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  1. Sorry for some reason the pics didn't up load when I listed it. It is 48" long.
  2. I have a brand new 8 rod rocket launcher for sale. The new boat I bought already has one. $200 Located at Point Breeze
  3. Thanks for the advice Dan I'm see if I can find one those. I'm always coming back in in the dark so I really want to get a unit just to feel a little safer
  4. I want to look on eBay for a used Furuno radar but I'm not sure what the good models to look for are. Does anyone have any advice on a model number that would work well on Lake Ontario and would be good on a budget?
  5. Nice report fitz67 we're going going back out tomorrow night to beat up on them some more. It's real nice when you can get away from the pack
  6. Slap shot I've heard of a lot fish being caught off of evens angola (west of sturgeon point) but haven't seen pictures to back up the reports
  7. Yep we have been going out of the small boat harbor. Went again yesterday. The fish were right along the Canadian boarder in 40 to 55ft of water. Most of the fish were 30ft with 100ft and 125ft blood run walleye copper being the hottest rods getting us down to about 20 to 25 ft but we did pick a couple up on 3, 4 colors of lead cores and dipsys set on 3 70 to 80 ft back. We everything on harnesses, nothing on sticks and spoons wonder bread being the hottest. O yeah most fish came on boards
  8. Well it's getting hot out there this week. Picked up 28 in 3 trips most of them in 45-52ft of water
  9. I have been fishing out of the SBH about twice a week. No decent fish have shown up from the west. The only constant bite has been off of Hamburg Beach for the local 18" to 22" fish
  10. Yep you don't even need a lake for this one just launch it in the puddle of drool it creates
  11. I would go look at it heading up to point breeze tomorrow where around is it located
  12. Check out http://www.sportco.com/store/m/index.asp it's the cheapest I found
  13. We were really getting into them out of point breeze from the ladders to the glass house. The best depth was around 120 they were in the bottom 20 feet.
  14. The lakers are just stacked up right now from the ladders to the glass house. They were in 90-140 feet but the sweet spot was right around 125. Use ether a cowbell with a peanut rig 24" behind it or a chartreuse size 0 dodger with a chartreuse spin and glow 24" behind it. I think Narbys has both of them. If you need help rigging the up I could send some pictures. Go at a speed of 1.8- 20 and drop your downrigger balls till they hit the bottom then bring them up a couple feet. You won't be able to keep them off your lines. I hope this helps Chuck let me know if you need some pictures of the rigs
  15. So I went there out the last two days. Tons of lakers we couldn't keep them off our lines had to land around 40. Pick up one king down 110 over 140 feet on a stingray and lost one. So their out there not tons but worth it
  16. I'm fishing Point Breeze today tomorrow I'll be in buffalo
  17. Here's a list of all the landmarks http://www.wtv-zone.com/riparian/landmark.html
  18. Where around are you located?
  19. Thanks Hillbillyx that's just what needed to hear!!
  20. Hey is anything going on out of Point Breeze? I heard all the action is to the west but would like to save gas even if the pickings are slim
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