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  1. Like new barely worn, 2 different size boots $60 for all.
  2. Kids youth medium breathable chest waders with felt bottom boots. Only worn a small handful of time and now outgrown. We have 2 pairs of boots sizes are pictured. Extra boots are $20 Live about 40 minutes south of Salmon River, send a message here or text 3155597334 with any questions.
  3. I was actually able to run cheaters and not have them get caught up, felt good!
  4. Good times out there Saturday not one flea. Was that the same for everywhere?
  5. What about if they are painted too? Does it strip the paint?
  6. Grandson grew out of these, worn 3-4 times since new. We think he was a kids size 3 when we bought them in Pineville. These are size 4 kids, 6 womens. In the Syracuse area PM me or text if interested 3155597334
  7. I like using the Windfinder app, you can save locations and there’s also a map tab the literally shows the speed and direction of the wind.
  8. You should try using the Windfinder app, it definitely helps me a lot trying to figure out which days arent so bad with chop.
  9. Thanks that’s what I started with and then played around at 2.7 2.8
  10. Just got a Fishhawk and used it for the first time on the 4th. So far I’m liking knowing the temp and speed down there. Not looking forward to losing my first probe. Whats a good average speed to start with?
  11. Anyone ever launch from there? Is it any good? And biggest question is it open? If anyone knows thank you
  12. I also fish alone and use a bungee like said above it’s not perfect but is a lot less of a headache than not having anything!
  13. Thanks, I’ll try that tomorrow morning!
  14. What’s a good temp to start with? I thought I heard 49 is a good place to start but can’t remember.
  15. Nice pics TrophySeeker I thought Dave would have sold the Hard Merch. for the new boat.
  16. Was sad to hear tonight that “Duffy” passed away earlier this month, R.I.P.
  17. Could be the networking cable.
  18. Bought new never used, went with different pedistals. Looking for $45 for both. PM or text 3155597334, Rick
  19. 36” 12-volt, 36lb thrust. Was my dads looks like he never used it. Still with box, clamp looks like it was never clamped down.
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