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  1. They got half our turnip plot eatin already also.
  2. Try nydecalsnlettering.com. Guys done a bunch of work for us. And many other boats also
  3. The boys are always eager to test out their new head gear !
  4. We have been jigging for lakers last couple trips out. 3/4oz Blade Bates and 4 inch twister tails on 3/4 or 1oz jig heads. They are a blast and we are lucky to have um in the lake.
  5. Thanks. We farm and manage for deer down their year round in between fishing trips. Been hunting area for 15yrs now and it's turning into a great QDM area with a ton of local cooperation. Our cameras are out year round also.
  6. Hears a few pics from Livingston county past few weeks. Hitting our food plots and hayfields really hard.
  7. This boats loaded and in mint shape. Comes with a 2007 Yamaha 4 stroke 25hp engine with low hours and electric start. 3 swivel seats, Minn Kota 55 trolling motor. 3 batteries. 2 fish finders. Bumpers, life vests,anchor,and battery charger. Like new condition asking $8500. Call 585 226 8772.
  8. Buy a Block target. I have had mine for 5yrs now. And Traditions Archery in Henrietta is a great shop.
  9. Crossbow opens November 7th this year. It opened November 1st last year.
  10. Phil Race moved down to Nunda. I see him once a month a so with deliverys I make to him. Still works on bows on occasion he says.
  11. I say good!! Now let's make rifle/shotgun season 1 week.
  12. Ton of um on or near bottom between 90 and 130fow this morning. Butt she got really rough in a hurry so we headed in.
  13. I been buying seed from Agway in Dansville and Hemlock for years and I can tell ya theirs nothing left butt dirt in the spring. We plant around 5 acres a year and Have had great luck with Bonar Rape mixed with PT Turnip and Sugar Beets which we just planted 1.5 acres of this week. Also a pea oat and rye blend which will get planted in a few weeks. All AG grade seed in plane bags. Also some good company's on EBay To like Maxi Rack out of WI To purchase from. Cheep AG grade seed and as long as ya lime and fertilize accordingly the deer will eat it!!
  14. We been pounding um too!! Flasher fly and FLT Mags. Great salmon fishing now for sure.
  15. I got a 2013 Yamaha F115 on my Alumacraft Trophy 175 and it trolls all day and sips fuel. Runs the boat at 45mph with 3 guys and gear also. Great Engine so far.
  16. I'm out their on a weekly basis with my 18ft Alumacraft and 115 Yamaha. Just make sure ya keep an eye on the weather forecast.
  17. Same for us really slow Saturday. Only a couple of lakers. Did 2 nice kings on Friday tho. 1 23lb 12oz made leaderboard for 24 hrs.
  18. Just use your trolling motor that's all we do. Anchors just a PITA!
  19. my wife daughter and her friend wanted to catch some fish so we headed out to 120fow around 1030am set riggers and dipseys and within minutes 80 rigger fires with mag FLT spoon,10lb laker. Reset and 10 minutes later the same rod fires again and while my daughter is fighting that fish the dipsey starts screaming. So I grab the dipsey and pass it to her friend. 1st fish 15lb laker and 2nd a 10lb King. Great double. Reset rigger with cowbell and Send it to the bottom and it fires again with another laker. By the time we got that fish they where wore out so we headed in for lunch at the Bayside. Headed back out in the morning with the boys. We had some great screens out their at times. Tons of fish and bait.
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