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  1. I scouted a handful of lakes. Numbers were awful on all but one. I hunted the one, but everything was rafted up in the middle and nothing moved after sunrise. Not the start I was hoping for but I'm happy there's still open water.
  2. Thanks, I've tried a bunch of fluorocarbons (including invisx, hated it) and landed on 12# trilene for most of my smaller moving baits and jig fishing (which by diameter and strength is more like a 15# line) and 17# cxx/ 50# braid/ 25# big game for the heavier stuff. I caught a handful of 34-36" tigers where they took the bait pretty deep on the fluoro - the line frayed but surprisingly didn't break, but also had about 9 or 10 clean bite offs (jerkbaits, flipping jigs, swim jigs, bladed jigs, swimbaits) - on maybe 25-30 tigers I landed this season. I don't love those numbers. I like fishing for tigers but don't really target them because I catch enough while bass fishing to keep me happy, but if my main goal is targeting trophy bass then I worry about line visibility and affecting the action on lures. I'm trying to find a middle ground where I don't leave pointers in a tigers throat (bad for both of us) and 20# sounds like a starting point. I'm putting together a tacklewarehouse order right now for their christmas sale and was thinking about testing out 20# red label as a mainline on a couple reels for those smaller baits - $10 for 200yds - I'll give it a try
  3. pap - http://www.netknots.com/fishing_knots/fg-knot Whats the minimum you guys use for fluoro leaders for musky? I hate fishing wire leaders for bass, but I hate losing $25-$75 baits more and I caught 1-2 tigers almost everytime out this year. I really didn't have a ton of bite offs but after I lost a couple pointers in November I started to reconsider. I don't think I'll use one for the 4-5" jerkbaits or bladed jigs but I'm leaning towards a leader for the Bull Shads, Hudds, Slammers, etc - I'm worried it'll kill the action on the glide baits but glide baits are popular for Musky too. So I'm wondering if 50-60# is enough or if you have to be up in the 100# to be effective. Thanks
  4. I'm in the same boat. I know braid to fluoro is very popular and braid is a good product. I gave it an honest try but had the same experience with swivels and hated tying on leaders. However I used the double uni knot. I used 20lb braid on my spinning reels and it didn't cast well and the knot didn't go through the guides well. I use straight 50lb braid for frog fishing and flipping jigs. However I prefer straight fluoro (trilene 100% fluorocarbon) for most things and mono for my other topwaters and heavy mono for the bigger swimbaits. I'm going to try some lighter braid this year but want to keep using braid-fluoro with a barrel for dropshotting in deep water, that is a great setup
  5. Doing a little, but for the only ones I've found have been chasing bait and have been tough to catch. Have had better luck with the tigers
  6. is this launch supposed to be where the guardrail is in front of the current parking area for the causeway?
  7. I fished tuesday. Caught one around 36" but I only stayed out for an hour, wind was blowing 20+ out of the south and it got rough. Didnt see anyone else out
  8. Nice, I was taking the boat out yesterday before the storm when I think you were coming in. The bite was real predictable for a while and these past couple weeks of storms and weather have changed things up
  9. The tigers were biting yesterday too. Fished for a couple hours and caught three that went 33", 35", and 37" - all just casting big bass lures. Quick measure and release, been a real good month for all species out there
  10. I know three people with camps on Ontario that eqch had a sturgeon wash up on shore too. Sounds like there's something going on
  11. It's been hovering in the low 50's, a little warmer north of the narrows
  12. We got out yesterday to get the kinks out. Skim ice throughout the lake on our way to the launch. The area in front of the causeway was locked up when we left. We poked around the south end for a couple hours. Didn't mark much, one bite but didn't hook up. Off the water around noon and the whole lake looked open by then except for the causeway which sounds like its open now. Apparently we should've stuck around a little longer... We might make another run at it tomorrow before the season closes.
  13. I agree, I don't think anyone is suggesting targeting walleye there. Same for for the tigers - I don't target them there, just a good by catch. I enjoy Onondaga for the good bass fishing and best pike fishing in CNY - I've always liked fishing for Northerns. Otisco can be tough in summer months, but it's definitely where I go when I'm targeting tigers. Also the campground launch is about 40 minutes for me but I can have my boat in the water on Onondaga in 15-20 minutes for those shorter 2-3hr trips. I made a 2-3 hr trip this past week on onondaga and caught 6-7 fish including a 5lb 14oz lmb, 3.5lb smallie and a 35" northern, not too many places around here where thats possible. Either way I have a blast at either lake, we're lucky to have such good fishing here.
  14. http://static.ongov.net/WEP/wepdf/OnondagaLakeFishery-2011_FactSheet%20(Oct2011).pdf One of the studies I've seen...
  15. How'd you do out there? I fish oversized bass lures over deeper weeds (usually 12-15ft) on grass lines and catch a couple mid 30's northerns every trip and a handful of tigers throughout the year. I actually find more tigers in the river, but catch them in the lake too. Biggest tiger I've got out there was only 36" but I've had follows from much bigger (I'm usually fishing for bass). I have caught northerns up to 40" in there. It's a real fun place to fish but there was 10x the pressure out there this year (I'm assuming from the articles in the paper talking it up this year). There's some big healthy fish in there, obviously no eating, however I have seen reports that walleye tagged there have been pulled out of Oneida...
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