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  1. Yeah Blacks Release all the way. Then when fleas get bad put a 150ft shot of 30lb big game over the braid.
  2. Dead Sea out deep for us also so we trolled in to 110fow set up for Lakers and landed 9 in 2 hours and also lost a screamer of a king on a dipsey spinney fly back 325ft. Lakers always save the day.
  3. Great spoons. AK-47 and Sea Sick Waddler are great for starters.
  4. Had my buddy justin and his 9yr old son cole from GA on board today. Ended up landing 6/15, all 2 yr old kings and Buckeyes. Just couldn't seem to keep um buttoned up today. Butt we moved a lot of rods. All fish came from 180 to 250fow working the the top 60ft. FLT sea sick waddler was our hot spoon. 5 color and 10 color LC took shots all day along with the dipseys and downriggers.
  5. This is what the Elite 7 chirp chart looks like. Very easy unit to use also. The chirp sonar is also worth the extra money IMO. I like it better than my old HD5 unit.
  6. We ended up 3/7 in the same area. Took 3 kings and lost a bunch of crazy steelhead flatlining challenger stick baits off the boards. Kings came 50 to 80ft down between 150 and 180fow. Best 1 was 18lbs. Blank screen all day on Lowrance also.
  7. I upgrade from Cannon Uni Troll 10s. To thier Mag 5 electric's this spring and they are great so far.
  8. . The old Ghost looks tired. A lot of good memory's tho. Fishing with Caz my grandfather and my old high school buddy's on that boat.
  9. I learned a ton from Caz Pizzo. He was my shop teacher in high school and he would take a few of us guys out every year. Guys a legend on Lake Ontario IMO.
  10. Same for us. All spoon bite too. Lots of streakers on the graph also. Frustrating when that many fish are lost.
  11. Yup exactly what he said. The paint comes off all of the Stingers butt they do catch kings. Northern kings are great and so are Finger Lakes Tackle. Most of the spoons I'm running now are Finger Lakes Tackle. AK 47, And Sea Sick Waddler are a couple Deadly patterns on kings.
  12. I run 1-3oz guppy weights this time of year. Give um a try. FS has um in Henrietta.
  13. We broke a bunch of gear yesterday too. 0 rings, 20lb leader, straightened out hooks,lost 2 more rogues. Got 1 king half way to the boat and he tore the hook and O ring clean off a new Michigan stinger spoon!!! I bumped up to 30 lb seaguar salmon leader and seemed to solved the break off problem quick.
  14. Took my buddy's 19 yr old son Bryce and my crazy buddy Rob out today. It was Bryces first trip on Lake Ontario. We Launched at 530am and shot out to 30 fow and set gear. 2 dipseys set back 40ft on 3 setting, 4 lines off the boards with guppy weights and 2 downriggers set at 20 to 25ft. Action was steady till noon. Had a hard time keeping all the lines in the water. Mostly Kings with a few Lakers and 1 10lb Brown and a beautiful 8lb Atlantic. Goby Bay Rats,Smithwick Rogues, and a variety of spoons all took shots. Bryce had a blast and couldn't believe the size and quality of the fish. He was stoked with the Atlantic and is having it mounted. We ended up going 12 for 20 plus. We lost a bunch of fish behind the boat today.
  15. Those FLT AK 47s are def a hot spoon. Kings loved um last year also. Can't wait to get out their Thursday morning again.
  16. They usually start hitting the chicory more in sept and October. And yeah they will eat it down the nothing butt it will come back. Counted 25 deer 1 nite in October in the clover plot. we still have another 2 acres of clover to plant and another 2 acres of brassica to plant in early August.
  17. Couldn't get a rod to fire outside of 20fow last weds. Good to see your still on them. Headed back out Thursday for some more of those big Silvers.
  18. Total of 1.5 acres of Imperial Whitetail Clover and Chicory. Deer love this stuff. I have been planting it for years with great results. The back untilled part of the large plot will be seeded to Brassicas and oats in August. Last pic is what the plot looked like last fall.
  19. Got on the water around 630am and Fished 10 to 15fow of water. We had great action till 1030 when the wind shifted to the west and blew us off the lake. Landed 5 kings,a 15lb Brown, some Atlantics,Lakers,and some smaller Browns. Ended up 20 for 28.Black and Siver Smithwick Rogues And Goby Bay Rats on the boards. Had 2 DW SS parked on the riggers in Steelie Dan and everthing took shots all morning. Triples with 2 guys in the boat is always fun. Didn't see another boat all morning. And tossed all the fish back to play another day.
  20. We ended up 5 for 7 out their yesterday. First pass by shipbuilders we doubled on a nice king and a 12lb brown then 1 more brown after that. After that we couldn't buy a bite so we went out to 100fow and fished for lakers. Marked a ton butt only managed landing 2 8lbers. Bite was way off yesterday for sure.
  21. Try casting Cleos and krocodile spoons near the mouths of streams coming into the lake also. Blue and silver is always a good color.
  22. My wife bought me a brand new boat 2 yrs ago. Best gift ever! Best wife ever!
  23. Just upgraded my cannon uni trolls to cannon mag 5s. Check out Black Bear sporting goods they had the best price on downriggers. Cannon forever! Run Deep!!
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