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  1. Well atleast its an educated guess. They admit they really don't know . Certainly doesn't sound like doom and gloom.
  2. Muskie dreams. That made way to much sense. Very well put.
  3. Hmmm. Some good points on both sides. Most of it all says one clear thing. Without poof its all just opinion. Trying to Make laws to target what we assume a problem is . Its an extreme liberals hobby. I try to stay middle of the road about views but some just refuse to see things with an open mind yet these people pretend to not be ignorant with a few cute words mixed in . This day and age and so many variables to pretend to know what is affecting mother nature is ... well just typing
  4. I've noticed in the spring early afternoon is actually a really good time to fish on decent warmer days. Just a few degree warm up gets them moving. I've had great days on channel cats and bullheads from 2pm til dark.
  5. Does the state preform lake surveys? I'm on the ny/pa border and our lakes our surveyed every few years. Either by the fish commission or biology students from mansfield university. I realise the finger lakes are HUGE compared to any of our waters but u could think they could atleast do sections. This will all be argued forever until there is any real proof of the real priblems. Cycles, invasives, pollution or combo of all including over fishing. Its like argueing polotics when none of us no what is really going on.
  6. Very happy the trout will be back in the lakes this spring.... just helps everything
  7. I remember years ago fishing piers on the west side of seneca as a kid.... there where people everywhere along the cottages hammering the hell out of the perch.... thus was back in the late 80's . I was amazed at the the fishermen lined up before sunrise...
  8. Yeah I understand. .. but maybe stop the selling on some of the finger lakes... but the dec will do what they do. They still do a better job then pa.
  9. Im in northern pa.... so I'm only 40 mins from seneca... finger lakes are such a great area I seriously do not understand why a 25 limit on panfish would be uncalled for in the FL's
  10. Last monday I was up... started at sampson. Notta. Ended up south saw one boat doing well. Not much from shore
  11. Wed looks like the best day this week... hopefully I get up.... good luck!
  12. Jigging for lakers must be a blast.... great report
  13. I skipped the trip there today then I regretted it.... but maybe this week
  14. Still blows me away that fish can be sold anywhere except for maybe the great lakes. That's where the gluttons make things tuff.
  15. Is a huge lake... how is that roys marina? I've seen it but never launched.
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