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  1. I have been following you on facebook for quite a while. Awesome work! Do you have any other musky designs or just the one?
  2. I second what old man said. Another good place is on the north end in the flats. I've always had good luck with a strike king spinner bait. Tandem gold willow leaf blades. White skirt. Good luck!!
  3. I plan on being at waneta this year for the mi and possibly the memorial too. I doubt I will be able to make any of the others.
  4. I just want to say thanks to all the guys that put the work in to make the derby happen. Ive waited two years to be able to be there for it. Even though I had to leave early I enjoyed talking to a few of you at the dock before it started. Hopefully next year I can stick around for the food! I'm already looking forward to it!
  5. Congrats! Can't wait to see the picture.
  6. I have had this happen with a bluegill under the ice. If I didn't have the aquavu I would have never known what happened as the gill shook the hook just before the tiger strike.
  7. That must have been awesome to witness. Congrats!
  8. That is the first story I've ever heard of any walleye coming through the ice at otisco. Well done
  9. What place and time is everyone gathering? Otisco lake campground?
  10. I don't think it was suggested to not allow everyone to fish how and where they want to. It was only suggested to stop rewarding guys for handling sub legal fish. If we as a group want to send the message to others to let these fish we catch go so that they can grow bigger, and to handle them with the utmost care (and only when necesary) why wouldn't we leave the small fish in the water while released and not take them out to measure unless they are at least within range of being a legal, somewhat mature fish. Let's set an example for others. I belive that was the real reason for the purposed rule change. Also suggested at the same meeting was the possibility of a casting only event, or trolling only. To help guys step out of their comfort zone and learn/teach something. I also have to agree that it is obvious this rule change needs to be discussed and voted on, again. But my feelings are as I have said. I am open to hearing others feelings as well though.
  11. Harris pontoon. 90 hp Johnson outboard. Ready for the water. Bimini top included and in good shape. Boat, motor, and trailer. $2900. Marathon, NY Call Andrew @ 607-765-4601
  12. My suggestion was only to try and keep things simple and as close to "normal" and what everyone else is familiar with as we can. I am ok with largest fish or the scoring system. I would like to see the team scoring used but I think for this derby, we should keep it as similar as we can to what everyone is familiar with. But I would definatley like to see only legal fish counted for any chance to win. Which I think most of us can agree on.
  13. It's not so much the targeting of sub legals we want to avoid. It's the handling I think. Why play around with small tigers for a pic for a chance at a drawing. You bought that with your entry fee.
  14. I feel that legal fish should score as they always have. And any award places that dont get filled should be a random drawing of all participants. This would encourage more less expirienced anglers to join the fun. I also feel that if there are any young adults or children, and there is an awards spot available due to lack of legal fish caught, a drawing of just the children should be done. Again to encourage the adults to include the kids.
  15. It was nice to put a face to some of the posts I read on here. Great bunch of guys. I'm glad to be on board and looking forward to the upcoming seasons events. Good luck guys!
  16. Yes I plan on giving them a shot for tiger musky this summer as Justin said. However I have caught fall walleye at above 3 mph while trolling for tiger musky.
  17. Over the winter I bought some scatter rap deeps. Does anyone know how they run at higher speeds? 3-4.5mph I'm unable to run allot of baits at these speeds but rapalas always seem to run true at any trolling speed.
  18. Does anyone have an opinion on the Intellisteer by Octopus. Seems pretty simple and straight forward but does it work?
  19. I know I can't wait to get back on the water. Justin when is the best time to book a trip if a guy (or girl) wants to catch a tiger or two on your boat?
  20. Is anyone using inline boards with the ugly sticks? I tried a couple, G2 or some thing like that. They had too much bend with the drag from the board. I'm just tryin to get some opinions out there for scobar
  21. I also use the okuma glt classic pro for pulling boards. I like to stagger the rod lengths so I have a set of 7'6" / 8' & 8'6". They work great and are definatley priced well in my opinion.
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