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  1. would you sell the boat and trailer with out the motor? I would be interested...how much for both?
  2. would you take $750 for just the boat & trailer? call paul at 200-1228 located in Hilton ny
  3. I will take 2 13lb. torpedo weights call paul 585-200-1228. thanks
  4. will be in north Tonawanda tomorrow afternoon on 7-29 would like to see them if possible.call paul at 585-200-1228
  5. KOTO results for last saturday 7-22 have not seen the results posted yet can someone download them.was in the first two events and would like to see the standings
  6. I would like to set a time up with you to see the boat.please call me at 585-200-1228.tried calling your number from previous posts but no answer.thanks paul
  7. head west young man,way way west.just saying,listen to your bro. !!!! 65 for 81 last week.
  8. I will take them if we could meet at the oak.i am in Hilton,call paul at 585-200-1228.
  9. had the same problem and it was the shift shaft seal .replaced the shift shaft and bushing and it took care of the leak
  10. anybody know where a good repair shop is around HILON,NY thanks.
  11. 4 new unopened with rings and weight set.$18ea.call PAUL at 585-200-1228.hilton ny
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