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  1. I would have to say by FLT , ice cream sand , bank breaker , Alfa alewife meat pounding deep ,and we were the boat that got to try the new line of glow spoons for next year , hang on boys ! Bobby had some great spoons in the line up for next year!
  2. Are you nocturnal lighted knocks love them the system is pretty cool never had a problem with them not going off deafly makes you retrieve your arrow after the shot is no doubt in your mind where you hit the animal
  3. Put a rage in the cage have Great results !
  4. Hope you had a good it cuz the next time you go down there you will have company I bet . Most guys on this site already not to name drop skinny water or take pics that people can identify .
  5. Well said I was going to say the samething but you beat me to it . We all know where that is no kerf to post pics of fish with backgrounds that people know rite where you are
  6. The kid had only been fishing 3 months had never fish the lake before I would have to say he is clueless lol and needs to tone it down .
  7. Nick I think your nose is growing lol
  8. Finger lakes tackle spoons ! Bank breaker green , third eye blind , ice cream sandwich , ssw, ak 47 , and Kermit the frog
  9. If it had a glow eye on the lower left corner . I would have to say its a finger lakes spoon ak 47 great spoon some came with a glow belly
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