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  1. Thanks a bunch Guys. I'm leaning toward Meyers since they are right on Cayuga and have a site available. Going to be tough launching and retrieving each day solo, but so be it. Looking like it will be the week of September 11-18. Plan is to really explore Cayuga and Owasco, but Ill be in the region, so really any Finger is possible. Taugannock park would have been perfect with the dock space, but boat won't fit under the 6.5' bridge.
  2. Hey guys, quick question. Looking to spend a week up on the lake in September. I will most likely be solo so looking for a place to camp (tent camping) lakeside with a launch and/or dock space. For you local guys, what are my options on Cayuga? Thanks in advance. Bobby
  3. WOW! I don't know if it was just that we hit it right or that lake fishes really well all the time. First off I have to say I was impressed by the launch pad at Long Point. We got on the water at 4:30 and headed north of the launch. Caught a few decent lakers there first thing on riggers and #1 dipsies down, who knows. I was using spinning gear so don't even know how far out they were. I learned a valuable life lesson, mono + Dipsies... cannot get the dipsies to trip so bringing in to check setup or change them, that's hard work!! Guess its time to make up some wire or braid dipsie rods. The bite slowed considerably there around 8:00 so we picked up our gear and motored down toward Meyers. In front of Meyers we picked up a half dozen or so landlocks (all on the small side, biggest probably 16 inches). We trolled slowely down the west shore almost to Ithaca picking up landlocks and lakers along the way. The fleas were really bad from Meyers south (my first experience with them) At that point it was hot so we decided to pick things up and cool off in the water for a while. My buddy thought it was a good idea do donate a pair of prescription eye glasses to the lake in 250 feet of water, not good! We then headed back north to long point again for the evening bite. Picked up another salmon and two more lakers. Ended the day around 7:00, put the boat back on the trailer and headed for home. I don't think I would have been successful if it wasn't for the reports and info you shared. We caught fish on all setups, 10 color leadcore (fleas by Meyers forced us to discontinue this setup, but up north they were better), riggers down , sliders, and dipsies #1 with rotating flashers and spin doctors. We ended the day with 14 fish, 6 lakers and 8 salmon with the biggest being a 26" and 27" lakers, and a bunch of smaller 10-18" salmon. Ended up discontinuing the slider rig because of the smaller salmon, and not wanting to make any more seagull food. It was a fun trip! I think I will take a week in September and try again. Now if I could figure out the Rainbows and Browns up there!
  4. Well, I have to say, you guys are incredible with your sharing of information. Ill take it all in and use it to my advantage, all while respecting your lake. I really appreciate the solid reports that were provided. Looks like I'm heading to Kayuga with a C. Ill be the one out there 1/2 asleep from waking up at 2:00 am. Ill be in a white pursuit center console with blue canvas on the T-top. Give a shout. Ill have the radio on scan, Bobbyn' Along is the boat's name. Is there a preferred channel on the marine radio guys use up there, or is most communication cell phone oriented these days? FishingTheFL, on 13 Aug 2015 - 6:04 PM, said:
  5. Hey guys, I want to try a new lake this weekend. I have recently began trolling for trout (mainly lakers and landlocks) and am looking to expand my fishing territory. I would be coming from the Catskills Region. My plan is to do a day trip on Sunday which involves a 2-3 hour drive no matter how I slice it if I want to fish for coldwater species (NYC reservoirs are excellent but non-motorized boats means a lot of exercise trolling). I have never fished the finger lakes although familiar with them from my years as a student in CNY. My options are as follows: Otsego Lake, Owasco Lake, Cayuga or Seneca, listed in order of distance from home. I guess even Champlain is an option as it is 3 hours drive to Westport. I would be fishing with Downriggers, 10 color leadcores, and an assortment of spoons. Let me know if you were in my shoes, which lake would you choose? Also closest public launch information would be appreciated.
  6. With the fishhawk, do you need to run and install a second transducer? I currently run an older Garmin sonar/plotter with an airmar transducer. If the fishawk requires a second transducer, how to do you guys reduce interference with the two? Thanks.
  7. Yes, they work well. I wish they would articulate more to allow for lower angle rods to the water, but for stacking rods, they are the ticket. We only run two riggers and they both have the dual mount "Front Mount" holders. They also make a rear mount that comes with a stud for mounting in the location of the single rod holder back on the body. We prefer the boom mount that leaves an extra rod holder for setting things up, 3 rod holders per rigger
  8. on the boom where it meets the body is correct.
  9. Well, we made it home after a wet weekend on LG. Fishing was great Friday afternoon but slowed down dramatically with the incoming weather. We ended up with 7 lakers total Friday afternoon - Saturday afternoon. The biggest was 28" and approximately 7 lbs. A purple, pink & silver flatfish in x5 size 40' back, 50-70' down with no attractor was the ticket on Friday. Saturday was more of a spoon bite, Michigan stinger fat nancy took a few fish (green, yellow, black) again, 60-70' down and 40' back on the rigger. We did have one great fish on the leadcore setup, with 10 colors out @ 1-1.5mph, assumed it was down 40-50' on a similar fat nancy color spoon, but broke it off. The biggest fish of the weekend, or at least what seemed to be the biggest, I ended up biting the wrong line during a cluster on the back of the boat. Needless to say, the other guy wasn't too happy with me. But it happens. All the fish minus a dozen or so were suspended in 100 fow up near roger's rock. Never did make it down to the south basin but the spot you speak of Pa223 was killer for us the last time we were out in 2013. Thanks for the tips guys! I sure appreciate it. One thing I struggled with was speed. We have a speed through water transducer and GPS. We were averaging 1.1-1.5 speed through water, I forget the SOG reading. I understand speed to be one of the most important variables to play with. What speed are most guys running (GPS speed) for best lake trout results. I assume this is all related to what lure/attractor/ect setup you have, but in general.
  10. Thanks On The Lam! Last time we were up there, that's the program we ran. It did produce good results. This time we are camping at the north end of the lake, @ Roger's Rock north of Hague. If we can't get things to go up there, guess we will have to venture south and use the ole tried and true. Thanks again!
  11. Hopefully the location of this post doesn't offend anyone, but I couldn't find a better thread to post it under, so Finger Lakes was my best bet. A buddy and I are heading up to Lake George to hopefully catch a few lakers before the summer boat traffic pick up. We have fish up there before with success, a handful of fish using Hammerhead's Vertical spinners run inline along the rigger cable dragging U-20 flatfish behind in the mud. That trip was later in the season and we were able to target them deep on the bottom. I think they may be more suspended this time of year, so what is your advice for tackle and setup for lakers this time of year? Perhaps Luhr-Lake Trolls with a spin-n-glow? We have two riggers and a set of lead-line rods. Does anyone recommend stacking on the riggers to get more hooks in the water? Thanks in advance.
  12. We have a 9.9 Yamaha 4 stroke on one. Same bracket. Trailers just fine. We always hook a ratchet strap to the handle then back to a solid point on the boat just to be sure that it doesn't come disengaged.
  13. Hey Joe! See you on the river! My name is Bob, dock @ Jeff's in the Rondout. 23' pursuit CC - Bobbyn' Along. Just need to melt through the 16 inches of ice still on the river!
  14. I recently saw an online video where a gentleman was using the jointed series for Lakers on Champlain. They seemed to work well. I have pulled them in the Hudson for spawning stripers with good success.
  15. I looked around and did't find any photos of them on during pitch black and the photos that I have only show the deck/bow illuminated. From my recollection, you can see approx. 20' in the direction of the light. If you want even light over the deck, a wider beam (spreader) is your best bet, but if you want to be able to use it as a spot light, you may need a narrower beam. When re-wiring my trailer, I added a set of relatively inexpensive LED "Flood" lights for reverse lights while backing in at night. I was quite impressed on how wide of a beam they casted. I think for seeing boards at night they would be a better option. They were from EBAY. These are wayyyy brighter than the Scandvik spreaders. http://www.ebay.com/itm/2X-27W-LED-Work-Light-Round-Flood-Beam-Off-road-Driving-Fog-Lamp-Truck-ATV-Boat-/111437049814?pt=US_Car_Lighting&hash=item19f22a6fd6&vxp=mtr I would recommend changing all the hardware over to Stainless and caulking in a bead of sillycone around the wire and lens, for increased durability.
  16. Hey Chas, I had a similar problem while tying spreader lights into my aluminum T top. I eventually decided that a bracket and good quality LEDs were my ticket. I got the brakets from FishOnSports. http://www.fishonsports.com/100-13.html and spreaders from Defender. I opted for the Scandvik brand and am happy with them. They are the flood beam, so wouldn't be good for longer distance spotting, but for lighting up the deck, AWESOME clean light. http://www.defender.com/product.jsp?path=-1|65136|2312576&id=1659507
  17. I have a Garmin 2006 GPSMAP plotter matched with P66 transducer. I get MPH in tenths.
  18. I have bought hundreds of lures and related fishing tackle through Ebay and have not been burned (well too bad, sometimes I have to replace a hook or split ring...) I would give it another shot, its a great resource for those older discontinued items. Good luck.
  19. Hey everyone. I am new to LOU. This site was suggested to me by a friend who says its the best on the web for L.O. info. My name is Bob. I'm new to L.O. specific fishing, but not to fishing. I grew up in the Catskills where I have spent quite a bit of time fishing for big browns and lakers in the NYC reservoir system and also the Hudson where I learned trolling techniques. I recently restored an older pursuit center console (23') and have outfitted the boat with a kicker and fishing gear. I hope to learn a bit from other users of the forum and to get myself into a few fish on the lake. I hope to learn the ropes and be able to share my knowledge in the future. Thanks Guys and Gals! Bobby T. 23' Pursuit Center Console, 225 Yamaha o/b, 9.9 Kicker - Bobbyn' Along
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