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  1. nice !!
  2. Great video !!!! would love to catch some someday
  3. Nice pic Good eating !!!
  4. Welcome, aboard I live on Lake Ontario and yes it is a great fishery I,am about three miles from Oak Orchard creek & Point Breeze
  5. Any one catching any good perch?
  6. bettieanne, if you go out the mouth of the river toward the green can watch your depth finder you will find a ledge if you fish it with a threeway rig with a worm harness you can pick up fish
  7. did ya catch any fish?
  8. any news from ice fishing
  9. Thanks for the info
  10. i,ve caught some nice fish at art park in mid may
  11. awesome work!!!
  12. any one know the ice thickness
  13. hi

    Hey anyone know ice thickness on Bradocks bay