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  1. Thanks fishinny I may do that or the bags.
  2. I'll be looking for that report. I can't wait to get back out there.
  3. I agree. I would like to attend the chapter 69 meetings but they are a little too far for me to be able to. A more local group would be much easier for me to help support. Good luck guys we are all looking forward to this already.
  4. Glad to see you got the fishing rods back out. Hope ya had some luck in the woods this season.
  5. Justin it would my pleasure to have you on my boat! I thought about texting you too but didn't want to be a bother. Thanks FishinNY, where are you flying to find ice!?
  6. I trolled otisco this weekend. Surface temp is at 41°
  7. Trolled otisco saturday and sunday and was rewarded with my biggest tiger and walleye so far in my career. 42.25" 19lb tiger and 27" 7.5lb walleye. Surface temp is 41°
  8. I put my kayak in the river this past Friday. Had to break the ice to get launched but I nabbed a nice 30" pike for my troubles. Congrats on the tiger this summer and yes I did get one walleye on Saturday at otisco. Not huge but perfect eating size.
  9. Thanks FishinNY. Looks like you doin pretty well too!
  10. Awesome! And congrats to you both! Where was this?
  11. Thanks guys. They are amazing fish to catch. It is my favorite hat old man. You had better get out there before the freeze comes. They're waiting for you.
  12. So I guess I'll start a new thread. Trolled the deep today with high pressure and came up with a nice tiger. 39.5 inches 17.6 lbs. Where is everyone I had the lake to myself aside from one other boat.
  13. Hopefully I'm not bogarting oldmans post but I just wanted to share a couple pics from the last couple weeks at Otisco.
  14. Awesome fish, Congrats to you both of you!
  15. My wife and I took a trip around the lake today and were able to troll this girl up in 9 fow.
  16. Saturday I was able to troll up my older brothers first tiger for him. Made the day worth while I suppose.
  17. I have been catching them deep for all of sept. and the first couple weeks of Oct. The last few weeks have been like flipping a switch. The only thing I have noticed is that the thermocline has moved 20 ft deeper. I was thinking that once the lake roles over things would change but every week the thermocline just moves deeper. This is just what's been on my mind, I'm not saying that I'm right by any means. I am a beginner. But I do put allot of time in on the lake for sure. Lately for me it's been about 22 hrs a weekend to produce 2 or 3 tigers. Pretty tough going.
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