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  1. Thanks for the update. I finally found some sitting right on the bottom in 90-110 fow. Downrigger ball bouncing just off the bottom. Got 6 this morning.
  2. Ahh thanks stinger. I’m fishing Owasco, not in a tournament. Trolling over blank screens since Thursday. Found almost no bait. When I did it was between 50 & 70. In about 100 fow.
  3. Thanks James. I’ve been mostly focusing on under 70 fow. I give an extended look over deeper water later today.
  4. Anyone have any insight they want to share on lakers this spring? Are they deep on bottom? Deep water suspended? Shallow? I can’t find them or bait right now. Thanks in advance
  5. I can't tell from that picture, but I caught rusty crayfish in Owasco last year. These are another invasive species in the lake and can be very bad news for the natural balance of the food web in a system. Good news is that they are plentiful and many species of game fish eat them, especially Bass. Lakers & bows will eat them when water temps allow the trout to access the shallows where the crayfish live. Rusty Crayfish are easy to id by a marking on there side that looks like a red fingerprint right where you'd put your fingers to safely pick one up without being pinched Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  6. Fished for 9 hrs yesterday. Trolling and jigging no luck. Back at it today from 7:30 to 12:00. Still nothing. Spoons and dodger fly set ups at 75 - 100 feet over 120 on average. Finally got this nice 26 incher at 12:15 on a live mooneye 150 down with a spin doctor over 170 fow. Pretty slow, but still going home happy as any fishing weekend is a good weekend. Unfortunately leaving today. Any advice on how to do better next trip would be greatly appreciated.
  7. GREAT Job! It's exciting to hear great reports. We didn't fair as well, but for a beginner I was satisfied. We started out on the west shore around 6:00. Within the first hour we hooked up with a pretty nice 20 inch Rainbow! We also caught a small Laker, but unfortunately after that the depth finder started acting up. Not exactly sure what's going on, it just stopped reading the bottom. Everything else worked fine, except the sonar. I checked to see if anything was obstructing the transponder, but it seemed clear??? Who knows. Anyway - Great Job Alex!
  8. Hey All, Heading to Owasco this weekend, probably won't do as much fishing as I'd like, but will get out for a few hours Saturday morning and Sunday morning as well. Just want to show a few friends some trout. Any advice on depth I should be fishing or speed I should be trolling at? I usually fish with a dodger fly setup or sometime with just spoons. Any advice is greatly appreciated, I don't have the greatest "luck". Thanks
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