were one orange and yellow then a green and yellow, All 10 spoons this way. (10 leader rigs) He would always insist on trolling in circles or figure 8's and on structure. If they were not bitting, we wait because they will... The one thing he proved was with just those 2 colors on rigs you could go to any body of water and consistently catch big Lakers. He proved it for some 20 years! He was very hard to beat and you could always count on him having a decent box of Lakers. Lately I realized that we have gotten away from some of the things that made us consistent. I noticed we didn't have one single orange and yellow or green and yellow lure on the boat! I was trolling at 2.5 - 2.7 minimum... We drove in straight lines... I had changed everything that made us consistent. And it was obvious we were not we had good days, but not great days. I tried to figure out what we might be doing and changing more and more till I started to notice our new field tester ( Pat Polovick) was much more consistent at boating 8 and 10 pounders and we hadn't caught a 10 lbs laker in the fingerlakes for 2 years. I know Pat was running 60 oz lead and I went to 48 oz, one, because my Dad couldn't pull a 60oz anymore and also because I had been teaching my girlfriend how to run rigs on her own. So we went back to 60oz weights. Pat was running 2.2 mph and when I convinced him to speed up, his fishing got worse. Pat also told me he only runs the 2 color system! I made a point that I was going back to our "old school" method of fishing for the Owasco tournament and boy did it pay off! I quickly realized that Theresa couldn't control the boat and speed control like I needed so we switched rolls on the boat, I drove and she became the starboard rigger. She stepped right up to it and her and Kevin kept our gear fishing. We had structure, we made pass after pass on it with our 2 color spreads and after each pass we pulled and cleared lines and re set for another pass on our structure. It was by far one of the best trips we have had in a long time! When I realized we had 28 lbs in Lakers in the box, it was time to go fish silvers for our 1 man limit weigh in! That is why I was so proud of both teams yesterday! It was like the 90s all over again! Sent from my VK410 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. 9/25 ... Next time to register is 9/14 . club meeting... Sent from my VK410 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. Very proud to say that Great Lakes Lures Fishing teams took 2nd and 4th on Owasco today. We also took lunker with an 11.04 laker. No spin docs, no e chips, no dipseys riggers or flies and meat... Just straight up lure fishing... The only change we made was to fish old school. Old school GLL style. Congratulations to the Marlene crew and Filthy Liar crew... Looking forward to Keuka.. Sent from my VK410 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. Very few fleas on Owasco last weekend. Headed there again in just a few. Fishing this eve and tomorrow for the Trollers Association tournament. Sent from my VK410 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  11. Good to know... Thanks Les! Sent from my VK410 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  12. The Trollers Association will end their season there this year. Sent from my VK410 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  13. I'm sure Joe knows no disrespect was meant by yours or my comments and sometimes a conversation by text can be taken out of context when read. We are all good friends here and by no means are we out to put anyone down, and sometimes a well meant"joust" may seem to come off in the wrong way because its not a personal conversation. Something to keep in mind... Sent from my VK410 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  14. Very good break down Les. If rig fishing gave someone an UN fair advantage, I would be undisputed club champion year after year.... I am obviously not! I just love to fish rigs and I love to find newer and more productive ways to fish and apply them in a variety of situations. I will say that during times when weeds and fleas are bad, a rig can be much more tolerant. Not escaping , but less effected by them. Sent from my VK410 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  15. Yes, I'm sure you must have got plenty of experience with rigs. I have no doubt about that... We used to always keep 20 spoons in the water, but the last couple years we started adding coppers and cores and quite often don't even put rigs in, so we have gotten used to just 9 spoons. I will be fishing 2 rigs this weekend though. Good luck this weekend. Beware of the launch water level and don't use the launch closest to the marina. I saw boats getting stuck there last weekend.Sent from my VK410 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  16. Yes they are, but much more effective once the thermocline has set up. Sent from my VK410 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  17. Joe, what is it you have against rigs? I put thousands into fishing leadcore and copper... Since im mostly a rig guy. Put your money up and see where the chips fall... What do you have to lose. By the way... Rigs are traditional to the fingerlakes. You will never get them excluded... Long row to hoe there my friend. Im with Mike, changes and Saturdays sound good to me. Lets see how "flexible" folks can be. Sent from my VK410 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  18. Can we make it interesting... Handling only? I don't care what lake, just during a time when rigs are effective. Sent from my VK410 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  19. You can count me in for that... Love to see that! Sent from my VK410 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  20. Les made a very good point. If I'm running at higher speed and running rigs off my planer boards, lure choice is important. For instance, if I make a tight turn at 2.5 - 2.7 mph, my outside planer rig is going quite a bit faster. I like to use heavier lures quite often. Casting weight such as 1/2 and 3/4 ounce. Great Lakes Lures makes a variety of these lures in the heavier weight intended for trolling. Magil270, your welcome. If you find time to get on Facebook they have a page there that is kept updated.
  21. I run anywhere from 2-3 mph. I don't have any issues with line twist, with the exception of the round ones. If I want to drag bottom the round one will spin quite a bit, so I use the long weights with the fin. When fishing deep, 120 - 180 Blowback can be an issue, that's what the heavier weights are for. I like to make tight turns and prefer the rigs to be as " tight" as possible. There is a tournament on Owasco this sun. To become a member you have to go to a meeting, pay the annual membership dues and be voted in. The next meeting is the 14th. They are held at the Watkins Elks club on Rt 14 at 7pm. ( I believe the time is correct if not you might be early)
  22. Thanks Les! I'm not even close in the points race this season, missing too many tournaments this year, but I always show up to win! And always will. On the topic of the Trollers Club tournaments, this is a great bunch of people to fish with and compete against! As you have seen. These folks love to fish and compete. Anyone interested should understand that these folks will help you become a better fisherman. Not so much because of the level of competition, but they are all willing to help folks get up to competition speed. I would encourage anyone who loves to fish competitively to look into this club and give it a try. You will see a wide range of fishing and approaches to fishing in the fingerlakes. You will experience a great group of guys with a great amount of experience and all willing to learn as well as teach others to be competitive and improve their skills.
  23. LoI would certainly agree with that. I love to fish rigs. I love to fish with folks who have a broader understanding of techniques both old and new. Les and I have had a lot of fun fishing together and learning from each other. I look forward to fishing with him more in the future, and with others. I'm not giving all my secrets up and neither does he. Those who want to know will ask and come spend the time to see it for themselves. And friendships will be built.
  24. You also didn't give away what you have seen on my boat... I appreciate that! Im all for sharing advice and I love to see younger folks fish rigs, but what I have learned over 40 years of rig fishing is top secret to me and those I choose to share it with. I can explain things, but to actually figure it out is a whole different story. Thanks Les.
  25. Here are a few picks of my rig gear. First are the weights. 60 oz, 48 oz, and 36 oz. Next is a rig all tied and stored. Leaders in tact. last spoon holds it all wrapped. I snap the lead swivel to the last leader and all other leaders are snapped to the main line and wound all together. They come off all together and I pull the leader back to me, attach a spoon and toss it out and go to the next. Last swivel gets attached to the rod. You will see how soon. Next is rod choice. All my rig rods are for specific purpose. I will post 2. One is wire. This is custom made by me. Eyes are twisted for the way it should transfer the load to the rod. The second is a jug rod. Notice that its all roller and has a huge cranking handle. This is also custom made by me. Also notice that they all have a large snap on them. Once I reach that snap, its all done by hand from there. This coming weekend is Owasco tournament for us. I will do my best to post some video of 4 different methods of running rigs. Fishing the tournament is first and foremost, but I will do my best to find time to get some video.
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