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  1. We fished that same water as u on saturday and landed 5 nice kings between 12 and 23lbs. Best we have done all year. Another guy i talked to at the launch had a 26lb and a30lb from that same water.
  2. No offense taken. I'm just surprised to hear guys having problems with it.
  3. I have been tempted to put a banana peel on a 1/0 Hook behind the cannonball just to see if they would hit it. Most days it doesn't seem to matter what u put down their they will hit it on the Big O.
  4. Apparently the fleas must avoid my boat then. Cus I have had 0 issues with the 30lb big game and I fish the big O on a weekly basis. Also 65 lb power pro on my dipseys has worked extremely well. It does collect a few fleas but I check every 30 mins or so..
  5. U guys need to start coming up every summer, I got plenty of room at my house and the lake is only 30min ride up the road. I can show u how jig for lakers with swimbaits and flukes. It's way more fun to catch um that way than trolling...
  6. 30 lb big game is all u need on your riggers. Just throw a 150ft shot of it over your braid. I have spent last 4 days on the big O and my rigger rods never fouled once.. Been using it for many years with no issues!
  7. Your boy justin is headed back to GA tonite after a great 4 day trip with me. Ended up putting over 50 fish in the boat, mostly big browns, kings, Atlantic salmon and steelhead.. He's taking 45lbs of fish back with him. If we targeted lakers more than kings we could have prob done another 50lake trout. We shook all the lakers off we caught in the prop wash. I'm sure Rick will get on the fish. He's 1 of the best captains on the Big O!!
  8. 100 to 130 FOW that's always plenty of lakers to keep you busy.
  9. Buy a Yamaha and don't worry about engine problems ever again!
  10. Ok thanks! I will send out some NK 28 s and Michigan Stingers and see what happens. How far down the west side should I run before I set up?
  11. My boat is rigged for the big O and I was Gonna try trolling Seneca in the morning. Gonna launch on north end in Geneva so any advice would be greatly appreciated..
  12. We use swimbaits, schadlicious and money minnows with half to 1 oz jig heads..Just drop um to the bottom and reel um back in in. Depending on the mood of the fish faster or slow or even pause in between retreives. Kast Master spoons, and Saltwater Diamond jigs also work well. Keuka Lake is 1 of the best for jigging lakers.
  13. Yeah we saw you at launch yesterday. We been fishing out of I Bay from bear creek all the way to Braddocks bay last 4 days and it's really slow. Went 2 for 5 today. Marked a lot of fish and bait off Braddocks today butt another case of lockjaw! I think we have only put 20 fish in the boat in 4 days. Mostly lakers, steelhead ,browns. Trolled 6 to 8 hrs all 4 days.
  14. The Tiger Muskie are easier to catch in conesus than the walleye are.
  15. Yeah the bluff is a great area to jig lakers this time of year. Use 3/4oz or 1oz jig heads with a schadlicious or money minnow swim bait. Kast master spoons jigged work well also. With the swim baits just drop um to the bottom and real um back in.
  16. Sounds like u need a new yamaha 4 stroke. We trolled for 8hrs Thursday and used only a couple gallons!
  17. If u wanna catch a ton of Bass head to Honeoye Lake this weekend. Honeoye Lake is a Bass factory!
  18. Hay tommy u should make some of your own jigging videos! You are a jigging addict!
  19. We went out Sunday nite off I Bay and went 7 for 10 in 2 hrs. Top 40fow over 250fow seem to be the best. Mostly steelhead on 1oz split shot rigs off the boards pulling michigan stingers and pink challenger stick baits. Took a few on the down riggers set 30 and 40 down with black and orange NK28s also.
  20. Tommy u need some down riggers on that ranger!!
  21. 10 to 25fow. We fished from 630 till 130,and got blown off the lake. We didn't want to leave. Most of the fish we caught came outta 1 tight pocket of water we kept makin passes through
  22. Landed 25 outta 35 fish this morning off shipbuilders. 3 kings over 10 lbs and lost 2 others......Atlantis,Cohos,lakers and browns in the mix also. Color didn't seem to matter,they hit everything we put in the water..
  23. Irondequoite pier to Webster park pier has been red hot action the past couple weeks in 10 to 30 FOW..Kings,Cohos,and Atlantic salmon,with lakers and brown trout in the mix also. DW and michigan stinger spoons set 5 to15ft down off the riggers and smithwick rogues and Jr thunder sticks off the boards.. We landed 3 nice kings ther this mornin,10 to 15lbs
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