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  1. Thank you. This is my personal best and he put on quite a show striking five times in 3 casts before I finally got the single J hook of the spinner bait hooked up good. We battled for 15 minutes as he pulled my kayak up then down the river. I had him in my net once and he broke the webbing and went on another run with his head on top of the water and my line through the net he tail danced for ten feet then dove pulling drag until I was able to turn him back around. (my net was a little dry rotted I learned) Finally, after passing under the kayak twice he tired and I was able to get my hand on his gill plate and paddle to shore with my other hand. It was a great fight and after a few pictures and measurements he was released for another lucky angler to find another day. There are some real beauties in the Tioughnioga and most people are very surprised by this fish. I know there are more that are even bigger, hopefully I will prove it this fall. Nothing like the strike of an Essox !!
  2. Does anyone fish the Tioughnioga River? This was caught this past Sunday in the west branch near Marathon. 38" 15.8 lbs It seems like the pike around this area are starting to turn on.
  3. Yes I have a big rubber coated landing net, pliers, and cutters. Thanks for explaining I was under the impression this was a points system derby and associated with chapter 69 as well.
  4. Looking forward to the fishing and meeting new fellow anglers! Hopefully I can learn something. It will be my first musky derby and first time to the lake. I have heard you guys do a great job.
  5. Sounds like you guys had a great weekend and saw an awesome show! We hooked into a 15 lb carp while bouncing the bottom off of bare ass beach with a TDD11 flash perch. I though I had hooked the tiger of my life!! Still a great fight and super exciting until the I saw it was a carp when it got near the boat. It did actually put a few runs on with head shaking and surfacing 100 ft from the boat. Also stumbled onto a 6 lb walleye in front of the causeway in 50 ft of water. It was a delicious dinner later that night breaded and fried. My first time filleting a walleye and eating it. Cant wait for some more now! Thanks for the report Justin. It must have been tough breaking the communication barrier so kudos to you for being willing to tackle that and share your knowledge.
  6. Well I guess I will take the first step and sign on with chapter 69. And also do my best to participate in any way I can. Speaking of which, we (my wife and I) are planning on fishing the derby at Waneta Lake on Oct. 3rd. Looking forward to meeting some of you guys there and getting involved. Definitely would be interested in joining a more local group of any kind if such a thing was introduced in this area Justin. Let me know if there is any way I can help make it happen.
  7. I am all for upping the size limit on tigers across the state. It would be great to increase the odds of boating an actual trophy sized fish so close to home. I think I will be purchasing a family membership from musky Inc today. Does everyone feel that is the best way a local non pro fisherman can do his part to support the local musky fisheries? Or are there better ways to spend my money and efforts to help make things happen?
  8. Thanks so much for the info Justin. I know you spoke about that this weekend when I saw you but you tell me so much useful info that I have a hard time retaining it all! Your the man my friend. Hopefully someday I can give you some useful input in return! Turns out I was looking at mm measurement for the Berkley 10 and inches for the power pro. Explains how I came up with 66lb power pro Lol. I knew it didn't sound right. Will 10lb seaguar fluorocarbon be ok for the leaders?
  9. Hi everyone. I am new to trolling for musky and I have recently purchased the lifetime membership of the Precision Trolling Data App. I am now looking to spool up with the power pro depth hunter line but I am unsure what breaking strength I would need to match the information on the app. It looks like I am needing 66 lb but any insight would be appreciated. I am also thinking about a flouro carbon leader and wondering what brand is best and what strength would be best for this and how the barrel will affect the trolling depth. Thanks in advance!
  10. Awesome fish! Thanks for sharing.
  11. I love to see adults getting the kids involved. Great job! I will never forget fishing with my dad as a kid and the memory of my first King Salmon at 13 yrs old. I am hoping that someday my 12 yr old nephew will say the same about the times he and I have gone out for pike, even though he has only managed to land a few largemouth bass. The pike will be coming soon for him. And I think I am more excited for that than he is. Keep it up and good luck!!
  12. Thanks guys. Looking forward to sharing my experiences here and hearing about everyone else's. The knowledge Justin was kind enough to share has already made me a better tiger fisherman. Yesterday my wife and I had our first big bite trolling utilizing some of the things Justin mentioned. Unfortunately we were under armed and the fish spooled us and snapped the line. Hopefully it was able to shake the hook as I don't like the thought of a fish with a plug stuck in its face. But it was very exciting to say the least and we will be back with heavier gear next week! Again a huge thank you to Justin for being so open and generous with all his experience and knowledge. Although I doubt I will ever be able to repay the favor hopefully I can pay it forward by helping someone else at the very least. It sure is nice when everyone helps everyone!
  13. Hello eveyone. I'm new to this site and very excited to learn the ropes of trolling for the elusive tiger muskie. I have been casting and fishing the ice for them for 3 years now with fair luck finding the small to medium sized toothy critters. I have also managed to get my wife involved and excited to chase them with me. It doesn't get any better than that. Recently I was lucky enough to meet Justin, of justtracytrolling, and would like to send a special thanks out to him for all of his helpful and knowledgeable advice. He has turned me onto some very helpful ways of thinking and resources such as this site. I have only been trolling for a month and only boated one small tiger trolling the shallower depths, but I am looking forward to getting into some of the bigger monsters from the deeper areas of the lake. So let the learning begin and thank you to every helpful angler in advance. Hopefully at some point I will be able to repay the favor and pass along good fishing and handling advice to the less experienced anglers much like myself at the present. Good luck out there everyone.
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