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  1. Wondering if anyone could suggest a place close to Mexico , probably 2 to 3 nights at a time. Now thru end of October. Thanks
  2. Heading up to Lake O around Oct 11 or 12 First trip on the lake since the mid 80's was wondering my best bet on spoon size and color, I know it's gettin late for kings but i would rather target browns or steelies
  3. New to Lake O Trolling, I'm looking to buy a set of Dipsy's and with all the choices out there it's got my brain in a hair ball. Wondering what would be the best choice, what brand ? what size ? what color ? Would appreciate all the input I could get.
  4. Thanks , gonna give traxtech a look up on google. I have an out board so it wont be in the way
  5. Was wondering about locating a type of rear mounting system for downriggers and rod holders that would go across the rear of the boat from gunnal to gunnal. Have an Searay 18ft with no real mounting surface thats flat.
  6. Looking for some guidence, just picked up a 18ft sea ray at a price i couldnt turn down. I've trolled for browns and lakers in the southern NY resivoirs for years. Looking to get up to ontario before the end of October, either port Ontario or the sodus bay area. Was wondering what type of gear i would need. Leadcore ? planer boards ? down riggers ? flat lines ? Guess i need some one to point me in the right direction. Any Info would be greatly apreciated.
  7. Wondering if anyone out here might have and want to sell some miller spoons, Havent seen them made in about 25 yrs but always looking. Favorites are the 22 flutter lite, 03 trouter, can never hurt to ask, Thanks Bud
  8. Jiffy, US Line went out of business about 10 yrs ago. I used that line for about 20 yrs, tried everyone on the market and they couldn't hold a candle to thier leadcore. A company called Woodstock tackle bought US line but they made a much weaker product. After about 2 yrs of using crappy leadcore I came across Leadcore made by Sufix Line, it is as good as the old US Line if not better, I use it in 18lb test, Purchased it from Gander Mountain also ordered it thru Cabelas. It's excellent for color retention and the colors are very contrast after each other, very easy to tell when one ends and the next color begins. Also has a nice braid over the lead for tying the leader directly inside the braid. Good Luck , Bud
  9. Ryno, The tackle shop at sodus bay right at the end of the bridge has appartments above the shop they rent,has everything you just bring your own food, It used to be called Bay Bridge Tackle I believe. Been going there for about 15 yrs on and off in November for the steelhead, Or about 15 minutes away along the lake right across the street from Maxwell Creek fishing entrance is a house that is rented by the week
  10. Oh yea and it has no depth read out . It's very manual , the cord has printed numbers every foot as you hand lower it and hand wind it back in.
  11. SK8Man , Thanks for the advice but it's a little more complicated then that. There are 3 pots that need to be adjusted , one common , one for colder and one for warmer and the slide switch has to be in different positions, and all this has a certian sequence that needs to be followed. sooner or later someone will have the booklet or my kid will find mine
  12. Thanks for the advice but theres a selector switch and 3 adjustable pots
  13. Wondering if anyone has used or still uses the Fish n Temp made by Lowrance. I have the unit and need help calibrating it.
  14. Mr 580 , thanks for the offer but i have 3 of these units, one i've had for 30 plus yrs and last yr i bought one on ebay for my son , and last week i bought another one on ebay for a back up, problem was i gave the booklet to my son to calibrate his unit and now , you guessed it he cant find it. This is why some animals eat thier young, ha ha . Thanks for the offer though
  15. Surely not everyone here is a newbie. This unit was sold by lowrance from around 1977 to 1983 , a good unit it just needs to be calibrated every now and then, and without the manual it's hopeless. This is a small handheld unit that goes down to 100 ft manually on a hand spool. I troll southern NY resiviors and it's row power only , been doing it that way for about 35 yrs, weapon of choice are homemade rods,7' to 9' ambassador 7000 reels and 18lb test leadcore, 30ft leader of 8lb trilene XL green and miller,sutton and geneava spoons,also rebel J20 plugs in blue back. So its pretty important that i get my Fish n Temp up and running. Any help is most appreciated.
  16. Been using the lowrance fish n temp for over 30 yrs. Great unit but its need calibrating and i cant find the manual. If anyone could offer help on calibrating the unit , it would be most appreciated
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