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  1. I went with the 50/200 because once I would get over 300ft I would lose track of bottom. I use the same unit with 83/200 kHz and it is more detailed and gives me wider image but on Lake Ontario I spend a lot of time over 300ft. Thanks for the advice I'm going to switch to a TM 150 I heard the chirp is great for identifying fish in real tight to bait schools
  2. I run the hds gen3 and love it. I had the structure scan but took it off not much structure where I fish on lake o. I use a thru hull 50/200 and run another hds of a 50/200 off the transom keeping both set on different frequencies. The one on 50 gives great detail while the 200 lets me track my downrigger weights. I'm thinking about changing to one of the lowrance chirp transducer. Has anyone tried them? Is there an advantage to using their chirp transducer vs just chirping with a normal 50/200 transducer?
  3. Thank god I'm starting to get the "not on the lake shakes"
  4. The geezer hands down was the best for me too. I wish I could get my hands on more of them.
  5. I'm going to pick up a couple of those slide diver ultimate kits. Is there a depth chart out there for them?
  6. Moonshine crabface was outstanding for me in September but the dreamweaver splatter black green was a close second
  7. The Kings generate a huge injection into the economy of NYS. You always see people coming to the lake from all over to catch these fish. That goes to charter boats, bait shops, hotels etc. I rarely hear about people coming to catch lakers. We don't need a ton of lakers we need the fish we love and the blessing that come with them
  8. I would go meat, plugs on downriggers. Flasher flies on dipsys. Stick around 40 to 100ft you should find some fish.
  9. Well the Kings showed up tonight too bad the weather is going down hill
  10. Yeah it was tough out there last weekend but can't wait to see what this one brings. I think it's time to start trolling jplugs right out of the harbor
  11. I just can't stop. Fishing is good, fishing is bad, I'm still fishing! There are always those really good days mixed and hours without a fish make that fish just that much more priceless.
  12. I was out tonight trolled east 70 to 140 no fish didn't even mark one. Hopefully they come in close again in the morning.
  13. I did great on them Sunday out of the oak in 55ft of water. Just look for the thermocline to be on the bottom and there should be brown trout.
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